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Just went grocery shopping.

Rate my haul and post your own.

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Are you black OP

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Bumping with PIC of receipt.

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>cheap shit cheese
>old el paso
>no fruit or veg

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>Not a vegetable to be seen

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I get my veggies from a farmers market.
Grocery store fruit and veggies are shit tier.

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>Has fresh fruit and veg from a farmers market
>shows junk food and home brand cheese
Where are they then?

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>supporting the goy duopoly

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16$ for fucking Fanta?
You could get booze for that price.

This has to be bait

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Some of it's in my vegetable crisper in the fridge and some in the fruit bowl. Do you want pics or something?

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I bought them to drink at work, I can't drink booze at work.

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He would've got like 6 beers for that

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bloody assfuck almost one hundred dollars for 4 days worth of food

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You clearly have no idea how much booze costs in Australia.

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Fanta isn't like god-tier orange soda, just buy the offbrand shit and save some money.

Not sure what the average price of soda is outside of lardland, but 4$ a 12 pack is TOO PRICEY for me. Sixteen dollars is a fast food feast for two or a decent home cooked meal for four.

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at 16 dollars for 24 cans that comes out to 66 cents a can

pretty fair if you ask me

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Not really, just wondering why you would bother making a thread for your groceries and only show the pre packaged crap you got from woolies

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Its mostly all non perishable shit, it will probably last me a month or so. I have a well stocked pantry and fridge.
The only thing I really needed was the milk, the other stuff was pretty much just random purchases.

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To make people like you jelly.

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ham galaxy/10
also ozzy

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$95 for THAT?? That's not a haul, that's more like running into a mugger in a back alley late at night

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I only get soda when it's on sale and, taking the exchange rate into account, that's double what I would pay per can.

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Points deducted for buying woolies bakery biscuits that would take less than an hour to make yourself, for fanta which no one over the age of 12 should consume, and garlic in a jar.

Points added for top-tier muesli and smooth peanut butter.

What is bush spice?
And is that mango nectar good/designed to be drunk straight?

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Welcome to Australia, where fresh foods are often cheaper than the packaged stuff.

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In terms of cooking I can't think of a less inspiring collection of groceries.

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I like to sprinkle the bush spice on my veggies, it tastes mostly like lemon myrtle.

The mango nectar is just a juice concentrate thing, no need to mix it.

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That fucking mango nectar is amazing.

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>shapes EXTREME

is there really a snack called fucking shapes? Bravo marketing department, bravo. Must have been the same people who delivered the world crispy hexagons

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Im listing from memory what i got today. ill look at the receipt and tell you what i missed

15 pounds of ground beef (80%)
steak tips
teryaki sauce
4 big boxes cheezits
poptarts (chocolate)
3 bottles OJ
blue gatorades
2 sweet tea jugs
1 pound ham
1/5 pound roast beef
almond coffee creamer
bacon (oscar meyer's thick cut, best bacon on earth)
3 pkgs bagels
2 subway sandwiches
cookie dough icecream
water chestnuts
4 cans peaches
alfredo sauce
smoke flavored almonds

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i forgot tabasco sauce

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Unable to cook/10

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All righty then, since you asked, let's look at what you bought.

I see a lot of finished factory foods, and very little actual ingredients to make things with. Too many treats and not enough eats.

Cheese: Nice, but what are you going to make with it? Grilled Cheese sandwiches? Eat it by the block? That shit is bad for you. Use it as a seasoning to a meal, like sprinkled on top of things as opposed to the main ingreient. Else, you will become fatted.

Garlic: Did they have a big sale on? Nothing wrong with a big jar like that though.

Roasted Farmhouse Muslix? Is that what that is? You may as well eat candy bars for breakfast. There's so much sugar, or cornsyrup solids or evaporated cane juice... etc etc in there as to make it unhealthy.

Peanut Butter: More sugar. That shit is loaded with corn syrup. Corn syrup is one of the best fatteners on the planet. The Kraft brand over here sure is loaded with the stuff.

Chicken: Nice. Well done. Looks like a good quality bird at a decent price.

Tinned soups: Factory shit. Do grocery stores where you live sell cooked chickens? They make the nicest stock for soup, and you can make big potfull at a time. Easy to make and so much nicer than tinned shit.

Mango and Breakfast drinks: Might as well be cocacola. Have a look. It's "Nectar" Not even real juice. Water, sugars and flavours. Just like Coke. Skip that shit nd you won't feel like crashing at 10:00am each morning.

Burrito Kit: Well I suppose, but that's an awful lot to be paying for a few tortillas and a little baggie of spices, salt and SUGAR again.

Everything else... Is a desert or a soft drink. 16.50! Fanta?

How did you do? Well, not so good really.

Tomorrow, go out and buy ONLY things from the vegetable area. Buy potatoes, carrots and celery to mix with chopped bread cubes to make into a nice stuffing for that chicken. Get some boullion powder to sprinkle over the bread, and a bit of butter to moisten the mix before stuffing.

Good Luck.

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Goddamn Australia is expensive as fuck.

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>grocery store cookies

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>buying a taco kit

Why would you pay more for a fancy looking box? Are you so inept that you can't remember to buy tortillas and seasoning when you want to make tacos or burritos and have to get it in a box so you'll remember everything?

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With the exception of the soda, which is cheaper than bottled water here, the pricing is on par with what we pay in Canadian dollars in Canada for similar products. The fanta (Nazi drink) and burrito kit are ridiculously overpriced.

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it's Australia, maybe they don't have tortillas otherwise

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why hasn't OP come back to answer for his disgraceful shopping habits

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Canada is expensive as fuck too.

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I'm here

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Yes, it can be. Then again, (And I know this because I go cross border almost weekly) Products here are different than down South.

Our milk has no additives in it. Brad has not nearly the sweetness it has in the south. You can buy yoghurt here that is actual and not made with corn starch. Yes we pay more, but we get more too.

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There's a PIC of my fridge in this other thread >>6450135 proof I do have other food in my house.

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shapes are the eternal GOAT australasian cracker.

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we do - buying a kit is like 2.5x the price of it's components

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why do you keep your sugar in the freezer?

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I don't typically buy soda but if I had to pay $16 for a pack of it I most certainly wouldn't. It's a shame that it's the most expensive thing on your list, and considering you're paying nearly $100 for 22 food items, it sounds like you're already getting fucked.

Pic related is my shopping excursion from yesterday.
I got some extracts, shredded coconut, coconut oil, and cocoa powder because I'm making a grasshopper cake for this potluck I'm going to, and the rules are vegan.

I also got some vegetables and batter mix since I made tempura for me and the SO last night. Also got some ingredients for chili as well as some yogurt and dessert.

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The vending machine at work charges $2 for a can of drink so it works out heaps cheaper for me to buy a carton of it. The carton will last me over a month so 16 bucks is hardly a big deal.

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Had ants in my pantry.

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I guess so. Personally I'd rather just bring a canteen of water or something and save soda for a special occasion.

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I do drink heaps of water at work, I have a stainless steel reusable drink bottle and refrigerated drinking fountain that I drink.
The soft drink is just a pick me up. I have a physical job and I work nightshift so its a nice treat on my break.

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Mine, for a week or so I guess? Still have some stuff in the fridge/freezer.

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Nigga what the fuck

I spent $110 yesterday and that'll last the two of us a week. Not only is this shit all trash, but that wouldn't feed me for a few days.

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Sucks for you man.

A huge crock of chili and homemade cornbread can last me three to four days. Plus I got a filet of salmon, pork chops, and plenty of vegetables to make meals for a few days more.
But even at that, the reason why the bill was pricier this time around was due to having to buy oil and ingredients for that dumb vegan cake. I just hope it turns out good.

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Eh....I didn't take pics of my grocery haul this weekend, and I probably threw the receipt away already, but I can tell you pretty much everything I bought.
From the Farmer's Market:
>3 lbs tomatoes
>2 bunches fresh garlic
>2 bunches spring onions
>3 lbs strawberries
>2 lbs. cherries
>1 bunch butter radishes
>1 bunch white turnips
>1 bunch cilantro
>2 heads lettuce (one red oakleaf, one butter lettuce)
>free range eggs

From the supermarket:
>sharp cheddar cheese
>fresh mozzarella
>hard salami
>iced coffee
>2 jars pickles
>enchilada sauce
>frozen burritos (because fuck you that's why)
>green tea
>dandelion tea
>new dog bed
>shower gel

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>Soft drinks
>I need a treat
enjoy an early death