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>Gordon Ramsay ate In-N-Out for the first time when taping Hell's Kitchen in Los Angeles and it soon became one of his favorite spots for take-out.
>Ramsay was quoted, saying about the experience: "In-N-Out burgers were extraordinary. I was so bad, I sat in the restaurant, had my double cheeseburger then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing again to take away."
> Julia Child admitted to knowing every location of the restaurant between Santa Barbara and San Francisco
>Anthony Bourdain reportedly said that In-N-Out was his favorite fast food meal; later naming the restaurant as "the best restaurant in Los Angeles."


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I've wanted to try in n out for a few years now. until I do, i'll stick with whataburger

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umami burger u frauds

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umami is overpriced/overhyped touristy shit

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its better than in and out

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>I sat in the restaurant
>minutes later I drove back round
does in-n-out only do drive thru? or is gordon too stupid/autistic to order inside?

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First time I had umami burger I was super impressed. Second time it was greasy as fuck. Wonder what happened. Their tater-tots are absolutely amazing though. Also I don't know what they add to the ketchup but it's also fantastic.

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greasy is the whole point. burgers are meant to be greasy. if ur on a diet, go eat a lettuce salad.

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Are you too stupid/autistic to read?

>Ramsay goes in and orders
>eats his food
>realizes that it's really fucking good
>goes back but doesn't want to go inside (mainly to save time but also to not get shamed for over eating at a fast food place)
>goes through drive through and buys a meal to eat later

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five guys BTFO

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logic is out of his league, ignore him

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>Implying in-n-out is good
It ain't good until it gets the official seal from Mr. Flavortown himself.

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>Mr. Flavortown himself.
If it's funky, he'll find it!

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I don't generally eat fast food burgers, but I enjoy a double double from In-N-Out every now and then. They are probably the best fast food burger out there in my opinion.

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> this pleb pushing umami burger so hard in every thread

actually it is not even better than in n out, for the $15 i would spend on one burger at umami i could get 3 double doubles, fries, and a shake at in n out. plus. the in n out burger tastes better to me because umami uses pretentious buns that taste like shit, and non-traditional ingredients (durrrr bacon lardon).

if you want a real fucking burger in LA that destroys umami i could name 5 places off the top of my head, no joke

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Agreed. Umami Burger isn't that great, and surely not worth the price. My biggest memory of eating one is the large amount of grease that kept dripping out of the damned thing while I ate it. Never again.

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I've got this old school hole in the wall burger joint down the street that makes better burgers and fries than any fastfood chain. Just got to wait a few minutes for them to cook your food and costs the same.

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Dat reading comprehension tho.

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those other places u call good, use similar faggot ingredients to the other 4 that you know. umami has better taste because better care and time goes into their burgers, such as the caramelized onions are roasted for a long time to bring out the umami flavors. the korean bbq burger at umami has all the rich flavors of umami with korean ketchup and caramelized kimchi. it is an explosion of flavor.

Their unique selling point is the umami flavor. not many restaurants use this ingredient, which is smart for umami burger to do. they fill a nice gap in the market. they took advantage of the fifth taste, and did it well. what the fuck are your other 5 restaurants unique selling points? please prove them or at least explain yourself.

its not about pricing. its about taste. and if you're complaining about grease, then you're gonna have trouble eating at most burger joints because that's what these burgers consist of.

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> shilling for a pleb-tier burger joint

never in my life have i seen something more pathetic. the other selling point? it is called dry-aging their burger meat you fucking square faggot. or in in-n-outs case, it is the accessibility / quality / value proposition that blow umami the fuck out.

stop embarrassing yourself, im starting to feel sorry for you that you think umami burger is some kind of holy grail for burgers

> pro-tip: it's not , it is bullshit , just a place that hasn't even been around for 10 years built on a gimmick, in a space where they have largely copied other restaurants

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>if you're complaining about grease
When a burger has enough fat to seem juicy that's great. In-N-Out nails this. When it has so much that grease is dripping out of the patty with every bite that's disgusting. Umami Burger is in that camp.

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nothing causes a /ck/ spergstorm like talking shit about some 'tists favorite fast food.

having said that, shake shack shits on in-n-out in every way. come at me rainmen

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also, the owner of umami adam fleischman , a thirty something year old JEW, said he got the inspiration for umami burger while eating at in-n-out.

so instead of opting for the tradition and quality and longevity of a company like in-n-out, you are literally praising a SPIN-OFF created by a fucking jew as a money grab

that is all the "umami" is, a way to charge $13-15 for a 6 oz fucking burger that comes out to 4-5 ounces when cooked, because they can't even afford to raise their portions since it would cut away at their bottom line profits. because a jew fucking created umami burger.

never show your sorry face here again

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>the umami flavor
>this ingredient

My motherfucking sides.

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the more grease, the better. if your concerned about health, go eat veggie burgers or eat a carrot salad.

you haven't barely tried the umami flavor. in-n-out have a taste extremely similar to mcdonalds and burgerkings shit tier burgers.

Umami burger actually has a distinct fucking flavor that is far different than your carls jr, or in-n-out. they use flavors no other restaurants have dared to use.

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> shake shack

it will never beat in-n-out, nor will it ever eclipse their success. in fact, there's not a better bet on wall street than shorting their stock right now because their valuation is absolutely absurd. they'd have to open like 100 successful restaurants a year over the next 3-4 years to pace with that, and good fucking luck competing in southern california.

ask five guys how it has fared, the one off santa monica ave can't even pull in a tenth of what the closest in-n-out pulls in

i;m not saying shake shack is bad or will fail, but your post reeks of new york arrogance and all shake shack is at the moment is the next grey's papaya that all new yorkers want to brag about to their friends to feel like they have something amazing in their city that is not accessible to other people

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not talking about the stock valuation you money grubbing jew cunt. always the money with you guys.

i'm talking about the fact that its a better burger, hands down. it has both meat and cheese on it, so you probably cant eat it anyway.

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it was created by a jew and it is an inspiration from in-n-out burger. IT IS STILL BETTER THAN IN-N-OUT BURGER, MORON

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>the more grease, the better.
A decent amount of fat is crucial in a burger, but I do not think more is necessarily better. When it hits the level of dripping grease all over the place it's over the line into disgusting. I want a meat sandwich with some fat in it, not a fat sandwich with some meat in it.

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I went to In-n-Out for the first time about a month ago and while the burger with animal sauce was fantastic the fries were about a 3 out of 10. I find that most places, especially fast food, are terrible at fries so it isn't a big concern. I'd definitely go back for the burger, especially for the price.

On the other hand, I prefer burgers from either independent burger joints or small local chains.

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So British cuisine pales in comparison to an American fast food burger? Bongs getting BTFO.

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>Their unique selling point is the umami flavor. not many restaurants use this ingredient, which is smart for umami burger to do.
> this ingredient

You should really look into what you are saying before saying it

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>hating In N Out fries
>fries are literally whole potatoes sliced at the store, fried, and salted
This is French fries in its purest form. I never understood why so many people dislike In N Out fries

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It's already bad enough that these places are always full every weekday around quitting time, I just want a cheap burger, not an overrated tourist-trap restaurant.

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it's really good but it's a burger joint. come on. there are tons of great burger places

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The texture is a bit off. The perfect fry is crispy on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside. The In-n-Out fries were dry on the inside.

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So ask for them fried light. they'll accomodate that.

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>implying In N Out doesn't only get extra love because it's only availiable to 10% of the country
If In N Out went nationwide I guarentee people would start treating it like the regular fast food place it really is. Just fast food. Nothing special.
Better than McDonalds and BK of course but that's not very hard to do.

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>secret menu

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Fuck 'umami'. That term needs to die.

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>East Coast food
>Better than West Coast

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umami burger confirmed waste of money

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what, you think in n out is so loved because its a novelty?

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Does the west coast even have any famous original foods? Only thing I can think of thats famous is Mexican food and you can get that pretty much everywhere now a days.

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I've never eaten at one, but the logic isn't far off.
The more popular and franchised something gets, the more bland it starts to seem.
While i'd love to see more of them around (and Jack n the Boxes.. I want a fucking munchie box before I die) I fear the quality and overall love of the chain would die out if it was easily available everywhere.

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The french dip was invented in LA, as well as a bunch of other foods. West coast food isn't as much about originality as it is, taking an existing food/cuisine and making it as delicious as it can possibly be.

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>West coast food isn't as much about originality as it is, taking an existing food/cuisine and adding avocados to it

Fixed that for you

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>literally every California [burrito/hamburger/entree]

>> No.6435799

Flyover and the memecoast would be doing it too if they had our avocados.

>> No.6435819

Pretty sure this is a San Diego food. Could be wrong though.

Anyway, the food is California is fucking amazing.

>> No.6435821

Carne Asada fries originated in San Diego yeah, but we're talking about west coast food in general.

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Cause most folks were exposed to McDonald's first, particularly as kids. Not sure how mcd sites it, but their fries really are addictive

>> No.6435836

Their fries have the perfect ratio of crispiness / 'potatoness' / saltiness / length / fat

McDonalds has a hell of an R&D team. Despite what reputation their food may have, McD has considerable quality control.

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noice, I go to this dive bar across the bay in Superior Wisconsin. Double bacon cheeseburger with bbq sauce and jalapeno cream cheese spread, fries, and a pitcher of grainbelt $11.25
>>anchor bar

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I don't speak for all californians, but it doesn't bother me that in n out has expanded beyond california (so long as price and quality dont change)

>> No.6435866


Burgers are great, fries are meh.

>> No.6435867

i think if anything most people here would love to see in n out become a big thing nationwide if it was possible while maintaining their standards

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I want to know how they genetically engineer their burgers. No matter where I go, even blindfolded, I can get a mcdicks burger and tell it's mcdicks as soon as it touches my tongue.

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Tried In-n-out a couple of times on road trips through Sacramento, they do have a tasty burger, close enough in taste to my favorite local burger stand, Pick Quick.

>> No.6435892

but avocados are chill brah

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protip: "california burrito/hamburger/steak" is mostly sold outside California. It's what the food industry outside California thinks of California.

We do eat a lot of avocados because they're cheap here, but we don't slather everything in vegetable fat like it's non-caloric.

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I think its the texture not special beef. Also they do something to the vegetables as well. I hate pickles, except when its in relish form. But McD burgers taste weird to me with out pickles.

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Expansion is ALWAYS a bad thing. When its small the owner can control it some but after a while you get more MBA fuckheads in with study after study that in comparison test people are willing to eat and pay for the the version with cheaper shittier ingredients and the company slowly spirals down as this compounds pushed by the investors need for profits to grow every year.

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Lmao this is some mercola-tier shit right here.

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Bong here.

Tried In N Out during travels last month.

Really don't get what the fuss is about.

Double Double Animal Style, and it didn't really take me. Just.... a burger.

Also, you yanks are into burgers. 95% of them are trash, but fuck me if you don't eat a lot of burgers. I could barely find lettuce in Moab.

>> No.6435994

>Just.... a burger.

what were you expecting? the point is that it's a better burger than common fast food alternatives. that's all the point has ever been but people from out of state thing everyone's building it up to be something more. you're all sabotaging yourself by having ridiculous expectations. it's just a fucking meat sandwich god damn

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>dont like burgers
>eat one of the best burgers
>its just a burger

what the fuck did you expect?

>> No.6436001


I'm a big fan of burgers.

People talk about In N Out as though it's a holy grail of sorts. I thought it was meant to be something incredible going on the way people rant. It was barely above Five Guys.

Best burger was probably Owen & Engine, Chicago. Little too greasy.

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FUCK Umami Burger.

If you want that Faux-Japanese American shit eat Bachi Burger.

Also Sliders 50/50, half bacon half beef holy shit is that so bad for you but it tastes heavenly.

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I mean Slaters 50/50.

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No you fucking retard, no one talks about in n out like it's the holy grail of burgers, it's a fucking double cheeseburger for $3.55, the only thing people say is that an In N' Out burger is a lot better than a Big Mac or a Whopper for it's fucking price.

Holy shit, fuck off.

>> No.6436012

People do talk about it like that you piece of shit.

I wouldn't have gone to the fucking dump otherwise. Queuing up behind every fuck-boy with a skateboard in West Hollywood, waiting in some grease dump where barely functioning dipshits and jungle bunnies in striped shirts bark orders to beckon fucking hoodrats to the counter to collect their average burger they just waited 35 minutes for.

It's overhyped to the fucking max. People bleat on about it as though its the second coming 'Oh my God you've GOT to try In N Out' 'You've never had In N Out? Holy shit you're going to love it.' 'Have you tried In N Out?' I have seen this shit for years, and I had it constantly in LA.

I had turkey sandwiches in Arby's that were more enjoyable than waiting 35 minutes for a meh burger. We have better burgers in the UK now-a-days.

>> No.6436014


I honestly think burgers are overrated. I prefer chicken burgers over beef ones, and I think that the USA will never fix this obesity epidemic. It's part of the American culture.

>> No.6436015

The thing about in and out the Double Double is dirt cheap and is really good for the price.

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File: 1.04 MB, 625x626, Bait future.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is some impressive and thoroughly successful b8

>> No.6436021


You got lied to a bunch of faggots who don't know what they're talking about.

Everyone who lives in California does not treat this place like it's some kind of divine food chain, it's literally just a fucking burger.

What were you expecting, the best fucking meal in your life for a burger you payed $4 for? You're a complete dipshit.

>> No.6436033

I was expecting the best fast food burger in LA you uppity cunt

What I got was meh. Typical Cali fuckwit.

>> No.6436037


You are actually brain dead.

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You should have gone to The Habit.

>> No.6436043

People eat this burger everyday coming home from work. It's 3 dollars for something that is fresh and filling.

>> No.6436044

That's kinda how I felt about Pinkberry

>Pinkberry is amazing anon you have to try it. It's also totally healthy for you to!
>Literally the same quality of Frozen Yogurt I could get at an Asian Joint just twice as expensive

Nevertheless your tastes are all sorts of fucked up if you'd rather eat Arby's shit than an In-N-Out burger, Arby's is trash.

>> No.6436048

cry more you blackened lung fucking cali bitch

>> No.6436051

They're both trash

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>blackened lung

holy shit, this guy thinks all of california is LA

>> No.6436063

LA doesn't even have the worst air quality.

>> No.6436072

In-N-Out burgers are quite freshly made. If you can't recognize that your palette is just off. That's what really separates it from all the other Fast Food chains. Although I'd personally say a Wendy's burger can go head to head with a Double Double and it's be hard to say which one was truly better.

>> No.6436082

freshly made? It's a fucking fast food burger.

It could be served from the griddle to my mouth and it would still always be a fast food burger.

Get off of your high horse with your palette comment.

American food culture is absolutely disgusting.

>> No.6436087


You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

>> No.6436089

>pleb and proud

>> No.6436093


you are a god damn fucking idiot

>Get off of your high horse with your palette comment.

jesus christ you are insufferable

>> No.6436097


Hey buddy, you're from England and your national dish might as well be fucking doner kebab. I'm Canadian but you're a faggot. Submit to Islam and bend over for the doner kebab dicks that are about to be shoved one kilometer into your asshole.

>> No.6436117

>A burger is automatically and without exception, in some unspecified way, "bad" just because it can be cooked quickly

God damn you're fucking retarded.

>> No.6436130

>implying this wasn't done as part of some kind of deal

>> No.6436131

Maybe the people you talk/associate with are all poor fatasses that think fast food is the pinnacle of burgers.

>> No.6436132

Yea wendys is breddy good for fast food. Spicy chicken nuggers, dat barbeque sauce, burgers just as good as in n out, carlsjr/hardees, and five guys. Frosties are ok but I much prefer their shakes.

>> No.6436267

speed of prep has nothing to do with quality of ingredients. Burgers can be excellent. In N Out was not excellent.

see post replied to

they are called americans, and they are the ones who made all of the recommendations

No. I don't. My palate has yet to evolve to appreciate the fine art of In N Out burgers.

They are average burgers. I can appreciate the price point and their place within the fast food world, but they are not worth the praise they receive. They are not special, they are just ok fast food burgers.

>> No.6436274

>I can appreciate the price point and their place within the fast food world, but they are not worth the praise they receive.

the extent of the praise they receive is their price point and their place within the fast food world

>> No.6436282

My mistake. I thought flavour would have been a factor here. Please then, let us discuss the overheads and profit margins. Let us discuss the monthly budget and the allowance for In N Out expenditure.

I'm talking about the taste - as I thought we all were. They were nothing special. Good for the price? OK, fine, I guess so. Good for Cali. Good burger? Not in my opinion, no.

>> No.6436286

Also I have never once heard anyone praise the cost. They praise the burgers. I didn't even know how much I paid to eat there until everyone starting telling me.

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>Plebeians who don't live at the edge of the world.

>> No.6436296


their taste is accounted for when it comes to their place within the fast food world. their place is: they are widely considered as good as a fast food chain burger is going to get

>> No.6436318

All of these flavors and you chose to be salty. You didn't like the food, cool dude, no one cares, almost everyone will disagree with you, but the thing is it's a subjective thing, you know? no one is wrong. If I say it tastes good and you say it tastes bad, we're both right you know what I mean? Getting super upset at everyone because you don't like something that they do is awfully stupid in my opinion, and I think you'll find yourself running into a lot of frustration in life if this is the attitude you decide to take in any given situation. Next time I suggest leaving your expectations low and eat the food with an open mind, and in the event that you don't like it, make the realization that everyone is different and it's okay to disagree with people. Don't sling your shit everywhere, no one wants to read it, further more, you're not going to convince someone that the food you dislike is actually bad food, you and them are both going to hold your respective opinions.

>> No.6436328

I was being called a retard and was told to fuck off right out of the gate! I was perfectly pleasant initially. I compared it to other fast food chains and stated burgers I had enjoyed elsewhere. I couldn't care less about other opinions differing from my own.

I'd rather do without your conceited and condescending attitude. You are as bad as the initial hotheads. The world is not sunshine, you are not a life coach. Very rude.

>> No.6436566

in and out sucks here in texas,literally every other fast food place is better.

>> No.6436568

califags are the worst fags
fuck you i'm eating almonds right now i hope you die of thirst

>> No.6436572

it bothers me because the rest of the country doesn't want your trash
>muh figs
>muh avocados on hot dogs
>muh horribly thought out imitation of french wine styles

>> No.6436576

HNNNNNGGGGGG Five Guys is amazing. Overpriced as fuck, but amazing.

>> No.6436581

if you ignore price (and you should because its fucking fast food you poorfags)
shake shack > five guys > in-n-out > all other pleb fast food

>> No.6436582

In N Out isn't actually good, its just better than the most popular places. It came about during a time when McDonalds and the others had run everyone else out of business and people had forgotten what a good burger actually taste like. In N Out came out with food in the same price range but better. However compared to the "fast casual" places coming out today it can't compete on taste, only price.

>> No.6436585

not all of those things are available everywhere, just an FYI

i worked in washington when the first Five Guys on the west coast opened, and all those other places are not in WA, so iv never eaten there. now im in upstate new york and still dont have ANY of those options. sadface.

>> No.6436588

five guys isn't that good either,whataburger is better and has good frys.

>> No.6436590


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> Americans criticizing British food when they don't even have a passport
> Pages and pages about burgers which is your contribution to world cuisine along with two salty fries and sugary drinks
> eating food for kids
> being this dumb

>> No.6436994

Burgers are German anon, they didn't even invent their own culinary icon.

>> No.6437002

>I talk to two Americans on the internet that praise fast food and In N Out so that must mean all Americans are fat and stupid!

Confirmed for not knowing shit. You should kill yourself.

>> No.6437006
File: 844 KB, 800x786, 1427749066527-3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>responding to copy pasta seriously

>> No.6437023

umami burger is gross, like korean meat tacos

>> No.6437026

wow, you can't read bro?

...are, are you a nigger?

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I live in los angeles (south bay area) and the best burgers are: In n out, the habit, fat burger, steves, and golden eagle.

the habit is from santa barbera, fat burger is from here and there are only 8 steves, and 1 golden eagle :D

>> No.6437049

YES slaters 50/50


>> No.6437056
File: 20 KB, 353x414, 28896_1465162474103_1384766559_31212638_1410991_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


10 minutes max at my in in out fool. how is having a well deserved fan base make it 'overhyped' you sound like a colossol but hurt faggot who only uses yahoo internet search because AOL went out of business.

go back to brit bong

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File: 52 KB, 800x531, 800px-American_Flag_F-117_Nighthawks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they dont freeze anything at in n out, u pleb.

the meat, the fries- they are freshyly ground up cows and real potatos- never frozen u tard

>> No.6437092

yeah... all americans dont have passports.

yeah... kill urself fuck u die tkxsw

>> No.6437102

>yeah... kill urself fuck u die tkxsw
very intelligent comment Brandon, well done.

>> No.6437971

the Habit makes the best burgers
In my opinion

>> No.6438070

honestly this is better

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eaten here like 7 times, got sick afterwards 2 of the times, I still come back

their burgers are really fucking good

also that sauce they give with their fries...

>> No.6438091

If there was no animal style option for the fries, I would choose Habit errytime.

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You really need to fuck right off buddy.

>> No.6438366

It's pretty good for fast food. Animal style makes it great.

>> No.6438369

Don't even. West coast food has always been better and no you can't get good mexican food everywhere.

>> No.6438371

The habit is the poor mans umami burger.

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umami burger tastes better than in-n-out. the umami flavor alone makes the burger spectacular. name one burger joint who crafts their burgers like they do. PROTIP: you can't

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fuck this fancy TV chef faggot


everyone should already know better

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>You should have gone to The Habit.

You mean you should have really gone to red robin.

>> No.6438831

You are a fat woman's vagina

>> No.6438836


>> No.6439022

He should get a three by three with onions no lettuce or tomato

>> No.6439028

>IAMA on reddit
Yeap, your a faggot. Google your claimed mate 8^)

>> No.6439046

>pretending he doesn't use Reddit

>> No.6439133

Seems legit


Tired of only having BK and MCD here.