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Most baking blogs and YouTube channels are pretty terrible.

Post your worst.


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I was so praying for that video to be named "cooking with poop"

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Fuck off. Do not turn this into /v/ with shitty threads like this. It's bad enough with Joey threads.

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Didn't think it was that bad besides the basic camera work.

I'll bite though. Pretty much every video on this dumbass' channel are bad to mediocre. This one is particularly bad.


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these are yorkshires?

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>Gf's mother is a "chef"
>all food she cooks is okay... nothing amazing
>boasts constantly about how amazing her food is, and constantly criticizes everyone's food
>Says she is going to make a youtube channel and blog
>takes a picture of herself in a stupid paper chef hat for blog
>all recipe's she posts are stolen
>she edits a recipe she finds online to match what she thinks will be good
>she does not even make it herself
>picture is saved off some google stock image shit
>she's asking gf to film her whilst she cooks for youtube.
I can't wait for this.

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This guy is just the worst.

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Those look absolutely fucking shit. I honestly would not even recognise them as Yorkshire puddings. Go snap some more ceramic knives on purpose, and then try to get a refund you fat, stupid American fuck

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I love you so much! I forgot all about angry grandpa! I LOVE YOU! I LOVEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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> any channel where they bake things


More like baked bads amirite :^)

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yup :)

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I love how he had to apologize to an entire nation for fucking up. Now, how will he apologize for mixing pickles with his strained diarrhea? Or for making sure his dumbass fat kid gets type 2 diabetes (like he has)?

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>pouring way too much salsa on ... what? an omelet?
>ceramic knives are known for being strong
>somehow fucking up a magic bullet
>don't even know what this stupid shit is
>dear god is that supposed to be onion soup
>disgusting pasta mixed with whipped cream?
>looks like vomit mixed with vegetables and bloody dog shit
>huge loaf of bread, block of cheese, 2 cups of butter... this guy is over 300 lbs and has type 2 diabetes already
>burned-to-fuck chicken
>fucking milk on tortilla chips? really?
>gummy mash
>can't even
>pickles floating in shit piss water
>his wife's miscarriage

He might be the most worthless asshole "cook" on youtube. And he has the audacity to sell sauces? To people? For money?

He should start a new video series on how to be a fucking faggot

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u rite

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post the link once it's made and I'll fap to it

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he literally makes me mad when i watch him

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see, this. why

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Jesus, what a fucking asshole.

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What are some good cooking youtube channels?

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This lady will teach you everything you need to know about knife skills.

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"They came out perfect"

That's when I lost it.

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An oldie but a goodie.

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What possible reason would he have to cut off a burnt piece of a wooden spoon? Don't tell me that was actually part of a recipe.

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He was doing a product review for a ceramic knife. So the obvious test is to... cut a fucking burnt piece of wood and chip the damn thing.

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He was sharpening it on the carbon before slicing a squash.

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This kills the knife

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Jack has been at this for 8 FUCKING years now on YouTube, and in my opinion hasn't improved at all.

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how can someone be this clueless. jesus fucking christ this may be the most offensive 'cooking' video i've ever seen.

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I'm a chef, and Jack is an idiot.

But for some reason, I keep watching his videos. Like, he's trying so hard but doesn't ever take the time to do anything the right way. It's so mystifying

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classic car wreck theory

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thats why they are so fucking fat and stupid

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This fat fucking git has another channel where he roams around with his (unfailingly) morbidly obese friends and eat calorie-dense foods and "review" them. It's hilarious. This retard says he is trying to lose weight but hasn't lost any in 5 years. What a fucking tool.

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he fucking blocked me mayn

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itt: sad cunts with no qt3.14 gf to cook for.

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my kyuti cooks for me, nigga

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lol, did you leave truthful comments? perhaps about his she-troll wife, retarded kid or pathetic life?

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it was 4 years ago lol must be about his shitty cook skills

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The best ones are the crazy ones.

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That fucking nestle shit

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would bake a cake

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>he fucking added that disgusting fake creamer garbage to French pressed coffee
>he literally missed the fucking point and ruined it


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"Missing the point" seems to be his life motto

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>>I'm a big coffee fan
>keurig in the background

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>more than two frames

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>Cooking with Jack

Here's some of my personal favorites in no particular order:




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lol, the fatfuck has been bulking his entire life. He has type-2 beetus and had a stroke a few years back. How is this not a wake up call. He said in a video that he doesn't care about "the numbers" only how he feels. By the time he feels shitty his liver and pancreas will have given up.

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Just watch the whole thing. You won't be disappointed.

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Fucking why, people put butter and mct oils in their coffee for training purposes not for a fucking treat.

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>using pleb milk
>not using hyper-sweetened condensed milk
>not having pneumonia in your mid-20s

Get on Sara's level, plebs

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Her hispanic heritage really helped with that recipe.

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I love this board.

>> No.6398512

wasnt he like "losing" weight few years ago?

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>> No.6398541

I know a lot of his videos have some retarded stuff, but sometimes I don't see anything. Like what is wrong with the sandwich video(except maybe the balsamic vinegar.)

>> No.6398665

>"Idahlick homes"
>"I dunno if they pronounce it as a word, or it's just an acronym"

So he's a highschool dropout as well?

>> No.6398679

He's chosen to represent someone's fine product. He doesn't research, practice, experiment, or otherwise prepare in any way - but still decides "yeah filming this and presenting it as an authority on cooking capable of evaluating a legitimate enterprise's work is a good idea."

Why is this 50% of YouTube now? Do a little fucking prep work if you want to pretend this is your "job."

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He didn't even wash it first.

>> No.6399072


ED describes her as being middle-aged but she is only 26 or 27. However, she is probably only 5-8 years away from death at most so maybe that's correct.

The sad part is that lots of her dishes probably taste good... in small amounts and eaten rarely. But you know this bitch is drinking a can of condensed milk every few days.

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>5 scoops of whey to keep nogainz at bay

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Instead of making sauces, Jack should make mass gainer powder. Then at least I could mire that bulkin' power. Hell, he could probably just powderise his stupid sauces and throw a bunch of whale dicks in there for protons.

Also, he has a series called "Jack U"... seriously what the fuck. What a fucking faggot

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look at that dumb motherfucker, homer simpson cosplay 24/7

>> No.6399699

>okay guys here we're going to do this thing I totally didn't see in a episode of Good Eats
>the French call it mice and place

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>Jack's pickles video
>dumps an ENTIRE bag of pickling spice into a gallon of water along with 2 cups of salt
>not a drop of vinegar in sight
>guise this jar is brown I'm freaking out the pickles at the store are clear
>sticks his fat fingers into the murky jar and retrieves a pickle
>bites into it
>chews for 15 seconds
>I don't like it it's not sour enough and I don't like the spice mixture

How does this fucking retard manage to breathe?

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File: 1.03 MB, 400x444, 1426291602412.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And he only "pickled" them for a fucking day. I want him to try fugu butchering himself. I would love to see this idiot paralyze himself.

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So what's the over under on this Jack guy being a flaming faggot cuck? That's probably why he moved to Tennessee I mean who the fuck willingly moves there? He must be gettin' cucked by a nigra

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That's actually the coolest way to make iced coffee I've ever seen. Could vend this.

>> No.6399908

>this channel has over 160.000 subscribers

>> No.6399913

>plastic and hot water
>worlds most ordinary french press

>> No.6400313

That looks pretty neat, all those concentrated milk on other hand....

>> No.6400888


>Mutant Mayhem

>not Mutant Wheyhem

One job.

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>> No.6400909


the only thing he does right

>> No.6400910

>shitty Olive Garden dressing

>putting all of this on one sandwich

>> No.6400964

Jesus christ put a trigger warning on this shit. I am mad.

>> No.6400971

Tennessee is a pretty nice state anon. I live here.

>> No.6401778

This guy...this fuckin' guy.

>> No.6401798

Does anyone remember a few months back Anon made a thread about the "suburbanite grill guy" or something? Basically it described a man who bought a shit ton of cookware/ingredients/imports that he had no idea how to properly utilize. I think I just called OP jealous that he couldn't afford to do that and just left it at that, but now I realize that perfectly sums up this Jack guy. To a fucking tee.

>> No.6401889

dude don't bake your bong

>> No.6401945

i was really hoping for a repeat of that /ck/ screencap of the guy trying to make butter coffee with nescafe and margarine

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ooo lawdy

>> No.6403319

I remember that thread, and that is exactly what Jack is.

The raw chicken video gave me nightmares- blood literally seeps out of the damn thing at the price of a fork and he's like 'look at the juices!'

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>> No.6403503


I laughed way too much

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>> No.6403545

So that guy really didnt break the xbox because he wanted to make cookies?

>> No.6403561


Because he thinks a video needs to be made about it.

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File: 387 KB, 638x353, Based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Based Italian tomato sauce from Italy

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>tomato sauce in cans
>onion and garlic powder
>1.5 cups of oil

>> No.6403811

Cooking with Jack - McCormick seasoning chicken.

>> No.6403819

i showed that video to a friend of mine and he said he cooks just like her.
then he claims that its good because he has been cooking for himself for 15 years.
im so very disappointed

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I've been watching Jack's "review" channel and it's ridiculous. No wonder he is such a fat fuck. Are those restaurants normal for American restaurants? It's mind boggling how unhealthy and oversized almost all of the food is (except for some ethnic foods like pho).

>> No.6404298


I just cannot understand Mr. Cameraman. Does he keep his hand on the focus and does he have Parkinsons or something?

>> No.6404435

They call mcdonalds and other junkfood outlets "a restaurant" here in north america

>> No.6404485


I've never seen this video before. That was definitely.. 3 dimensional. Also disgusting. Why would you do that to vegetables?

>> No.6404491

I loved Henry Phillips his series.

>> No.6404500

I fucking shat when he said that. Christ what a turd.

>> No.6404527

You'll probably need therapy after watching this.


>> No.6404558

>"little bit of mexican chocolate creamer"
>dumps in an a 5th of the bottle

no. you don't like coffee. you like sugar.

>> No.6404578

Thats an arthouse quality video

>> No.6404613

this is what insanity looks like

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he is such a tool

>> No.6404655


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You know who's a tool? Pic related

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¿Hay alguien de habla española leyendo esto? Me siento un poco solo :c

>> No.6404914


Do you Spanish people add backwards punctuation marks to sentences so you're prepared as to what is to come?

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>> No.6406664


>> No.6406694

kordon bluhhhh

Fucking Americans

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This fucking Jack guy... holy shit. I want to kill his entire family and watch his reaction.

>> No.6407747

Put some coke/viagra in their sugar, some hearts gonna pop

>> No.6407794

don't forget the meatballs

>> No.6407820

I was thinking waterboard them in his "sauce" or something but that would be stealthier

>> No.6407996

Oh god, that Knife Skills video. Not only does he not realize what he's talking about, but he's trying so hard to pry absolutes from her.

>"Which one would you just not recommend?"
>"So I should always slice it, not dice it, huh?"


>> No.6408142

Saw that onion bitch

>> No.6409107

>Are those restaurants normal for American restaurants?

Yes. Well at least normal to find in the shitty areas such as where he lives.

>> No.6409334


>> No.6409381

>drops meat on clean counter
>"we're gonna have to throw that away"
>uses her hands to mix

>poaching meatballs in canola oil

dear god so greasy

>> No.6409599

Shes a canolla oil shill

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And when she mixes ground meat with a spoon

>> No.6409944

Does she have autism or OCD or something jesus.

>> No.6410348

fucking lol'd as I heard his intro

wasn't expecting someone to post Jack, but I'm not surprised either

>> No.6410397

has anyone bought/tried his sauces?

>> No.6410408

>Hating on based Masaokis

>> No.6410734

dont expect it to be better than kraft shit

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Lifehack : Use a headscratcher to make perfect scrambled eggs quick and easy

>> No.6411005


Cooking With Dog
Manskils (dormant)
Helen something (viet foods)

>> No.6412836

can someone link me to the videos in this picture?

>> No.6412872

Why does she throw away food trhat will be cooked? What was on that counter at some point in time that won't die during cooking?

>> No.6413042

>cooking with dog

Mah nigga

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File: 547 KB, 256x256, Maangchi-profile[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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what do you think about simple cooking channel?

>> No.6413385

he makes some awesome shit but his face, his personality and his style to talk is like the inside of my asshole - utter bullshit

>> No.6413521

what's wrong with that

>> No.6413675

So glad this guy was posted on here. I love watching him for humility purposes and too see what shite gadget he will try out next. He's also SUPER religious, also EVERY person in his family is fucking morbidly obese.

>> No.6413712

I love FoodWishes, Chef John fuckin rules!

>> No.6413726

I remember flipping shit on him for the poutine video;


Then he disabled comments. Seems like he did the same thing for the Yorkshire puddings. How the fuck could you tell the Yorkshire puddings didn't turn out!? He must have never seen or eaten one before.

>> No.6413869
File: 257 KB, 2114x798, 10749 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6414082

The best part is whoever was filming this (I assume one of his parents) let him eat raw ground beef and use a sharp knife when he clearly had no idea what he was doing.

>> No.6415110
File: 24 KB, 615x349, ck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6415429


>> No.6415437

This guy used to have a Youtube channel;


Papercuts777, used to call himself the drunk cook. He would get drunk and high as fuck and cook food. It was by far the funniest cooking videos I have ever seen. No idea what happened to him though, his channel was deleted and gone a while back. I have saved 90% of his videos though, so I'm happy I still get to watch them all. Wish you could see all of them.

>> No.6415441

Found his new channel here;

>> No.6415459

Cooking/Baking blogs?
>Looking for video of people cooking/eating...
>Using youtube for THAT???
>Not experiencing any of the food for yourself or creating any...
>Listening to and believing them, rather than forming your own opinion...

>> No.6415802

dont be a pussy, just go in there and mix with your hands.
having clean hands in a kitchen is a standard just like keeping a knife sharp.

>> No.6415817


>> No.6416041

dude level up your posting skill a bit before trying that again

>> No.6416565

Cooking With Jack's worst videos according to /ck/?

>> No.6417269

I'll keep that in mind for the next time I level up, after the next 845030 xp is earned.... idiot.

>> No.6417331

>no vinegar
>"not sour enough"

>> No.6417501


a classic

>> No.6417506

>take a little bit of butter
>drops 300 calories of butter in

I hate fat people

>> No.6417523

>Unless you're using them for a dessert, like deep-fried ice cream

Who the fuck deep fries ice cream.

>> No.6417558
File: 206 KB, 500x500, 1426543440298.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you dont want to scrape glass with a metal spoon

>> No.6417680



>> No.6417744
File: 242 KB, 1024x764, sweet-jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I can't watch

>> No.6417799
File: 102 KB, 600x925, killcrab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but why..

>> No.6417929

Why does he have a bunch of knives in a block, and then a magnet full of knives on the wall? I've been working as a sous chef for 5 years, I'm starting my first job as an exec chef on Friday, and I have six fucking knives. Now, tweezers and plating spoons is another story....

>> No.6417935

How did he fuck up pickles?

>> No.6417963


kek every time

>> No.6418032

>that's enchiladas
>that's real enchiladas

fuck me

>> No.6418479
File: 170 KB, 1425x1012, 545022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice dubs btw

>> No.6418485
File: 36 KB, 320x303, 1373843268263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6418486


These faggots, they're called "Nerdy nummies" and all they use is boxed cake mix. Boxed cake mix is not baking, it's just being lazy.

>> No.6418488


my eyes have seen the truth
>dem nails doe

>> No.6418496
File: 20 KB, 400x400, Poo-Brain-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6418545
File: 13 KB, 366x329, 1424365388794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cooking with dog

>> No.6418597


>> No.6418609

I want to comment every sentance he just said...

>> No.6418613

>it is the oil that makes the taste
>canola oil

>> No.6418684

That product triggers me.
You're flipping the food into a cold pan this way!

>> No.6418769



>> No.6420159

Why the hell does he bounce around like an eight year old with Parkinson's and ADHD? Dude needs to calm the fuck down.

>> No.6420566
File: 20 KB, 177x166, DELICIOSO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6421088


Which video is the bloody chicken pic from?

>> No.6421098

That looks like an army of Mr. Hanky The Christmas Poos

>> No.6421101

That looks like a mask.

>> No.6421113

it is. her countenance hides years of regret for her broken marriage, thousands of years of shame for her new world ancestors whose culture is discarded in seconds for a tiny bit of screentime with someone barely internet famous, and the reality that the only permanent in her empty shell of a life is a lifelong "friend" who suffers from extreme obesity, is absolutely terrible at his "cuisine" related occupation, and thinly covers his attempts at sexual harassment as faux friendliness that everyone down to his pitiable wife can see from any digitally-connected screen anywhere in the world

>> No.6421187


>> No.6421232

chef john over at 'food wishes' has his technical audio visual shit together. he got the message that everything doesn't have to be live to tape or in real time.
he just gets several shots of each step and then edits those shots with a high quality voice narration.

>> No.6421241

Wow why do you hate this guy, he's not that bad. IS it because he's happy and you're not?

>> No.6421287

I'm almost positive I've seen this guy cooking steak on the toilet seat with toilet paper and a lighter

>> No.6421305

It's his older brother, he's fully aware of how much of a autistic mongoloid swee is so he goes along with it

>> No.6421568

holy shit how stupid can you get

>it's the seasoning! i don't like the seasoning ):

>> No.6423354

whats up with kosher salt, is he jewish?

>> No.6423430

He conflicts himself between these videos.

>> No.6423698

he's 10/10. also his puns are bane tier.

>> No.6423711


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