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>not brining a 8.5 lb pork shoulder in a dog food container from target

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>not resizing your images


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Seems like a decent replacement for the cambros I love at work; if only at home. Fucking restaurant ones are expensive as shit.

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Who's that sitting on the couch?

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room mate

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I use one of the 10 gallon buckets that I took from work. Our pickles come in them.

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The dog

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sounds like an unnecessary amount of brine unless it sits shallow

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pork is nasty

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go eat some tofu faggot

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not using that much brine, just saying that's the bucket I use for brining shit because it's big enough for anything I'm realistically going to cook at home

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I prefer glass or ceramic for brining, but whatever floats yer boat.

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Have fun with leached plastic in your pork. Those containers probably aren't made for handling even mildly corrosive liquids.

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it's food safe plastic you fucking retard

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>buying food from target
here in australia target pretty much exclusively sells clothes, electronic goods and toys. The only food they sell would be chocolate and lollies. Buying PORK from target should be a capital offence

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whoever said anything about pork from target, it's a container

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haha, I like the improvisation

What's your brine?

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>not bringing in an aluminum vault for 0.0000% carcinogen leakage

enjoy your bpas :^^^^^^^)

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apple cider vinegar, water, worcester sauce, salt, brown sugar

In descending order of portions

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>not reading the label

It's BPA free you autist, enjoy your alzheimer's from aluminum ingestion

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Probably rated for dry food you fucking retard.
There's a huge difference between the permeability of biscuit-plastic and brine-plastic.

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>all this "probably"

It is made with BPA free plastics for food storage, where did you learn your chemistry? Breaking Bad?

Keep grasping at straws

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Here you go.
Enjoy your cancer :(

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>thinking vinegar is strong enough to break down hard plastics

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>not one of the most reactive metals

I'd rather eat a bowl of teflon flaked from cheap pans rather than let aluminum touch my food ;^)

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This isn't the 90's, any plastics used to contain food of any kind are made of PETE, or PET plastics, which are not reactive at all with acids on the level of vinegar (think ketchup bottle)

Dog food container should be fine

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>being this stupid

>I say it's fine to therefore it's fine hey guys it's fine okay fine

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>my face when OP is throwing out his pork shoulder as i type this

oh the devil's in the details

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>link image of reaction levels to vinegar from plastics international
>shows direct contradiction to HDPE claim
>shows further ratings of reactions to other plastics, the only bad ones to non-food related plastics

>hurr being this stupid

>seriously thinking cold vinegar can cause any type of reaction with food grade BPA free plastics

Where did you get your image? A brining blog?

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>if it doesn't kill me it didn't do anything r-right?
>plastic not melting means nothing leached out, r-right?

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HAHAHAHA, you did


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> more vinegar than water more salt than sugar.........
> being this new

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sugar, salt and worchester sauce were all equivalent, why the fuck would you want to water it down with more water than vinegar? Don't be a retard

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That chart is literally from a plastic distributor and is regarding mechanical breakdown. Obviously vinegar won't fucking melt your food container you dumb cunt.
>Negligible effect on mechanical properties.
This means it maintains its shape and strength, not that it doesn't leach into your food.

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and the fact remains that PET/PETE still has no reaction or chemical leakage when exposed to vinegar

I respect your crusade to try to make me feel uneasy about my plastic choice, but the science is on my side this time

Show me a study proving that PET/PETE leaks shit into food while exposed to vinegar and I will concede defeat, otherwise stop linking blogs from idiots who think everything gives you cancer

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>watering down vinegar

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here you go. your PET probably leaches with nothing but saline/salted water.

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>all this probably
>not reading the details specific to PET
>not reading that it is released during exposure to microwaving, boiling water, or UV rays

Looks like none of that applies to cold brining either, got anything else or anything showing what EA even does or if it is at all dangerous? 5

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>have read the part related to PET
>76% leached chemicals with estrogenic activity
>hence the probably; obviously some didn't leach
>being this retarded
>not reading that only some were subject to microwave, UV etc.
>separate table of results for those you fucking idiot
>it's like you don't even science and expect me to spoonfeed you this one paper

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Sorry, 76% leached, with just saline I should say*
You did use salt in your brine right?

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A lot of plastics experts and chemists ITT. God damn this is an intelligent board.

>not realizing it's 2015.
>mfw you all realize vinegar can't melt steel beams (or plastic).

Looks good OP. Please post photos of the finished product.

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You literally just cherry picked the 76% of ALL PLASTICS TESTED line and placed it on PET, don't act like I don't know how to read a scientific paper

Your desperation is showing

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>cherry picked ALL PLASTICS
>For PET products extracted by saline, 26 of 34 (76%) had detectable EA (Table 1)

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>can't even greentext

I have no idea what's going on, but look at this newfag and laugh.

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>Similarly, two samples of low-density PE resins (LDPE resins 1 and 2) and PETG resins (PETG baby bottle and PETG resin 1) that had no detectable EA before stressing subsequently exhibited EA when stressed, especially by UV (Table 3). Samples (n > 10) of products made from PETG resins advertised as BPA free all released detectable EA when stressed, especially by UV light. Similarly, 25% of unstressed samples of PET and 50% of unstressed PS products surveyed did not have detectable EA in assays of EtOH and/or saline extracts (Table 1). However, when stressed and assayed using both saline and EtOH extracts, all PET (n > 10) and PS (n > 10) products released chemicals having detectable EA in at least one extracting solvent (Table 3).

You're done, now shut the fuck up

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And here in the table of results...

Why don't you tell me again how I was cherrypicking.

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Who r u quoting?

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Oh what's that 76% of unstressed PET samples leached estrogenic compounds into saline?

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>The estrogenic activity of mineral waters was examined in several studies with cell culture test systems and in one test on snails. Estrogenic activity was detected in several cases, but it was approx. 10,000 times lower than the natural estrogenic activity of beverages such as milk, beer or red wine. The comparison between mineral waters from PET bottles and others from glass bottles did not show any differences with regard to the estrogenic activity measured in the cell cultures. It must therefore be assumed that this low activity is not attributable to the PET bottle. In chemical analyses of mineral waters, no substances have yet been detected either which could have caused the estrogenic activity.

Taken from the BFR Institute website, better lay off any dairy faggot

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implying I drink milk, beer or wine.

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Che boludo

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How convenient

You sound like a real fun guy

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So it's concluded that mineral water doesn't leach any appreciable amount of substances with estrogenic activity.
How is that relevant to a discussion regarding brine?

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I hope you aren't that worried about it anon, I would bet my life's savings that you ingest PET plastic food which contains high levels of salt at least once a week

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yes, good goy, endocrine disruption doesn't even have any consequences. eat on.

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>implying I'm fat
>implying increased estrogen levels aren't directly countered by increased testosterone levels

anything else?

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>wet brining

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Well now we know you're a stoner. Only people who keep spouting this miss information over amd over again.