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ITT: alcoholic thread

I just downed a 6 pack of modelo and its 3:09 in the afternoon

Imma go to the liquor store in a little bit to get more beers
what do you guys recommend?

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popov vodka

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What the fuck op are you mexicant? Miht as well try Red stripe its not bad i suppose

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Is right, beer is just keeping you're power level down. Get some hard booze and quit being a faggot.

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nectar ipa

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I started drinking canadian club as soon as I woke up and I'm on pace to drink about 2 liters before I pass out. Beer sounds like a nutritionally sound and healthy alternative. I wouldn't worry about it.

I've had a 12 pack for breakfast dozens of times. It doesn't even get me buzzed, I just get a headache and ward off withdrawals for a few hours until it's an acceptable time to go to the liquor store.

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>I've had a 12 pack for breakfast dozens of times. It doesn't even get me buzzed
sounds like a living hell though

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>sounds like a living hell though

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What are the benefits of alcoholism vs. smoking weed? I stopped drinking on weekdays since I started smoking, and I'm saving a ton of money.

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>tfw withdrawals

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Weed wont kill you or cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop. If you like it you should try and stick with it.

I would smoke weed instead of being an alcoholic, but it's illegal here and cops are literally my biggest fear in the world.

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What withdraw, symptoms do you get when you don't hit the liquor? Sweats, paranoia ??? What is it ?

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The shakes, anxiety and panic attacks, possibly seizures
I only know this because of benzo withdrawls

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Weed is better, but it's much more illegal here so it's just easier for me to walk up to the store and buy beer.

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>Weed wont cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop.

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Aren't they extremely minor (like irritability and difficulty sleeping) and only present in the most heavy users?

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It doesn't, though.
Are you saying it does?

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I like Killian's Irish Red

And not to be that guy - Original Sin. They make a hell of a hard cider.

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Weed, like gambling, sex, shopping, or just about anything else that results in "pleasure" can be psychologically addictive.

On the other hand, weed is not physically addictive, whereas opiates, tobacco, and alcohol are.

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>parts of my body are hot and others are freezing, cold sweats like a bad fever
>invisible full body rash, everything is itchy and it feels like bugs are crawling on me
>every single dark spot in my room moves, until I focus my eyes on it they are spiders or roaches, often racing across the ceiling or getting in my ears
>can't eat for days, puke if I try to clear my throat, shit liquid bile that clings to the toilet once an hour
>shaky, I start trembling if my muscles are asked to do anything. the muscle tremors include the sphincter, so I gradually leak diarrhea
>too terrified to sleep for up to 5 days, when I start to doze off a series of increasingly horrific images rapidly flood my mind
>also too scared to sleep because when you start to pass out it feels like I stopped breathing and I'm jolted back
>heart starts beating so fast I'm quite convinced I'm are going to stroke out or have a heart attack
>any unexpected sound scares me like I just fell off a cliff and I feel it in my chest
>auditory hallucinations increase with sleep deprivation, hear my dad screaming or animals in the walls
>different kinds of pain all over my body, organ pain that makes you think your liver or pancreas is failing, limb pain that makes you think never damage
>insane paranoia and hypochondria, I think I have any number of diseases that could explain why it's so bad this time
>hear a car door outside and assume it's the cops or mental ward people coming to take me away and have to look out the window
>sweat is so putrid that smelling yourself makes you ill, but there is no motivation to shower
>seizures. you don't know you are having one, you just wake up on the floor, often injured
>anything you are remotely terrified about becomes your reality, so it's different for everyone
>when you finally get to sleep after days your dreams are real and so terrifying you can't even shake them when you are awake
>confusing delirium for reality and vice versa, can't tell what is real

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Compared to other drugs weed doesn't. Oh I'm not hungry and I have trouble sleeping and I'm grumpy I'm having withdrawals.

You might not feel 100% but it's a complete joke compared to most other kinds of drug withdrawal,

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nigga you can die from your body going into withdrawal from alcohol. it is serious shit. i get what you're saying but it's a moot point.

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You're an idiot, m8. Have you even done drugs? Can you follow an analogy? The withdrawal from weed is like the withdrawal from not having a little sugar in your tea. That is to say, THERE ISN'T ONE, but you can tell the difference because your tea is not as sweet, but that's it.

The withdrawal from having a cup of coffee each day would be more severe and physically tangible than any weed withdrawal would ever be.

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Quitting weed gave me the worse anxiety and panic attacks ever, way worse than i've ever gotten from alcohol withdrawals.

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shit nigga

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Budweiser. It's the King of Beers

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why lie? and on the internet of all places

you have never had a serious enough alcohol problem to experience DT, not many alcoholics drink enough to get them

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Psychotropics can exacerbate underlying mental health problems. chances are you probably had anxiety issues already.

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What the fuck? Does your country lace your alcohol with heroin?

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i'm not lying, the 2 weeks after i stopped smoking were the worst moments of my life so far. everyones different i guess

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>worse than i've ever gotten from alcohol withdrawals

You're an idiot if you really believe what you're saying. You're so far off the mark, I would be more likely to believe someone saying they quit heroin cold turkey with no withdrawals. Alcohol has tangible, verifiable, scientifically concrete PHYSICAL DEPENDENCY issues that weed simply does not, despite countless studies that have failed to show physical dependency.

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You probably simply don't know what addiction really is if you are being serious.

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a simple google search pulls up thousands of people reaching out for support for their anxiety after they have stopped smoking weed.

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Is this still happening to you? How do you make it stop?

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Yea, same with gambling addicts and fatasses who can't control what they eat. Once you reach a certain level of maturity you start to notice these trends and it's easier to pick up when the problem is the person or the substance. Sure people get addicted to gambling, food, weed, beanie babies, but those are personal mental health issues more than actual issues with gambling, food, weed, OR beanie babies. If you can't handle your beanie babies without going off the rails, then maybe you're the issue, and not the beanies, ya dig?

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Withdrawal becomes incredibly bad when you drink massive amounts of alcohol. Most alcoholics will never experience anything that severe, but for the really serious self destructive drinkers it's common.

I hope most of you guys don't drink as much as me and never have to see what it's like. I feel like a hypocrite because I always recommend people stop drinking or cut back in these threads despite the fact I'm pissed. But I just want people to know how bad it can get if you lose control when you have nothing to live for.

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"ohh noez i has the anxieti"
Big fucking deal, go cry about it

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How much do you drink?

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No it starts to go away after a week off booze, but minor symptoms last for a couple weeks.

I'm drinking now so I don't have to worry about it until I get too sick to drink again.

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>I always recommend people stop drinking or cut back in these threads

A-Anon.... I-I... think this is an important step in the process.... I think deep inside maybe you are projecting a little and maybe just a little bit, you recognize that it's bad for you, and... and... maybe you shouldn't drink as much....

(there I said it!)

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1.5 liter of hard alcohol a day is minimum, but typically 2-3 and I drink all day long

an amount that might kill a person without a tolerance

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Shit anon :/ I hope you're trying everything you can to stop

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>I'm drinking now so I don't have to worry about it until I get too sick to drink again.
Oh my God, dude...... You sound like this junkie I used to know. He was an alcoholic who started into heroin and meth, and ended up killing a girl in a failed date-rape and a bunch of other shit.

If you are lucid enough to recognize the path you're on, holy shit, man, why don't you change directions before you end up where you are headed?

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How do you think it could be possible that I wouldn't know and accept that it's bad for me?

I'm not in denial about that part, alcohol is ruining my life. I just can't seem to stop

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This shit is depressing

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Recognizing you have a problem is the first step, friend. I see you are already there. The next step is to realize that you're in control of yourself and your actions, and that you can positively impact your life in tangible ways, even if it's slowly.

Not trying to patronize, m8, but I hate to hear people say they are not in control.

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>The next step is to realize that you're in control of yourself and your actions

Well I've got the next step down too then.

I don't know how to describe it to a normal person. It's like I hate/don't care about myself and this is a cowards suicide. I understand exactly how fucked up what I'm doing to myself seems, but it's easier than facing life, for me. I think it would have to get even worse for me to chose life over oblivion.

I feel like a faggot, but just knowing some anonymous person is trying to help makes me feel a bit better, so thank you.

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if 4chan had an /aa/, /ck/ would be it. Just a random hit on the front page and there were 3 alcohol threads just on the front page.

O guess before long there's going to be 12-step program threads and weekly meetings where everyone talks about their struggles with abstaining while secretly hitting the flask in their back pocket.

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I count 5 front page alcohol threads, actually, lol

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>tfw no alcoholic gf to enable my addiction

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the anxiety isnt bad once you realize its just anxiety

i spent the past week thinking i was dying of everything from liver failure to kidneys to pancreatis

i spent all day today and yesterday constantly reading different sites about warning signs about heart attacks because my back hurts a little

anxiety fucks with you in not-cool ways, it can make your whole body hurt, and also convinces you to think youre dying because the alcohol withdrawal is making your hand tingle

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i have been in previous al/ck/ threads, and though ive drank again this past week, i know i need to stop and desperately want to before i lose control completely

im getting a lot of inspiration from one of my professors, and he doesnt even know it

but a man who is slave to something outside of his own will is not free. alcohol damages your soul, and damaging your soul is the worst thing you can do to yourself or anyone else. when you drink youre not you, when i tried tapering off last week i realized i hadnt had a truly sober thought in nearly nine months. and i hate that i drank again. i dont want to lose this battle for my soul, but its so hard

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>free will

I don't entertain either of these ideas so I don't even know what you are on about

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Didnt you say you were gonna thank him with a blowjob at the end of the semester?

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i dont mean soul as in some metaphysical aspect that will have eternal life

i mean soul as in who you are and what makes you a human being. what makes you virtuous.

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no, i said a letter. which currently i cant even do because im still drinking.

the way i started back is so fucking stupid. i was doing great for 2 weeks, i felt great again, i had shook the anxiety even. and then my parents visited me, theyre casual drinkers, they offered my mom offered me a cocktail when i got in from college. i didnt tell them i stopped because i didnt want them to know how bad it had gotten. that was a week and a half ago

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Whatever i was close. I think you're gonna be okay frosh

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Try out Labatt. I was talking with an old dude a couple nights ago and he was buying those from a store so I got one too, they're pretty damn good.

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>yfw you find out that modelo is a german beer produced in mexico since forever

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3:52 pm and I just cracked open a Blue Moon.

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You like blue moon?

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>finally get gf
>immigrant from italy
>devout catholic
>she wakes up one morning and sees that I drank a 750ml of scotch the night before
>"oh anon, you have such a cool resistance"

I think I'm ok with this but I feel guilty

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Im jealous

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It's alright, the price was right.

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im usually drunk all weekend, but never during the week cause work and health-focused mindset/regime

but even if I was a lazy NEET slob I still wouldn't really bother drinking during the week. can you guys really not find something better to do or focus on??

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do you live in fucking alaska?

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As if being drunk all weekend is in any way acceptable. You ARE a fucking slob.

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Get a load of this fggt.

He thinks, he's got it all figured out and can just get drunk all weekend and hold down a job n' shit. Well, mister "I'm so fucking special" that how most of us started out.

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Now you can smoke drugs I hear

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Too bad I don't know anyone that sells them, shitty food becomes god-tier after smoking some drugs..

>> No.6265508


Yeah so how does it work now, do you have to wait until dispensaries show up or is it just plain legal to grow and shit

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I've done heavy drinking & heavy smoking weed, I'm drunk rihgt now because I don't have any weed.
Weed is definitely preferable if you can get it,. my dad was an alcoholic and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Guy had no friends, no wife when he died.

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Weed is legal where I live but alcohol is just so much more if a buzz for me

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You can grow it, but it's still a year off before commercial sales.

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I get terrible hangovers that literally make me useless the next day, weed just makes me useless in general.

I can hardly even drink coffee in the morning without a fucking caffeine hangover.

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I find if I smoke a few spliffs a night I can get away with only 2-3 good beers, otherwise I would drink an entire bottle of scotch or vodka. But it definitely takes some time and experimentation to find the right rhythm.

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Ain't it the truth. Drunk all weekend turned into mild weekday drinking and drunk all weekend. That expanded to thursday/sunday drinking. Then the monday hangover is so bad that I had to expand into sneaking out of work early for medium drinking. Which really only pushes the hangover back. Before you know it you are spending your few sober hours too damn shaky to sign your own name and barely able to make normal conversation.

Weirdly enough, the only thing that helped me get back to drinking to a "reasonable" level was going to the gym. And I just can't keep it anywhere near me. My drinking is entirely proportional to how much I have access too.

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I always end up in jail if I smoke and drink, turns me into a psychotic retard, and I never remember any of it. People ask me if I was on PCP.

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>niggas discussing withdrawal symptoms of weed
>implying stonersfags ever quit

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I'm with this anon, when you become psychologically dependent , you will be fucked once you stop, due to unbalanced dopamine

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soulguy here

i smoked erryday every 3 hours for five years and i stopped cold turkey just because i didnt want to anymore

it never whispered in my ear saying "cmon, just stop by the store on the way home... youre tapering... you can have just one joint, right?"

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Don't bother anon. Heavy smoker here. I've never faked a drug test. Easy enough to quit for a month to pass a test but idiots like him week keep trolling.

>> No.6265902


it gets out of your system in less than 2 weeks if you aren't a long-time heavy smoker for what it's worth, although I know that doesn't apply in your case

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nah, i just wasnt even feeling it anymore. it became too much of a hassle to buy weed all the time and drive home with it, i just was like, eh, and gave it up

ill still smoke a joint at a party, but im not stoned 24/7 like i used to be

it just didnt get its hooks in me like this liquor did

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Just a reminder, there are over 20,000 deaths due to overdose of marijuana every year in the USA.

>> No.6265913

Every day, every opportunity smoker for the last four years here. I've been off for three days and feel extremely depressed. Don't act like your experience is everyone elses. If you really smoke that much you know it's different for everyone and are only stating otherwise to get 4chan tough guy cred

>> No.6265924

youre taking me the wrong way

im not saying anything except to share my experience. im just saying that i was able to drop weed over night, but alcohol has me in its clutches.

i was just commenting at that guy because he said stoners never quit and i did, and this is an alcohol thread

im just sharing my experience, because its not like anyone elses, and i want to drive home just how dangerous alcohol can become

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>havent drank in a few weeks
>going up right now to buy a mickey of vodka and some diet pepsi.
>gonna come back, play music, some vidya, and enjoy that sweet feeling of alcohol flowing through my blood and brain.

i never used to realize how phsyically good alcohol actually feels till i was a pretty big alcoholic. like yea it made shit fun, but the feeling is up their with opiates and weed in terms of phsyical pleasure.
anyone else know this feel ?

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Part of me wishes I could just get drunk every once in a while, though not go back to being a drunk outright. But I have a chronic pain condition of the trigeminal nerve, and it makes it worse by a lot.

I could get drunk, but I'd be back in hell when I woke up, if not that very day. Also trashes my digestion.

Feels okay. Just okay.

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See a doctor for appropriate pain meds and/or smoke weed. You aren't doing your body any favors by complaining on 4chan

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No. Not even remotely. Spent 2 years blackout drunk at least 3 days per week, and cannot relate with that feel.

It's possible you're apt to be drinking something fermented from a grain or fruit you're allergic to. Ethanol itself triggers the release of histamine from mast cells and raises histamine in the brain as well as norepinephrine. Having a lot of histamine, down the line, can cause upregulation of dopamine, serotonin, etc, which can provide quite a body high and feeling of physical comfort, and is a level that alcohol itself often won't cause you to reach. That's just speculation though.

All alcohol ever made me feel was warm, physically relaxed, then sick. Nowhere near as good a physical vibe as even chocolate anandamide, theobromine, and cAMP raising buzz. Though I'm the guy who posted about chronic pain above, so my perception might be pretty skewed as far as what constitutes extreme physical comfort.

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I drink a handle every 5 days (with some wine/beer scattered throughout) but I never get the shakes or withdrawls or hangovers in general.

Am I an alcoholic yet or do I need to keep upping my intake?

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Weed is a pitiful painkiller.
Nerve pain is incredibly hard to treat, and there are better ways in my case.

See a thread, give an answer. That's how it works. It's possible you mean well, but you oughta just fuck off anon. I know my situation a lot better than you do.

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You are an alcoholic, just not a very good one. Be proud of that and don't up your intake.

I drink a handle every day and I'm fucking dying man

>> No.6266106

Well damn, I guess I can settle for being a bad alcoholic..

Also how in the actual fuck do you drink a handle a day? Also handle of what?

>> No.6266110

>Nerve pain is incredibly hard to treat
My aunt has some disease where she grows tumors or granulomas or something like that on the end of her nerves, I have no idea what it's called. But she eats buckets of painkillers all day and they do almost nothing for her. My sympathies bro.

>> No.6266120

>how in the actual fuck do you drink a handle a day? Also handle of what?
it's just tolerance, I'm not a superhuman just a retard

I usually drink bottom shelf whiskey like black velvet or w/e, I'm not picky

>> No.6266124

Do you alternate the stores you buy from or do you just not give a fuck?

Also black velvet is so shit, i'm amazed you drink that without a mixer

>> No.6266132

I go to the same store every day, I'm ashamed obviously. But The liquor store is right by my house and the next closest one is 20 minutes away.

I mix it with water, I don't enjoy it at all I just need it or I get sick.There is nothing fun about it at this point.

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Anon, just stop for fuck's sake. Gradually taper down, make certain you drink slightly less every day.

Why continue doing it to yourself? Figure it out. Willpower and taking it into your own hands is the only way things are going to improve.

>> No.6266145

What does the liquor store guy say to you?

I'm assuming nothing seeing as he wants your money, but I'm still curious

I feel bad going there every 5 days, if I drank a handle a day I'd be driving all over town

>> No.6266169

The couple that own the store are from India and don't speak much English. They say hello and thanks and have a good day. I would probably have to change up stores if they tried to talk to me.
I'm gonna try soon. I just don't have anything else to do these days but drink. I have no friends or family anymore, every time I read a guide to quit drinking they say to reach out to the people you know and that just makes me more depressed because I literally have no one.