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Honey thread

I just eat this shit plain and I know I'm not the only one

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So good

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Aw fug yeah, nigga. We have a local bee place here and I buy their shit and use it pretty much every day.

Nectar of the gods.

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I like making alcohol from honey. Though sometimes I put a bit of honey on toast with peanut butter; that shit is so god damn good.

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>winnie the pooh eating honey
>dick hardens

i just bought some local raw honey, its creamy like the first pic but the honey in the middle of the jar is grainy and crystallized. the jar was like 10 bucks and now a third of it is gone. this was all today.

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Peanut butter and honey sandwiches taste like Jesus blowing a load in your mouth

>on rye
>all natural PB

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Just get it warm and keep it warm for an hour; should make it all liquid again.

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oh i wasn't even complaining. this shit is delicious. might do that though

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>Jesus blowing a load in your mouth

sounds.. salty

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I hate to tell you this but that isn't honey dude

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Honey of that color must be cristalized and solid. And more yellowish either. Its probably syrup with additives.

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I rarely eat plain honey because it makes my stomach hurt, but I will ALWAYS eat white honey when I can get it. That stuff is unreal.

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Its pretty good shit. I made a 1gal batch of mead with it and it was just fantastic. I just wish it didn't take 100 bucks to make a gallon of the stuff.

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I used to work at an organic foods market, we'd get raw local honey. If you've never eaten the whole honey comb, you just haven't lived.

I really want to get into bee keeping now.

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Forgot file.

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What is it like eating the comb with the honey?

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>Being this uninformed
Do you even like honey? Do you live in a cave?

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The comb is just texture. It's beeswax and has no flavor. But the texture is really nice because as you chew it the honey comes bursting out of the individual cells.

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Pretty much this:

I'd say it has a slightly different flavor, but honey can vary from hive to hive so that may have been it as well.

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I really want to do this, but I can't find anywhere local that sells honey with the comb.

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I acknowledge that honey is delicious, but I know someone who won't eat real food when they need to because they just eat this.

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whenever I feel a soar throat or cough coming on I use honey to soothe my throat. It works wonders.

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If you're going to talk about Honey that most people have never even heard of then fucking specify it.

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join the 21st century and take a zicam you pleb

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Confession time. I use this stuff like some people use steak sauce. I use it with chicken, steak, and pork chops. I'm ashamed to say but damn its so good. I don't even like sweets but a bit honey on something meaty just makes me salivate.

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Honey is life. I always have at least 3 jars of honey at home. I'd never want to run out

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Just go to fucking wal-mart. They sell honey in jars in the mexican aisle with the comb.

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>having a walmart in your city

I'm so sorry

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If it's a female, I want her contact info.

I eat honey and bee pollen, raw foods, vegan other than bee products. I love raw honey.

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I just made some homebrew honey wheat beer!

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>not having a walmart in your city
i'm so sorry

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I got honey that solidified
Do I have to microwave it every time?
Is there something I can do to keep it in a viscose form?

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Fuck yeah I love honey. Especially getting all kinds of different flavors etc. Recently tried buckwheat honey, its so good you guys.

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keep it in a warmer place or dilute it with a little water.

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my aniki

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WTP's honey always looked like citrus sauce to me.

This looks interesting. Is there a specific preferred use for this or do you just use it on toast or crumpets or whatever?

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it crystalized, you just need to melt it and make sure no solid crystals are left or they will "seed" the crystalization again. transfer to another container if you have to.

do NOT dilute honey with water

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Do you just microwave the entire container each time?

Shouldnt it still be spreadable? spread it on warm toast. Bam, liquid. You must live in a refridgerator

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I fucking hate walmart so much. I'll run out of food and just starve for few extra days because I can't bring myself to go there.

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>that HD WTP Honey in that new movie

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Any apple orchard near you keeps bees and sells honey. It's profitable for them, since they need bees as pollinators anyways.

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That sounds godly, thx bb

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try adding a couple slices of bannana and if your daring, some crisp bacon

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