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I accidentally left a six pack of beer in the freezer, It didnt explode but its frozen solid. Does anyone know if its going to be palatable when it thaws?

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They should be fine, just let them defrost completely.

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this nigger: >>5720305
is trolling

you have failed OP. deposit the six pack in the trash can and go to the store and buy another pronto.

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Not that guy, but can you tell me why beer is ruined when it freezes and then thawed back to liquid state?

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loss of carbonation

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it will be flat

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This guy is right. I defrosted some frozen beer once, it was shit. I recommend you just trash it, cut your losses and get some new beer.

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This guy >>5720411 is right. When the beer freezes it can no longer hold CO2 in suspension. Thawing does not magically re-carbonate the liquid and when you open the can the CO2 gas escapes into the atmosphere.

Enjoy dat flat beer :^)

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Have you ever done a highschool-level science course?

The amount of CO2 dissolved in a liquid is relative to its temperature.

Hot cola degasses and the CO2 is trapped in the air space at the top, and *if you open it* then it will escape. If you re-cool it, the CO2 will be reabsorbed into the liquid.

The oceans do this on a massive scale, for example. It's one of the positive feedback loops of atmospheric warming. Warmer = less CO2 dissolved = warmer.

OP's beers will be fine if he just leaves them in the fridge to warm slowly back to liquid.

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so he should just go buy another 6 pack unless he wants to wait til 3am to drink

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Well sure, if time is an issue. But that wasn't the argument.

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The guys up there are wrong. When you freeze the beer, the water molecules expand in the beer particles, exploding their cell walls, and pushing the carbonation bubbles into larger super bubbles, which makes it appear flat, but the carbonation bubbles are actually just rearranged and the beer is weaker because of the expanded water. It's fucking science, people.

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Uses for the flat ber:

Beer-battered fish


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>water molecules have cell walls

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>cell walls

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Beer batter with flat beer. Good one dickhead.

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Just drink them faggot. If they taste bad stop.

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It'll be fine, just put them in your sink and let them hang loose for a few hours to thaw. In the sink because they'll let off condensation and drip so the drain can take the runoff.

You're lucky, I've put a couple in my freezer to get cold quickly and forgot about them and while they didn't explode, they opened up and made a mess that took some time to clean up.

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If you microwave them they will get back to room temp fast enough to enjoy while your still retarded.

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Sometimes if I buy beer not from the fridge I'll toss a few in the freezer so they cool faster. I've had a number of times when I left them in too long and they partially or totally froze. It doesn't taste quite the same when thawed and fucks with the carbonation but they all tasted fine to drink. I drink almost exclusively dark beer though so a stout can easier mask impurities where as very light beer might taste worse after thawing.

Just thaw it out and try it, if it sucks you can toss it, but it won't be undrinkable.

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Bratwurst you dumbass

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beer biscuits bro.

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Just let them thaw a little bit and drink the freeze distilled high alcohol beer shots.

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While this is correct, it's just a matter of shaking the cans vigorously once they are fully thawed then waiting a prudent amount of time before opening the cans for the CO2 to dissolve again into the liquid.

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