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>people who eat the pizza crust

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>that pic

Why do American's do this?

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lol that's from the UK

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>literally no good food in that pic

if you're going to eat that much why not eat something delicious instead of bland tasting carbs?

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Americans do not eat "chocolate digestive biscuts"

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sure thing murrca

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She could at least exchange the coke and milk for a handle of vodka, y'know, to enjoy it a bit

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have you not had pizza where the crust is actually good?

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The price on the bottle is in squiggly L's, for play money. Not dollars.

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The crisps say Walker's. They're called Lay's in America. Instead of hating Americans for being American which solves nothing and makes you look like a stupid asshole to most people, why not hate your fatty countrywoman.

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No, no it's not.

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nah dude this isn't a murkan pic let it go

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>not eating pizza bones

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>Implying America calls fries "chips"
>Implying America calls chips "crisps"
>Implying America measures things in grams
>Implying America settles for (medium) chocolate cakes
>Implying this light snack could feed a single American

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I just googled it myself. I admit I was wrong and I'm sorry, /ck/.

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I used to have three friends in High School. Two asians, and one fatass American. Usually on Friday after school, we'd go to one of their houses, order from Pizza Hut (because the fat guy had a hard-on for them, and his Dad was rich as fuck, so he always paid anyway).

Anyway, I eat the crusts, because I'm not a faggot like OP. But the two asians never did, they'd throw the crusts back in the box, and then the fat guy would greedily collect them all and save them for last, and grunt and groan as he nommed them down.

He was like Ronnie from Whomp. That memory still makes me laugh.

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the crust is the best part of the pizza

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then why not just eat bread faggot

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The crust is only good if its from Round Table or if the pizza is fairly thin crust

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>2 loaves of bread a day
I mean I can see she's fat, but 2 loaves!? impossible. That pic is obviously an exaggeration.

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>>5510398 if you're implying only fat people eat the pizza crust. I'll have you know I'm a5"7' manlet 130lbs and always eat the crust. I paid for that shit and I won't let anything go to waste

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>casuals ordering anything but thin crust

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how can thin crusts be real if our pizza stones aren't?

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Dude it says on one of the coke bottles £1.65. You yanks make me laugh

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if you don't want to eat the crust, it means half the pizza was garbage

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>Digestive biscuits
That's the most British thing I've heard in my life.

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I bet she enjoyed that magnificent feast!

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hahaha that is one fat American biatch!

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Pick one, plain ethanol is the most disgusting thing ever.

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and now /ck/ is officially the shittiest thread. congrats on getting below /b/

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It's basically a slightly softer graham cracker.
They were called "digestive" because they had lots of baking soda in the recipe and were thought to be a mild antacid.

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amazing thread 10/10

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Why does that American import food from the UK? Must cost her thousands of dollars a year, you can get similar stuff in the US....wow.

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did she die?

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>after the link's already been posted

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>Wasting food
Look at this faggot

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the only people who use metric in america, are drug users and NASA
suck it bong

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>walkers crisps
yeah it is, it doesn't matter though. 1 person does not represent an entire country no matter how many people seem to think so.

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i don't get why you britbongs are so asspained about acknowledging her as one of you own. Why try to bury your heads in the sand and pretend you don't have fatties there too? Aren't you guys the fatties of Europe? You're like america lite.

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I didn't say she wasn't I said it doesn't matter this thread is pointless.

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What's she doing with the loaves of bread anyway? Doesn't she need a spread of some sort to wolf that down? I'd need nutella and butter and jams to eat that shit.

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Why post a picture of DNA?

I don't get it.

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Crust is the most important part of pizza, you must eat shitty pizza that has to be loaded with toppings to be edible

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I'm assuming she puts those french fries between it to make one of those retarded british sandwiches

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Is this a typical American woman? I have only been to Las Vegas, but I have to say, there was a lot of obese woman there!

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french fry sandwich? this is a british thing? i dont even.

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Chip butty :)

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>All that milk

Damn, I'm mirin that GOMAD SS Bulk.

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It's mainly a British builder/construction worker thing.

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"It's not what I eat! It's because of my genetics!"

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Stress ... so eat more fruits & Vegetable

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>One person represents three hundred million people guise!!1!!1

Also most of that shit is yuropoorian

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