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>McDonalds selling a product as an upscale restaurant quality burger

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From what I've read the ones in Japan are pretty good. They don't have to deal with some fat assed shaquaneeqa and her eight kids from eight different daddies all on welfare running around the place like cockroaches.

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Holy shit I want all of those.

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one of the pivotal votes in our nations history

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No its exactly the fucking same you racist fuck, they just have a more limited breakfast menu, they introduce new food items more often, and theres a few regionalized dishes on the menu.

Get a passport shit head

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When they sold the Arch Deluxe here, it was my main food source. I'd have one almost every day. When they stopped selling it, I turned towards greener pastures.

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but the original thinking behinds the first succesful mcdonalds was affordability as well as putting money in young peoples pockets while they figure out what to do in life

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Actually, I went to McDonald's once when I was in Japan. The food was very similar, yes, but there was a definite quality difference. Moss Burger was still better though.

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oh baby it's that time again
>voting for the big shit or the shit pounder
shiggy diggity doo

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What did I write that was racist? You're the one clearly being a presumptuous and pompous cunt...
Be specific you fucking nigger!

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>our tasty sauce

That phrase, and the color of the sauce in the ad, suggests that it wasn't straight mayo back then. Wonder what it was...

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secret man sauce!

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>you'll never get a sack of fries and a liter of cola for $3 ever again.

fucking health nazis and Morgan Spurlock.

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That steak looks ..... suspicious

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Looks like ground beef

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>90's and millennial kids will never know the joy of having a birthday party at mcdonalds in the 80's

that shit was off the hooooook

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I just nostalgia'd hard. I had most if not all of those when I was a kid.

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Could you describe your experience? What was it like? Did Grimace make an appearance?

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Uh, you're at McDonalds with your bros, you're like 8, they have a playground, Happy Meals, and ice cream. It's a life changing experience for any 8 year old.

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>'60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and millennial kids will never know the joy of mcdonalds barbecue in the '40s and '50s

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Those 'Whites Only'-Mcdonalds must have been something huh great grandpappy?

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>kids born in the 1900's will never know the joy of living in a world without fast food

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They still have this one in Germany, it's nice.

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>onion nuggets

all of my WANT.

I used to work at a seafood restaurant that would sell "onion nuggets", which were essentially the sweet core of the onions served up like onion rings. So fucking good

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wait, someone actually likes mcdonalds shit?

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You act as if that still doesn't happen.

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These old food advertisement and placemat threads are really interesting anon

Great work!

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>this one

you wrote that as if it's been unique to your country for years

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>gather-round chillins! Let me tell you, when I was a boy, monkey people weren't allowed in the same restaurant as humans! We never had to worry about being behind someone named Day'leeshus trying to buy a dollar cone with food stamps, we never got knock-out gamed, and people never had to hear some cracked out hooker try to use an Arby's coupon to buy a Big Mac. Ah, bygone times...

>"OMG grandpa! Check your white cis male privilege! We're reporting you to King Obama's tolerance police."

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McDonald's were a treat for kids back then. Now it's part of their diet.

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It is funny to think that it ever was considered a treat.

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>not enjoying a $1 McDouble once in a blue moon

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I wouldn't know. I never liked McDonalds except for the apple pies. I always yearned for the Whopper Hopper but it never happened. Now it would look as pathetic as these guys.

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Yeah like I'm going to listen to some useelss old man that can't even work an iphone. Greatest Generation my ass.

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This. How shitty of a cook does your mom or dad have to be such that McD's looks like a "treat" by comparison.

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Underage will never understand.

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>Underage will never understand.
Just because your parents were terrible cooks and had unworldly and bland palates doesn't mean that is the case for everyone else.

Also, not everyone treats their children like dogs and gives them "treats" as a form of behavioral modification. Christ, no wonder so many people are overweight - the moment they had a car or were on their own they felt the need to overindulge in their "treat" foods.

lol pathetic.

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No, I understand. As a kid going out was considered special or a privilege whether it was McD's or Red Lobster. That's right. Red Lobster was fine dining. I was born in '82

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*tips fedora*

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You must have been a miserable child

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To me it was never about the food. It was the toy and the container. I loved getting the toys and the halloween pails and lunchbox things.

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Born in 83. I remember going out to Red Lobster for my younger brother's birthday. That little fucker ordered the Admiral Feast when he like was 6 years old. And dipped everything in ketchup.

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No, I'm just well-adjusted, fit, successful, and was raised in a mutually-respectful environment by friendly, intelligent, successful parents who instilled values, not hamburgers, in their children.

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Not the Anon you're replying to, but when I grew up (40 years ago) McDonald's was a treat. It was to expensive to eat erryday if you were poor or middle class, and rich people wouldn't set foot in one. Much of the marketing was squarely aimed at kids.

Then it changed. It was no longer mascots in funny suits, but "You deserve a break today" selling convenience to busy parents. Then the "Mac tonight" ad campaign (very successful) selling the place as a legitimate dinner destination for a businessman on the road.

Then the value menu made it so the kind of people who actually would eat there everyday could afford to do so.

They went from being an indulgence for the kids (and rock bands on tour) to a ghetto staple.

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Sad thing is those Muppet Babies plushies will have lasted longer than those real babies they were trying to help.

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This is what fucked them in the ass.

Oh my god I hope somebody got fired. I hope somebody got -castrated-.


That's what #Rekt them. The fact is the sandwich was actually kind of tasty. But young people are a shared demographic when it comes to fast food. You can market something to 'adults' but young people still factor in there.

So whoever came up with the idea of commercials of kids gagging in revulsion in the mere mention of a product...

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I am not arguing with it being considered a treat at the time but looking back it feels funny to consider McD's as a treat. btw I posted this as well >>5066884

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I just wanted the toy. Even then I thought the food was shit.

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Did you local McDonald's ever have a one time only once a year sale where hamburgers were like $0.15 and cheeseburgers were $0.25? My mom would come home with like 4 giant bags filled with hamburgers and cheeseburgers. I only remember this happening like two or three times. Don't know it this was just a local thing or nation wide.

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>22g of protein in a patty that small

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When I was a kid I usually got the popcorn shrimp off the kids menu until I got very sick on it. So much time spent puking into a bucket at the side of my makeshift bed. I can't recall what I would get before then.

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I never paid attention to the prices. My parents had a Friday night "Let's go out" ritual they started when they were in college and too poor to eat real food. We ended up going wherever usually the mall which meant fast food. Though when they started that ritual they were in SoCal surrounded by real zagat rated restaurants and not fast food.

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Red Lobster tried hard to pass itself off as fine dining to people who were not in the habit of dining out. Because back then middle class families didn't really go out to eat much. When I was a kid in the suburbs (late 70's, early 80's) we almost never went out to eat. Mom was a homemaker who knew how to cook. Instead of going out to Red Lobster she'd pick up a few lobsters and a few steaks, and we'd have a family celebration that way. And she'd crow about how we were eating better than Red Lobster for half the price.

That was ingrained into me, which is why I learned to cook for myself instead of eating fast food once I got out on my own.

Once I was a teen dad got a fat job, and we moved to a major city. Then wed went out to eat at the kind of places that made food mom couldn't make at home. That was an education, too. I went straight from good home cooking to good restaurant food without stopping at quasi-upscale chains.

I'm very thankful to my parents for that.

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Jesus it even has a CHEMTRAIL!

Now all it needs are freaky David Dees fat people.

I thought it WAS a Dees illustration at first.

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>And she'd crow about how we were eating better than Red Lobster for half the price.
Holy shit that reminds me of that Eddie Murphy story about McDonald's hamburgers


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My mother would cook chuck steak marinaded in a soy sauce concoction. That was as fine as dining got in my household. Her mother was too much of a tomboy to learn from my great grandmother any recipes and too drunk to pass any on if she knew some.

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Except she was right.

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I have Miss Piggy. I never knew she came from McDonald's.

>> No.5066980

Notice the healthier meal has way more protein.

If all I ate was one Monster Thickburger a day, I could still easily burn more calories than it provided. But, I'd be hungry most of the day, feel like crap, and not get much nutrition beyond protein and fat.

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Experiences vary.
As a kid my parents liked to pretend the burgers they and their friends made were good and even better than fast food, but even today as an adult fast food still tastes better.

>> No.5066995

>even today as an adult fast food still tastes better.
Probably because you grew up with a taste for it. I was lucky enough to grow up on good home cooking - mom didn't even try to replicate fast food at home - so to me fast food doesn't taste good, home cooking does.

It's due to recognizable flavors. I grew up with beef that tasted like beef, cheese that tasted like cheese, potatoes that tasted like potatoes. McDonald's just tastes like McDonald's, and I never developed a taste for that.

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>tfw we have all four of those in the cupboard

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>what backdrop would best complement our new burger?

I miss the nineties.

>> No.5067022

I had those lasers in backdrop of my 2nd grade pictures

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how fortunate of you

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>'What did I write that was racist'
>'You fucking Nigger'
Back to /b/, 12 year old.

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thank you drive thru

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No shit. I'm well aware I'm a lucky bastard. Plenty of folks my generation and after don't even know what home cooking is, and I eat it erryday'.

>> No.5067062

It tastes good to me but I realize that without fiber it's literally no substance. The same principle of why you are hungry again after eating Chinese.

I would suggest if you DO get it as a treat be sure to eat an apple or something first so your body doesn't think you are trying to Jew it.

>> No.5067063

We didn't eat much in the way of potatoes. Usually dinner consisted of white rice, a frozen or canned vegetable, and more often than not a piece of baked chicken.

>> No.5067065

>dat early 90s font & coloring.

The future is here.

>> No.5067068

I never feel hungry after Chinese and usually they give such ridiculously huge portions though it is mostly rice. I don't feel hungry after fastfood either. I could probably eat just the burger and feel full.

>> No.5067088 [DELETED] 

>Implying a McDonald's whose customers are only fine, upstanding white folks is not strictly better than one where you have to wait behind obese shaniquas and bix noods with their obnoxious monkey children running about

>> No.5067093


i really miss the old chicken mcniggers, from before they transferred to "all white meat"

>> No.5067094

Good, then you have a good source of fiber in your diet somewhere. A lot of people -don't- and that fucks them way up.

>> No.5067095

There is a local McD's which I avoid for that very reason. Way too ghetto.

>> No.5067102

Uh no. I usually eat only one meal a day and it is fast food.

>> No.5067106

its just a word

>> No.5067121

Years ago I heard the only way they could sell American products to the Japanese was if it was sold at a premium so it would give off the air of a luxury item and therefore a status symbol.

>> No.5067129

I remember being 12.

>> No.5067133

me too, but what does that have anything to do with my response? it'd be much easier on everyone else if they could just laugh at the word nigger than get so overwhelmed and mad over it.

>> No.5067135

My parents beat me as a form of behavioral modification.
P.S. "behavioral modification" is better known as "raising your child". It's that thing that parents are supposed to do between the ages of 0 to 23 so you don't turn into a fucking useless NEET.

>> No.5067156

>beaten until he was 23

>> No.5067162

To be fair, if you've ever been confronted with actual in-person racism, the word takes on some powerfully negative connotations and people are rather justified in being offended by it. If you've lived in Midwestern suburbs your whole life and only ever encountered it in the Internet then it might be funny, but there are people for whom "nigger" triggers a real emotional response.

On the other hand this is fucking 4chan and nothing we say or do really matters.

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File: 474 KB, 1920x1080, robinrisser_mcdonalds_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seeing that, and OP, made me want to eat that suddenly.
If only it showed up once in a while ... Last time I've ate it, it was 2 years ago.

>> No.5067181

no I have known plenty of african americans that flip their shit over the word nigger. it makes them look very stupid and ignorant. a smart person wouldn't let words like that offend them. in all honesty I believe some african americans like being called a nigger because then that gives them a free pass to act like idiots and cause a giant scene/fight.

>> No.5067186

Suge Knight would prefer to be called a nigger. Good enough for him. Good enough for the rest.

>> No.5067299

>limited time only


>> No.5067373

Is it just me, or is the chick on the place mat hot?

>> No.5067400

And I've got blue hair, HA!


>> No.5067546

> Government sponsored official grading system for spuds

>> No.5067581

I'm calling bullshit on this one. They don't use any of those products. Possibly the plochman's but wtf with the rest of it? I wonder how much that cost them to get their brand subbed in.

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I was just thinkin about that, they still have those closed / walled-in dining rooms in the old mcds. Not really closed, but there is only one path in/out. That was for the birthday parties.

They also were supportive of sport teams. If yer soccer/baseball team went, they would give you a big ass yellow McDs cooler, like a 5 or 6 gallon jug that you could bring it in and they would fill it with that orange drank they had. I don't think they still have it. Was kind of like kool-aid but better.

It was like pic related. Except it was McDs branded and the hope was you would take it with you to the game and display it proudly so everyone could see their contribution. I think it costs $ if they even still do it.

>> No.5067632

pretty sure that's a kid.

>> No.5067637

You do realize the ad is from 28 years ago? Their business practices may have changed a bit in the meantime.

>> No.5067953

only 13 years, man

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File: 335 KB, 1029x800, CHICKAN FAJITAS 1991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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You fucked up at the part where you thought an upcale restaurant would serve hamburgers. Dipshit.

>> No.5068177

Well .. nicer restaurants than McDonalds. It was marketed as a LUXURY burger, Cunt.

>> No.5068216

Also: yes, there are upscale restaurants that sell hamburgers.


>> No.5068219

Hamburg steak was first sold in upscale restaurants

>> No.5068249

usually if they do it right they can stop beating you around the time you're in middle school

I've seen more than enough college-age kids that ought to have been beaten more, that's for sure

>> No.5068292

this actually doesnt look half bad

>> No.5068299

As someone who works at Micky Ds I feel I should say.

Don't eat the scrambled eggs.

>> No.5068304

Why? Cause you guys jizz in the beaten egg bowl?

>> No.5068306

That would imply that we actually use eggs.

>> No.5068376

y-y-you don't use eggs?

>> No.5068399


If it's solid yellow, it's "egg product".

If it's the egg white with the yolk, it's a real egg. Depends on which sandwich if you get real egg.

>> No.5069208

>my last name
>on McDonald's shit

Fuck you guys.

>> No.5069209

McD's is a restaurant

>> No.5069244

The word 'brands' has a little copyright mark on it in the first paragraph, but not in the second or third paragraph. What's up with that?

>> No.5069258

We had the Batman one.

>> No.5069264

They definitely had those in the 90's, what the fuck are you on.

>> No.5069679

When I worked there they used real eggs, I doubt things have changed that much.
We broke eggs into metal rings on the grill to create the perfect egg circles for the egg mcmuffins

>> No.5069688

Yes but the kid probably very hot by now.
9/10 would by her a burger and ....

>> No.5069689

hell, they still have them. that dude is on crack

>> No.5069692

I did not think their orange drank was better than kool-aid. But as a kid it was better than water.

I remember going to some kind of soccer camp when I was a kid. 8 hours of running around on a hot ass Saturday and all they fed us was a measly hamburger and tiny ass cup of orange drink.

>> No.5069707

and they arent aware of all the 5 year old adults who ask to remove pickles and onions from their big macs? NO ICE IN MY FANTA EITHER BITCH

>> No.5069710

I never understand the "with cheese" part of the quarter pounder, they already come with cheese

>> No.5069711

Its called McChicken sauce, not mayo.

>> No.5069713

>tfw never given this full of a package of fries

>> No.5069714

I think they just want to point out that it comes with cheese. If you don't want cheese, you need to ask for it w/out cheese

>> No.5069717

you get a litre of cola for $1 at the fucking store

>> No.5069719

More filling?

>> No.5069726

i'd kill to see employees in the last hat

>> No.5069738

>.eggnog milkshake

all of my what

>> No.5069741

Man I had a birthday party at McD's in like '97. We had McDonalds pizza and played in the PlayPlace.

>> No.5069743


Now no matter how fancy they make these ads, it will never change the fact they're handcrafted by desperate greasy teenagers in the back grill area.

>> No.5069746

I think the last birthday party I went to at McDonald's was probably between 1991-1993. I remember when my local one would have a haunted tour through their basement on Halloween.

>> No.5069747

if theres no more placemats lets make this a McD's insider thread

>> No.5069750

Which country you at?

In Australia they only use real eggs.

>> No.5069756


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The key to marketing to trashy people is to make them think they're middle class. There's some 40 year old gas station employee who fucking rants and raves about some 11 dollar meal she loves from mcdonalds.

>> No.5070184

McDonalds has meals for ELEVEN DOLLARS?


>> No.5070188


It was a good example of a bad marketing campaign.

"Some people will find it to be disgusting. Buy it!"

>> No.5070247

>The key to marketing to trashy people is to make them think they're middle class.
The key to marketing to most people is to target their aspirations. This means:

Poor people get sold their concept of "middle class", which involves going out to eat, brand consciousness and conspicuous luxury goods, such as big flatscreen TV's, cognac, oversize vehicles, "designer" clothing and such.

You sell the middle class the aspiration of being "upper" middle class. They're an anxious bunch, because they're terrified of appearing lower class, so they'll glom on to anything that proves they're middle class. They shop at the mall. They'll buy all the lowfat and diet shit you can come up with, because they're scared of getting so fat they look poor. They go in for fad diets and "superfoods".

The upper middles are easy, too. They aspire to be rich. Sell them the idea of luxury and worldliness, because they wish they were rich. Chain joints aren't luxurious enough for them, but they'll overpay for a burger in a fake English pub setting in a heartbeat.

Where McDonald's has fucked themselves is by being too successful among the poor they scare middle class folks away, for fear eating there would make them look poor. They introduced all the "healthy" options to try to lure them back, and it sort of worked. But they still have far to go to lose the ghetto/white trash association they've picked up over the last decade.

>> No.5071817

>haunted tour of their basement

how spooky

>> No.5071950


>> No.5071973

The whole family used to get dressed up to go out to eat in general. I remember this even in the early 90s. There was a Western Sizzler in our town that was off the fucking hook.

>> No.5072080

I thought these were delicious.

>> No.5072248

Are in your 40s?

>> No.5072301

Go to bed, Niall.

>> No.5072962

Almost. I remember when McNuggets were new :-(

>> No.5072985

>superlative, subline, wow its good

Who talks like that? Ad execs?

>> No.5072986

Same here.

>> No.5073151

>in 1985 dollars
>to be a walking ad for McDonald's


>> No.5073159

All I know is if I ever try to order simply a "quarter pounder", they ALWAYS ask me to confirm I want cheese on it.

>> No.5073242

The 1980s were a different time. Shit like that back then was actually cool. It was all pretty much still new. Now, it is like, "fuck that noise".

>> No.5073293
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> Who talks like that?

>> No.5073302

oh my god the frosting on thos cakes were fucking orgasmic

>> No.5073308

stupid question but do they make the cake or is it something they order from like one of there warehouses? does anyone know

>> No.5073316

i remember that too where do you live cuz it happen down here in Texas too

>> No.5073360


>> No.5073362

>being so unintelligent and incompetent of a parent that you actually need to physically harm your children for them to learn proper behavior

Maybe you and your kid(s) shouldn't have been such bumblefuck retards?

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