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You can only eat the food of one nation, which do you choose and why?

my choice=Chinese food since I'm a pussy with spicy food and I love meat and rice

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That "Chinese" food you're eating, it's American.

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It looks like something I've had in China except I think it was mutton. Could have been rat for all I know. The Chinese lack scruples.

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Given the number of executions they have every year, you might be looking closer to home than rat.

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i'd pick an immigrant nation like america, that way i get all the food from all the nations.

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When I posted pics of the food I was given in Chongching on /ck/, some anon posted an article about how rat was being passed off as mutton in the area.
I just shrugged it off. I ate and pooed it out already, so it was of little consequence.

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It's a tie between Lebanon and Thailand.

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Italian, always.

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Mexican since that's what I eat most of the time anyway. I don't think it's possible for me to get tired of burritos. There are so many possibilities. Mexican food is easy to make vegan too. I could eat at Chipotle every day.

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Why I would have the worlds finest cuisine. English food m8.

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Indian because its vegetarian or vegan sometimes and I really like spicy food.

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>Chinese food since I'm a pussy with spicy food
You wot m8? Chinese food can be spicy as fuck.

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My employer is indian and the food he makes is amazing!

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Goes all the way from meat and fish to beautiful vegan food. Noodles, rice, and even some potato dishes as introduced by the Dutch. Portuguese taught them to work with tomatoes, so they've got that going for them too. And the other veggies they use are great too, from creamy smooth cauliflower curries to blistering hot chilli green beans.

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Chinese as well.

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Chinese, because it's a HUGE selection, can't ever be bored by it.

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Lack of dairy would make me reconsider that choice. Can you imagine having to live the rest of your life without cheese, ice cream or chocolate? I would eat a bullet.

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Turkey. Their food is a mishmash of so many different cuisines. And it is absolutely delicious.

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Have to agree. There isn't a food, or even non food, that you can't find in some Chinese market somewhere in their vast country.

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>implying they don't actually sell it and eat it in China

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I'd probably Japanese so I could eat some tasty sushi and authentic street-vendor ramen forever.

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Because I grew up on it and it tastes good and makes for a hearty filling meal.

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i want to say either thai or maybe vietnamese, but the fat kid in me says french. all that heavy cream, cheese, and butter.

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God how I miss living in Japan. There was this little place that had the best ramen and gyoza a few hundred meters from my residence.

Me and other American friends would go there every friday night for dinner.

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colombia. dat coffee and i'd die without my grandma's arroz con coco on sundays t b h.

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american. includes all foods including chinese anmerican, japanese american, indian american, etc

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Nippon food, just because I'm half Nipponese.

(for some reason I can't seem to really like Filipino food that much)

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Thank you

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did you seriously just say nipponese

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Yeah, what's wrong with it? Personally I find it really funny.

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>(for some reason I can't seem to really like Filipino food that much

maybe it's because your a hueg faggot? cuz it really sounds like that's the problem. Flip food is fucking awesome

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Living a life full of adobo and other savory foods isn't as great as you think it is you Flip.

At least there is more variations in Japanese cuisine, and yes, I live in the Philippines.

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How has no one made fun of OP for saying that he likes Chinese food because he hates spicy food

OP you're a fucking moron.

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>not reading the thread: >>4932313

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you should read the whole thread

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hive mind much?

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I skimmed it.

But I'm not really bothered, OP's opinion is dumb enough that it should be mocked repeatedly

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That is a well thought out and completely valid argument, and thus there is no need for my rebuttal.

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>skimmed it
Oh boy. People like you are the reason why 4chan's quality is degrading even more than before

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American. Because it's delicious and I don't have to think about it.

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what's french cuisine like? any traditional dishes? I've been there a few weeks ago but there were only italian restaurants. Pretty frustrating.

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AMERICAN because everything is american

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>dem vegetable dishes
>dem soups
>dat variety of fruit and desserts

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India is so large and has a lot of regional diversity in its food. North Indian and South Indian is like two different countries.

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I wanna see if this really makes a difference at all.

I wanna see if this really makes a difference at all.

This really works.

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Italian. Pasta, pizza and preferably italian white bread are the mainstay of my diet.

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