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Why does marmite go bad? My jar says 14th of February but what year?

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thats FEbuary of 1014

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If it ain't moldy, it's probably okay.

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I've never had Marmite go off that I can recall, ever. In like 40 years.

I've had dregs in the bottom of an 'empty' jar for maybe six months from the time the last spoonful came out, still tasted exactly the same as it did when first opened far as I could tell.

And note, that is a Best Before date not a Use By date.
>Best Before means best before
>Use By means use by

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That's gross. Marmite is good in moderation.

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>you're brown and I love you
No one has ever said this in the history of ever.

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There's likely a very small chance of something growing in that time frame. Considering how much salt there is in marmite, you have very, very little to worry about. If nothing is growing, and it smells normal, then don't worry.

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