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Food gore thread? Food gore thread.

This was once a perfectly good steak ;_;

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So was this.

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And apparently, this is what happens when you go really full-retard and visit an upscale steak restaurant only to order yours well done.

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This could have been a plump roast chicken. COULD HAVE BEEN.

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And these could have been tender and crispy chicken nuggets, if only the world hadn't been so cruel to them.

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ugh this reminds me of last summer. i had bought three beautiful steaks and my mother in law was cooking them on the grill. while i was talking to my significant other, she comes inside and sits down at her godamn computer. im like... ok.... several minutes later i hear her yelling and we go rushing out and the whole top of the grill is on fucking fire. i was so mad...

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This was a pizza at some point. That point lasted for a few minutes, before it slowly was destroyed into this.

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Looks fine to me.

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mfw this thread

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Mother in laws can't good as a rule. Men in the kitchen bitches in the bedroom

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ITT: One guy is amazed that people can burn things

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why dont you learn how to grill a fucking steak

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Some bastard on /b/ once minced and BOILED a perfect good piece of veal.

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>it was on /ck/
>took ground lamb and cooked it just like in the picture in the bottom of a pot
I remember the thread, if you dont have your shit straight, just dont say anything.

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I'll add a few

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How ?
It's not only a matter of messing up the egg, that shape of the white is completely unnatural.

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Pan too cool, egg white too runny because not fresh, and using crappy vegetable oil instead of butter.

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pizza derp

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that's a pizza? that's so damn thick

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It's a lasagna that thinks it's a pizza

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that's just sloppy, not gore at all

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Half of this isn't even gore. OP is retarded

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chicago is a shithole but that looks fucking tasty

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NO, NO, NO!!!!! Fuck this thread

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what is your problem? it's just squashed squash

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oh god i'm stuck in a horrible instagram loop

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So it's agreed anything involving Jell-O is horrible?

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Would eat the shit out of that. Food should be about what tastes good, not trying to prove that you're no longer the squeamish little boy you once were.

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I can feel my mouth drying out just looking at that

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You know that would taste amazing though.

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I would totally eat a lasagna with a thick bread crust. Maybe make the crust like a garlic bread or something. I might just make this

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>TFW you know people who like their pizza like this.
>TFW you've cooked pizza like this for them

Working at domino's that summer sucked.

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Did people really used to eat like this?

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>used to

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That happened when I was working as a dishwasher, but with muffins. They ALL collapsed and formed a big muffiny traybake. Me and the two waiters ate the lot of them.

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That would probably be very nice actually. The head has some excellent meat.

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i came

i acutually LOVE brutually overcooked steak
dat char

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My mother still eats this.

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I could see myself eating that.

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this thread is awesome.

Thank you /ck/ for showing me that there is more to you than snobbery.

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>good old-fashioned boiled dressing

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jesus christ how horrifying

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Are you sure that's not one of those Darth Vader pizzas?

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It's beautiful...

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That's fucked up, because I would eat this, if someone offered me a bite and I didn't know what it actually was.

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looks like donner kebab to me

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It looks like it's going to eat me

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The horror.

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Awwww yeaahh.


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Dorito wrap/butti, fuckin strayya right here cunts.

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that one is going into the /pol/ folder

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I think I could also see you being eaten alive by it. It looks like an alien from a Hammer movie.

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>implying menstrual blood would make cookies come out of the oven a rosy shade of pink

Someone has never cooked with blood before

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What the ... I don't even ...

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I'm willing to eat those tbqh. I'd prefer it if they were less cooked but it's not horrible.

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Here fishy fishy fishy

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I'd eat the shit out of that, did someone post in the wrong thread?

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you sure you want this /ck/?

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i don't even

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Those go great on a salad.

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I bet she made them for somebody she has a crush on...

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what is wrong with this?

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In the microwave and between two paper towels.

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That doesn't seem Australian at all...
Is it just that you noticed the pack of CC's and the block of Coon cheese and decided to call the whole meal for sake of sounding like you're 'culturally aware' of a poor Aussie's meal?
Try a diet of Woolworths / Coles / IGA's homebrand cheese and 2 minute noodles.

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oh wow,
the funny thing is that I first saw that in a SKATE video. '1031: turn up the hell'

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I know right, weird shit.

>> No.4323119

Corn chip sandwich/rape/wrap is very Australian- just as Mi Goreng and 2 Minute noodles are as well.

>> No.4323130

Maybye the icing is bloody?

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I know the people that did this.

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Those poor scallops, if only they had been taken off the heat much sooner.

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Some asshole posted this on /ck/

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>buying good steaks and not cooking them yourself
>letting a woman use a grill
>seeing someone grilling steaks leave the grill unattended and not stepping in to watch it
>letting a woman use a grill

this was your fault.

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What. No.



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Oh god

>vegan cheese

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Is that cheese called "coon"?

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Can you tell me how they got the strata of peas so well aligned? Its art.

>> No.4323601

Put them in when the jello is only like half congealed

>> No.4323602

ya looks good to me to. maybe needs some sides, but thats about it.

>> No.4323609

Me too. Maybe not my favorite steak, but rare steak elitism is for unbalanced trendmunchers.

>> No.4323612

I am disgusted by this yet want to taste it very badly.

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no no no no no no no no no

>> No.4323621

that texture
that visual inconsistent with recognizable food

>> No.4323632

What the hell was the 70's(?) boner for gelatinized food? Was jello new and hip at the time?

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>Wake up super early in the morning during the weekend
>Say fuck it I might as well eat something
>Heat up some chicken nuggets (I have no idea what I was thinking eating this shit in the morning)
>Put it in the oven
>Sit on the couch for a second
>Some time later
>Wake up to a smoke alarm and a house full of smoke
>Run to the oven, chicken is PURE BLACK with black oil leaking out of the nuggets
The smell was so fucking HORRIBLE
It made me want to fucking GAG.
The smell was everywhere. EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEE
The fucking curtains REEEEEEEEKED of them. It was such a nauseating smell I couldnt believe that it could be real and I work in garbage. One full can on febreeze spraying constantly the whole day would barely work

tl;dr Burning food for hours smells like death

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oh god

>> No.4323659

The resulting paste looked about like that and tasted like someone had shat out peanut butter and pink peppercorn. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever cooked.

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Sorry, I lost the first half of that post. I was saying I made some really crappy mole that looked like that veal turd there.

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you fucking new York faggots thing pizzas are supposed to be paper thing dry mouth stuffing, but in reality, the best shit has and always will come from Chicago. You're all a bunch of faggots.

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sorry guy, its not just New Yorkers. If I wanted lasagna I would have ordered lasagna.

Or think of it like this: if your pizza needs a fork, its a cousin of the open faced sandwich, the worst travesty to ever hit the deli scene.

>> No.4323690

It's not new york, it's the entire rest of the world

>> No.4323694

I take it you've never had a deep dish pizza in your lives.

>> No.4323695

I just find it odd they they take foods that were popularized in different state, make it shittier, and then claim to be experts on how other people should eat those same foods. Hotdogs and pizza comes to mind.

>> No.4323696

Enjoy your compacted bowel.
Maybe Tom Hardy's penis will clear it out for you.

>> No.4323706

Twice. The first time was curiosity, the second time a mistake.

>> No.4323708

Tastes okay but it's not a pizza

>> No.4323813

sorry but chicago dogs are goddamn fantastic.
their pizza is shit tier though.

>> No.4323822

True, I was one of the posters bashing the pizza but I got to try my first chicago dog from a vendor outside a Lowe's parking lot and it totally raped my tasting hole. Makes me want to get some celery salt.

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>> No.4324331

Except its the complete opposite. Chicago dogs are the only "regional special" I thought was disgusting. I got through my entire dog but my friend threw half of hers away.

Now the pizza was fantastic. I don't get why so many faggots on this board have to say one is better than the other.

>> No.4324409

I wish people would realize the fuck that chicago has extremely good thin crust pizza. As a chicagoan, I very rarely eat fucking deep dish, which is good on occasion.

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