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>two thousand and twelve
>ordering pizza

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is that spray real

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it's really 90% MSG and 3% synthetic garlic "flavoring"--who knows what the other 7% is...

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Partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil.

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>garlic butter spray
Sweet baby Jesus that's beautiful.

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Nothing healthy has ever come in a spray bottle.

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>worrying about the health of flavoring in a can
>saying this over eating greasy, cheesy pizza that's already bad for you
Everything wrong with people.

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>thinking msg is bad for you

i shiggity diggity

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>burn spray
>cough syrup

I used to work at Pizza Hut, and this is what they spray the crusts with before they cut your pizza.

I think the pans get plain vegetable oil spray.

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Making pizza yourself is always better. Only problem is making the dough takes a lot of time in advance

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Why would you even want to spray your pizza with butter?

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The only bad thing about pizza from a chain is the liquid butter they put on everything. Otherwise, it's pretty healthy without it.

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make it up a big batch of 6 XL pizza crusts, and freeze what you don't use. otherwise use flatbreads

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dominos didnt use it when i worked there only the breadsticks we put liquid butter oil. (really vegetable oil)

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Or you can just use cheap dough or even fucking biscuit batter from a can and have something almost as enjoyable and only slightly less appetizing.

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I think that girl is wearing too much eye make up

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If you pan-fry Pizza Hut pizza the next morning, it is fucking amazing. Don't grease the pain/skillet at all, just let some of the butter spray render out of the bread.

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>ordering pizza

90% of the time, I make my own. I've gone for weeks with a doughing obsession, making pizzas every day. Yet still, I do occasionally like a pizza from a chain. So - STFU.

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Learn me how to make homemade pizza plox?

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It's like I'm staring into an abyss.

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>not ordering pizza

enjoy your homeshit toast with spaghetti sauce

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>can't into cooking things properly
stay lazy anon

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Mmmmmmmmmmm pizza

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Way too much effort when you can just bake the pizza in the oven for 8 minutes

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I really need to invest in a second freezer.

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Papa Murphy's...best of both worlds. If you find the regular pizza to be too greasy, get one of the DeLite ones.

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lol you mean Papa Johns...the only pizza worth a damn outside of local

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The best chain pizza is easily Toppers

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I order pizza at work pretty frequently. Haven't ordered it at home in years

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Someone is taking a picture of her, so that doesn't apply here.

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