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How do i cook food for this mammal

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look up guides online. gotta get the nutrients perfect or the cat dies early.

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throw it into the river and let it eat fish

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my advice? just buy the best premade food you can that's made using animal proteins. Blue wilderness is what i use to buy when I had a cat. Prioritize wet over dry but if you only have dry, you can add a bit of water to it and your cat will love it.

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Just feed it raw meat.

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take it to the kill-shelter
go buy yourself a vegan tofu wrap

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No tjas mean
Premade foods are very cucked. Ive been thinking of doing >>20418745 but idk where to get the best meat for that

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Whats with all the catphobes on ck?

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Yeah but cats can't eat only muscle meat or they'll develop deficiencies. If you want a raw diet, you'll need organ meat as well and that's where the headache starts.

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Hmmmmmmmm ok. Whats the best organ?

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You'll need whole animals like mice and rabbits. It's not a one size fits all, cats in the wild eat the whole prey.

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shits on your kitchen counters not mine buddy idgaf

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Thats true. Where can i buy full prey animals like that?

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Lol my cat shits in (your) garden only

Srlsy tho i dont blame you for hating cats when the elites tell you they need a litterbox

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You can either raise em yourself or buy em frozen on pet snake websites. Keep in mind that if your cat is used to dry kibbles or canned wet food, you have a near zero chance to have them eat raw shit like mice and rabbits. You'll need to prepare em yourself and hopefully your cat isn't too picky.

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No dont worry my cats come from natural litters so their mothers alr taught them what prey they can eat. The male cats catches and eats a entire mouse everyday and the female sometimes. If they can get them they even eat every part of a blackbird except the hard tail part.

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You just start feeding your cat broth with little chunks of meat with their kibble. Then slowly add more meat.

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Not needed fortunatly >>20418784

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I have never met a catfag who wasn't also some degree of an inhumane sociopath.

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You have never met a catfag?

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>Look at me I love le cute innocent animal
>No I don't care that my actions hurt that anon

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>The male cats catches and eats a entire mouse everyday
I hope you live on a farm, otherwise having that many mice around ain't normal.

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It's one autistic sperg. I've seen him around the entire website. He even posts photographs of him shooting cats.
Then accuses others of being sociopaths. Too dumb to see the hypocrisy.

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Guess we should ban cars since they literally kill hundreds or thousands of people per annum.

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>cat shits in (my) garden
>cat disappears
>no longer cat shit in (my) garden

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Catpsychos coping with any possibility besides their potential victims finally waking up to their evil.

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what I've been doing for a couple months is
de-bone ten pounds chicken leg quarters
steam the bones because I have more than enough stock
cut the bones up to make it easier to grind
I'll leave some skin on the chicken but not all.
freeze the raw meat for an hour or two
then hand grind, trying to even it out so I don't have to mix much after
raw chicken meat
cooked bone
1.25 lbs of chicken livers
1.25 lbs of chicken gizzards
the two cat's like it a lot
the younger one still eats some dry food some days
but I'll be checking >>20418735 to see If there needs to be more added. I want the cats to live long lives
I freeze the food I prepare in silicone butter molds get about 24 sticks depending if I overfill them
gives enough food for a couple weeks

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They like milk, get pregnant and lactate?

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Just let your cat outside, he'll sort himself out
I need to feed my cat once a week max

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Breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

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when i cooked my ny strip steaks from costco, my room mate's cat would pester me for a few bites. i would only give it a few catmouth-sized pieces at first. he would jump up on my bed lean on my office chair, pawwing my shoulder, then i would take a piece and feed him like that. and then i regularly started portioning about 20% of one strip in small bitesized pieces for him. one time i was really sick and couldn't handfeed him, so i put the pieces in a bowl for him. he looked up at me almost like he couldn't believe thst all that meat was for him. when he finished he leapt up on lap and napped while purring for about an hour and a half. my room mate moved out but i still miss the cat. i wonder if the cat misses me and the streaks we would share.

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my cat's spend tons of time out doors but they are used to getting fed, and have fun with critters instead of eating them
but they hardly ever use the litter bin so that's a huge plus

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Guess we should ban cars since they literally kill hundreds or thousands of people per annum.

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Your lack of empathy doesn't make you intelligent.

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No i dont but it is where i live
Oh man
Cars kinda suck but car haters go too far
My cart!
Sounds very nice
>I want the cats to live long lifes
Id have to remove the sugar and the lactose
Not enough mice unfortunatly
Sounds awesome!
>dont eat prey
Thats the moms fault, she didnt teach ur cats what prey to eat. Hunting prey acctually comes natural but eating it not.
Oh come on

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'Aha! — so far from being a madman, he was saner, you see, than the average of our race; for he had a warm spot in him for cats. When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction'.
- Mark Twain

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Based lol

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>Thats the moms fault, she didnt teach ur cats what prey to eat
I did get them asap (8-10weeks) from my pops cousin,
and they don't allow cats in that trailer park. so they keep them in the house

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About one in four cats is a hunter, not feeding them can be a death sentence

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Here ya go

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Typical of psychos to use the convenience of common etiquette to disguise their deep hatred for fellow man.

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>8-10 weeks
Thats acctually perfect. I got my female with 8 weeks and she knew that you could eat mice. Also getting a cat at that age has the upside that it can adapt to your routine.
Thats why we need more cats that know to teach their kittens that you can eat mice
Thanks ill watch it later

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>Your lack of empathy doesn't make you intelligent.
t. untermensch

'The Desire to Inspire Compassion.—La Rochefoucauld, in the most notable part of his self portraiture (first printed 1658) reaches the vital spot of truth when he warns all those endowed with reason to be on their guard against compassion, when he advises that this sentiment be left to men of the masses who stand in need of the promptings of the emotions (since they are not guided by reason) to induce them to give aid to the suffering and to be of service in misfortune: whereas compassion, in his (and Plato's) view, deprives the heart of strength. To be sure, sympathy should be manifested but men should take care not to feel it; for the unfortunate are rendered so dull that the manifestation of sympathy affords them the greatest happiness in the world'.

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You can say whatever words you like, but what are you doing with your life?

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Feeding Cat

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Alr but who has the most unfunniest cat jokes? Ill start

>soylent? No thanks, im a cat.

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Don’t. Cooked food is bad for cats.

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What did the cat say to the other cat?

Cat we all just get along

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You really don't have to go out of your way, cats will eat just about anything. If you're preparing some kind of meat or fish for dinner, just give them some of that raw in addition to their regular food

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There are four cat personality types, like the four humors

Den cat

Bruisers maintain the hierarchy and take food from other cats
Den cats raise kittens and clean the cat colony
Hunters be hunting, they kill for food and for sport
Mavericks go outside of colony territory and sometimes move between colonies, they also hunt when bored or to gain favor with a colony
I have so many cats, bro, it's somewhere between fucking annoying and also hilarious
Humans have cohabitated with cats longer than with dogs, because watching people fail on Youtube is brand-new; watching cats fail has been timeless before time recorded history
Anyway they're obligate carnivores so they should only eat meat and fat or they can develop pancreas problems

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> Le toxoplasmosis
Another redditor of whom has no clue as to what he's talking about. I'd make fun of you for being underage and retarded but the sad part is you're probably above thirty.
Cats (besides parrots) are the best pets. You will cope and seethe.

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>Anyway they're obligate carnivores

That's basically the most important part to remember.
Dogs are potetially omnivor. You CAN feed a dog without meat - if you particularly REALLY hate him.
Cats are 100% carnivores.
Their whole digestive system is designed for animal protein. They don't taste sugar since carbs are irrelevant for them.
Otherwise the protein composition has to be very carefully managed for it to not be harmful - somthing pretty much only the industry can do, hence cat food being able to not completely consist of meat but also other ingredients which cats normally cannot handle well.
So feed it fresh meat and you are pretty much done. Some fish here and there and it is pretty much golden.

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>cook for a pet
Just buy them some walmart kibble. It's going to die in 10 years anyway.

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>It's going to die in 10 years
Jesus one of our rescues is 22 or 23 years old

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you better be a female

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Cat years are not the same as human ones.

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No we caught him back in 2003 he's an Egyptian mao I have no idea how he got here

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out of the mouth of a literal shit eater

>> No.20419382

2003? Wow, that's like 14,000 in cat years

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I own cats as a balanced part of my retard flock. Dogs ducks geese chickens rabbits and cats.
The cays solve the mouse problems in my 1920s house

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cats are precious and sweet and if you hate them (or dogs really) you're just a bitter asshole

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Sorry i meant prepare
Ok you win
No its for their health
Huh i didnt know there were colonie personalities
What about lactose and sugar free milk?
Yeah i dont gt those people
My aunt who studied biology said that sugar intenifies the taste. Any idea how that works?
Thats what they want you to think. Without the walmart kibble they live 30 years.
No lol
Is the 1:1 misconception still a thing? I mean like normies thinking how much a cat year is doesnt change depending how old the cat is.
>egyptian mau
Really? Wow
>t. Scared of cats
Its not.
Sounds cool. You have mallards right? Mallards are objectively the best duck.
True words

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Yeah he's fur and bones but he's still sharp and loud as hell

>> No.20419574

>its not
I foegot the lol

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You can feed them cream, cream effectively has no lactose, it's in tiny trace amounts
That works for people, too, BTW, you can substitute cream and water for milk in just about anything
Also tomato soup made with 1 part cream to 2 or 3 parts water is fucking delicious, do that next time you want tomato soup

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What kind of company is he in?

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Alr, thanks. Btw cat milk 8s a scam. All it is is lactose free milk wirh low quality cream for 10-200x the price.

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>My aunt who studied biology said that sugar intenifies the taste

For us? Yes. It's called synergy. Biologically they still work on completely different receptors - but just as with seeing and our eyes we taste with our BRAIN, not our mouth. The brain then combines the signals coming from all those taste receptors into sth that is more than the sum of its parts.
You can see this by the fact that often it's not as simple as "You add some spice - you taste that amount of spice". Ever eaten chocolate or ANYTHING sweet without a bit of salt? Ever eaten tomato without sugar? Does a tomato taste "sweet" to you? But the more sugar in it the more "tomato-y" it tastes.
Mixes of spices are more than the sum of their parts, hence to this day there are no serious artificial taste checking sensors, it always have to be test humans.

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We foster kittens and keep the unadoptables
We've got a Maine coon, a Turkish van (also no clue how she got stateside) a pair of American shorthairs, some mixed-breeds, and this lunkhead

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you dont. feed raw.

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Exterminating vermin is not hypocritical.

>> No.20419666

You're more vermin than any cat

>> No.20419699

Cats R cool.
They need a boatload of animal based proteine to be healthy

>> No.20419700

open a tin of tuna

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>for us?
No, for the cat. She said they cant taste sweetness but it still makes it taste better
>does a tomatoe taste sweet for you
>maine coon
Nice! I love main coones.
>turkish van
Also very nice
>american shothairs
I never understood british/american shorthairs. Their just normal cats but prone to diseases.
>mixed breeds
Always the healthiest!
>this lunkhead
Aw cool! Ive never seen a cat like this irl.
Sorry i meant prepare
Cats arent vermin
Cat haters are just misinformed, but imagine shooting cats, what the actual fuck?
>cats r cool
Yas sir
Nah too much msg

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That is not factual statement. I give more to the world than I take from it.

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collecting pets will not make your parents love more or give you more attention
get over it

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What exactly do you give? Sewage?
Acctually im sure it will.

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You're a weird guy. I guess you've made peace with that though.

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Yeah we had three shorthairs and adopted two out kept the little one, she basically has the cat version of Crohn's needs a special diet
Then we found her brother after the family decided they didn't want to own a cat anymore and returned him a year later, so we were like fuck it, he's coming back home
He freaked out when we took him to the vet, he thought we were returning him too, when we brought him back he basically passed out clutching me at dinner, he's a sweetheart, Achilles, you're never going to another shelter ever ever again
That's not how it works, when you foster kittens the point is to get them into other people's homes and lives, but some of them either bond too much or have heath or behavioral issues that make them unsuitable for adoption, people who foster call them "foster fails"
That little grey kitty had to have a ton of specialized surgery that the foster agency wasn't willing to pay for so we adopted him and found an orthopedic specialist to amputate his leg in a way that wouldn't impede his ability to sit and groom himself
Nebelungs are cool, it was money well spent, he's always happy now that he's not in pain
His umbilical cord wrapped around his foot and it atrophied and fell off a couple of months after he was born, problem is, kittens will outgrow their skin and so his leg bones were just sticking out, he needed baths 3x day until he weighed enough for the surgery, his first 9 months were constant pain
Now he's the bestest little man and fucking tripods are jacked, they're all muscle, so fun to play with

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That sounds like a happy ending!

>> No.20419974

The Chinese CCP shills are out in full force all over 4chan

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Uhh ok ig

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>What exactly do you give
retarded opinions

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If you really loved it you would let it hunt its own food.

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Fukken based.

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This is quite a deep rabbit hole (no pun intended) but this was a commonly cited site at one point:

disclaimer, we still use off the shelf food :-(

>> No.20420318

I do but its not enough
Alr ok

>> No.20420361

Giblets and eggs

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My cats are all picky faggots. It took forever to find the right food that the pricks will all eat together without all the hassle. I mean, my one cat is such an asshole, he won't even eat things like a tuna steak. Dogs are so much better with this. I felt like kickin my cats' asses every day until I found this one food they all agree on.

>> No.20420425

>he won't even eat things like a tuna steak
did you cut it up for him?
my one cat wouldn't eat that raw chicken stuff I prepare. that was when I just piled it on the dish. but after spreading it out a bit, she'll always eat it

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Diggies and thank you
Here's Kitten
We call her Kitten because she's actually way to aggressive especially around other cats and will draw blood, I have a scar down my wrist looks like a fucking suicide attempt
She's only nice when she's one-on-one out in the garage so she's my gaming buddy (converted the garage into a TV room and put a partition in it so the other side's a shed with the pumps for the sprinkler system)

Oh I almost forgot most cats are lysine deficient so if you make their food be sure to include hearts and livers, offal meat
It's also OK for cats to have a little corn, I've never had a cat that didn't like corn chips

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I like to give my cats shredded cooked chicken breasts mixed with a small amount of white rice and an l-lysine powder (specifically for cats) to supplement their regular diet. Good advice itt, thanks anons, I'll be mixing some organs for them. This lil nigga looks like the op pic, his name is Tater Tot because he looked like a tater tot when he was born. Note my scratching-post couch.

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Cats don't cook in the wild. Raw fish and poultry.

>> No.20421496

4chan is full of sandniggers lately.

>> No.20421505

You don't, your "furbaby" prefers it raw.

>> No.20421517

> gotta get the nutrients perfect or the cat dies early.

How many boosters?

>> No.20422012

I usually just give the creature canned food. But occasionally I'll supplement it with sardines and kibble. She goes crazy for the deenz.

Make sure to get boneless skinless no salt added in water. The ones in oil can have garlic and onion which is toxic to cats.

>> No.20422023

You don't. Give it raw meat.

>> No.20422038

In my experience, it's the inverse
People who don't like cats almost always end up being rude egotistical assholes

>> No.20422041

They like cats and hate dogs, dummy.

>> No.20422048

Very cute
I am in a similar situation, roommate's cat loves me to death and is very interactive. His owner doesn't give him a whole lot of attention like playtime or holding him, etc
I would have moved out long ago if it werent for that cat, will be sad when one of us inevitably leaves one day

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Do you mean like brand or generally?
>heart and liver
Nice classic cat
Sorry i meant prepare
Um ok
Not that kind of guy
Sorry i meant prepare
Hes right
Sorry i meant prepare
Sometimes, mostly its just the propagandas fault.
I hope the best for that cat

Pic not related

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Why do you think he is?

>> No.20422184

how can i prepare that mammal

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Boiled carrots.


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Haha funny doeg

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I used to live in a small town and about half the diet of our cats were wild birds, field mice, moles, voles etc because we let them roam outside all day. The other half was generic canned slop or kibble for pets

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You dont
No thats car

>> No.20422424

this nigga checking singles

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>> No.20422772

All the posts are single digits you stupid ass motherfucker.

>> No.20422984

Go back.

>> No.20423030

the "checked" out the video

>> No.20423042

Meds NOW!

>> No.20423084

Actually i meant the carrot part but yeah
Nope --> >>>/sci/16139293

>> No.20423330

I kill snakes because they harm humans.

>> No.20424704

Untrue and unbased.

>> No.20424722

autism, the post.

>> No.20424730

>corn chips
Maybe it's the salt, ours has sometimes weirdly showed an interest in certain canned vegetables (packed in salt water).

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Samefag to clarify, "showed an interest" even after the canned veg were in a bowl (b/c naturally any can opening suggests possibility of wet food)

>> No.20424744

when I had a cat, I would buy kibble, and throw in some salmon here and there when I had some. or just some raw beef. cats love it.
but really, in my experience, fish is what they love best.

>> No.20424783

Tuna, specifically, I think, because of the protein.

>> No.20424812

right. they'd straight up go mad upon hearing the sound of me opening the tuna can.

>> No.20424820

Yeah, too bad we can't eat tuna anymore, if it's bad for me at 650lb then I hate to think what that much mercury would do to a 10lb furball.

>> No.20424830

Chicken breast
Cut off excess fat
Boil until fully cooked
Let cool
Serve to mittens on a shallow plate and give her a little kiss on the forehead

>> No.20424838

That'd be the toxos

>> No.20424851

>It suggested that infection with this parasite emboldened infected wolves into behavior that determined leadership roles and influenced risk-taking behavior
>The study determined that at times, an infected wolf would become the only breeding male in a pack
Toxos make LITERAL alpha males lol.

>> No.20424859

Yeh its prob the salt or water
Raw or cooked?
Checks out
>bad for you
Good goy
Sounds based
VERY good goy

>> No.20424907

>Raw or cooked?
they'd eat the cooked fish, but they prefer the raw fish by a mile

>> No.20425073

Makes sense

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>> No.20426107

Anyone who cooks for a pet is insane.

>> No.20426134

4chan users have convinced themselves that cats are the liberal pet while dogs are the alt-right pet

>> No.20426159

Yeah, its kinda sad

>> No.20427766

0 reason to cook for a pet

>> No.20427770

Tranny tier cat shit hrt

>> No.20429011

Yes there is, if you dont, it dies early.
Are you having a stroke?

>> No.20429225

I heard the like grilled chicken

>> No.20429242

Cats are actually highly advanced reptiles, not mammals.

>> No.20429321


>> No.20429642


>> No.20429645

Whopse forgot op tag

>> No.20430238

cats cannot spread toxoplasmosis without raw meat intake.
that said, my mother switched to raw meat diet and do raw chicken until she found raw rabbit at a pet store. the cats would even chew up and eat the bones (which is fine for poultry as long as they are uncooked)

>> No.20430260

I walk my cat on a leash in my yard and up and down my street. How toxobrained am I?

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>> No.20430805

That kinda doesnt matter if you let it outside (which you should)
Toxoplasmosis doesnt affect the brain directly if you didnt get like a organ transplant or sonething