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That's the way you do it.

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slop be sloppin'

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Can I have some please

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>buying pizza
fukin bitch make your own

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Nah I'll just buy it.

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Money for nothin'
Get your ranch for free

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i know you will

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what a good fuckin song

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Recently got back into DIre Straits these last few weeks. Fucking hell, Mark Knopfler is too based for this world.

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yeah my dad had them blasting from the basement when I was a kid, and at the time I was indifferent but now I'm like, huh, old man had taste

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> See thread
> Wonder how far I'll have to scroll before the "slop" reddit buzzword is used
> Firsty reply
Does it make you made to know you've no personality? I can imagine you grinding your teeth and frowning as you read this from your iPhone, kek

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I never use tomato dipping sauce and I'm afraid of sneed oils.

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Do what, be fat? Correct you're doing a bang up job that's for sure.

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Why are fatty haters always so angry? Is it because you wish fat people lose weight so you can fuck them in the ass, because you're gay?

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Nah you're just gross. Stop projecting your gay fantasies on me queer boy.

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>you're just gross
so you're gay?

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she cute

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>Nah you're just gross.
why do you want men to be attractive? sussy ass behaviour

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>man who claims everyone who eats food is fat says others are projecting

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>"this is how we do it" starts playing

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>letting migrant workers touch your food with their bare hands

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You’re mad
He won

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imagine being this mad
keep shovelling down your slop fatty

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holy self report

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>the way you do it.

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Speaking for myself, fat people are unsightly, they smell, and they take up far too much space.

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fatphobic, huh?
what are you scared of?

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hes got an 8pack of fat rolls.

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We don't post gore on blue boards, faggot.

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Ignoring the rest of your mald the way you use "you've" here is downright psychotic.

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Thoughts on South Central?

Does look good, but the sauces should be in the corners (reee)

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4 sauce pots.

Round pizza in a square box.

4 corner spaces.

>"I know! I'll fold it!!!!!!!!!"

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