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the most underrated potato dish
doesnt get a sixteenth of attention it deserves

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here's a close up in case you can't smell the smaller picture

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where's the applesauce?

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honestly that seems too jewish for my taste

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it can't be jewish because I always put bacon in my potato pancakes

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>crispier than most fries
>counts for a full fledged meal if stuffed with meat
>impossible to fuck up while cooking
yep everything checks out

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I groed up on potada pancakes. I remember one day back in kindergarten I had my Pound Puppies™ lunchbox as always, and my mom had packed my sandwich and juice, and threw a couple cold potada pancakes in as well. When I took them out at lunchtime and started eating, everyone was horrified at how gross these flat cold patties were that I was eating. And then I shared them and let everyone try them and they fucking loved them. Mum was so proud when I got home and told her. Fuck I miss her potada pancakes.

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Potato knishes

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the sour cream is clearly superimposed wtf

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I had an orthodox Jewish friend in highschool and he complained bitterly about latkes. I've never bothered to make potato pancakes like yours, but I guess kibda the point of latkes is that they're super greasy for Hanukkah and just like eating really oily hashbrowns.

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>white goop
into the trash it goes.

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wtf your right.

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Well there's a flashback I didn't need.
t. mid 40s oldfag

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Love potatoes pancakes its a Portuguese thing. The Japanese versions are better.

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The Portuguese Don't really own the patent for potato pancakes. No nation does. Every European nation has it on their menu

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it's a jewish food that the rest of europe stole from us

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Didnt know Indians were jews

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You wish.
The dish is so simple you might as well start attributing bread or omelette to one specific country

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Indians didn't invent potatoes

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They got a hold of them first

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Sort of hard to argue that point because it is a new world food. You are a foolish mortal.

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Potates are not native to ¥urop nor Jippan. True potato preparation culture is American and those who have joined the continent

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I like them when they are like this but I hate when they are pretty much just blobs of hashbrowns. I've never made them from scratch, what's the key to making them like this?

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Use animal fat to fry. Then I use a dry mixture for the pancakes.

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I think Andrew Zimmern is kind of annoying but this looks pretty good.

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forgot link

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aw hell yeah

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>what's the key to making them like this?
They have to swim in fat/oil.

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do nordics put berries on everything?

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these are not potato pancakes. please leave the thread, it stinks when you're around

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>Potates are not native to ¥urop nor Jippan.
doesn't matter if their version of the dish is better.
>True potato preparation culture is American
who cares if it tastes inferior?
>and those who have joined the continent
yurop culturally joined the only notable part of your continent by now, so they get a say