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Could I live exclusively on 8 cans of beer a day\? It's calories, after all.

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Probably for a while but your morning shits are gonna be brutal and you'll feel very dehydrated after a few days.

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enjoy the delirium tremens when you run out

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you aren't going to get dts from 8 beers a day. maybe 30 a day. I drank 15 a day for a year and when I quit cold turkey I just had anxiety and a fast heart rate for like 2 days. also auditory hallucinations when falling asleep.

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>8 cans
>posts 6 pack
you drunk already anon? come over and drink with me?

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Depends entirely on how much abuse your asshole can take.

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did you eat food ?

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There's been a few cases of guys who lived off nothing but beer for years

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>also auditory hallucinations when falling asleep.
Bruh I can get those normally. All it takes is a bit of sleep deprivation and/or insomnia.

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I honestly don't remember. I was going to work drunk and blacking out right after I got home every day. And I didn't eat at work because of the nausea. I don't think I was eating at all but I did drink energy drinks.

The hallucinations are what caused me to stop drinking because I started getting them when I woke up in the middle of the night after drinking. I can handle generally feeling like shit but I can't handle my grip on reality being taken from me.

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Yes, it’s based and monkpilled, and a traditional way to praise the almighty.


>> https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/man-commits-beer-fast-lent-loses-25-pounds-feel-amazing-164006284.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAABuGJnbaeKSTI10VkaQ6GO_aO4g9VraRealhk6pZ4PTWvRLbF2f3sZ9eowYjqFgWjYNQPK7FxVKEwf7-A3ngD2czriGSHmxOvRz4Nz9Y36ZvaFIaRy1f9cA7AkbQ77UimZXBDHyMlj1iX6ajJnfxpZ1mqZKGeO5Zex9DqFySEB_Q

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No googles thick or murky enough in the world

Is he serious?
That better just be a posing for fun or it's just sad.

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No you will die from lack of nutrients and minerals

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you forgot to post about the phone

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It only works if you're drinking liquid bread and not flavored water, which is almost definitely what OP is going to do

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I broke and made katsu

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>calling h*iniken beer
we export that sloppa for a reason

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Calories are calories

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cool it with the antisemetic remarks.

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It depends on the person. DT faggots are usually weak with bad genes. Drank a 5th of 50% Rum and whisky for years and quit without problems

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So you're a quitter and you want me to take your opinion seriously? Lol no.

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ja, wij

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You'd get scurvy and anemia.

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if you want to suffer than at least do it good, don't drink heineken

>auditory hallucinations when falling asleep.
this is a common thing not even related to the beer, it's called exploding head syndrome. had it a few weeks ago, a very loud bark from a dog right in my ear. usually it's a very hard thump on the door.

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calory wise you need at least 11 0.5L beers per day

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Its empty calories and no necessary nutrition/vitamins. Not to mention any water you'd get by drinking them would be invalidated by it also being a diuretic.

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Monks sustained themselves by the love of God though

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>greentexting links

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You can, but you may get internal bleeding eventually. Also if your organs can't process all the alcohol your shits eventually may take a turn for the worse.

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Yeah, you can lol.

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What's a good beer available outside Netherlands?