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You dont need more

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That tastes like shit
You suck

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all commercial 'cream cheese' is pozzed with gums and thickeners.

does /ck/ have any additional wisdom pertaining to making the stuff at home, that a google search wont reveal?

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Nope its so addicting it ruined my life

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The only thickener is some kind of flour. What now chud?

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>mystery processed grain product
start refuting any time

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what do I do with a tub of this stuff? it's just sitting there in the back of the fridge doing nothing, and I don't eat bagels.

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Nice try.

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Its nit grain its vegetable flour

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>*solves your problem*

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Litteraly who?

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white people don't eat cream cheese.
fat snows do.

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Its healthy

>cream cheese, milk products (from milk), edible salt, thickener: vegetable flour, citrus juice

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I like the whipped variety.

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i love cream cheese, i make a nice dip for the office parties, us gals just gobble it up!~

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I need all dairy products.

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I have literally never eaten cream cheese outside of the sara lee french style cheese cakes in my life. Does this taste sweet and delicious like the sara lee french style cheese cake?

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Frfr did you know that cream cheese acctually triggers opioid receptors?
Dairybros... We keep winning...
Nope, it tastes like fatty milk cheese. No sugar added. Delicous tho.

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Why do you have so many pics of ugly men holding food? Why save them? Why bring them here? Stop it

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It's a little tangy and salty.

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He just wants to eat them, why would he post them on a food board otherwise?

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>t. Banause

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Kill yourself, then you'll never have to eat again.

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I keked

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>white man

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What is it addicting to?

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Yes. White men consume the product of the gods with >>20418550
To eat.

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just use mascarpone instead
autistic italian shops might have them, that is, if the origin is traceable

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Fun Fact: The Philadelphia Dairy Company is actually a New York company that chose it's name because Philly had a great reputation for dairy.

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Philadelphia is better

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lmao pleb

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Black man food

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>You dont need more
Umm, actually I do. *eats another whole tub*

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Then ur not white. Sorry.

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*mogs Philadelphia*

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>*gives you aids*