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Is food art?

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what is art?

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only when it's not for eating

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I subscribe to the notion that art is something that's meant to be appreciated either purely or mostly on its aesthetic merits. Food, in the end, is meant to be chewed up, swallowed, digested and pooped out. So no, I don't believe food is art. Doesn't mean it can't be pretty though.

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only secondarily to being food. it has to be filling and taste good before anyone should be concerned how it looks. and putting looks first is retarded. just make a sculpture then.

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Food cannot be separated from survival but is still an art, from 5 star restaurants to mexican roofing crews at lunch, it can always be executed with appeal in mind, or else you end up with a medical nutrient IV drip. Even prison food that is made with apathy or hate still conveys that feeling well, which is a purpose of art. The same way the “art of war” and fencing are similar.

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here's your "art", bro

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>which early 2000’s anime character makes you squee the hardest?

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its when i give ur mom a big healthy creampie on ur urine stained sheets

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faggotry levels are off the charts

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Food in Michelin restaurants is art, as is a lot of experimental cuisine. McDonald's is obviously not. The same as some clothes are works of art but the clothing found in Walmart isn't.

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why do these kinds of dishes send flyovers into a seething shoot? is it because there's less than 1500 calories per serving?

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Your a pretentious faggot

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Its a wonderful balance of art and science. Which is why I love it so.

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like anything that serves a practical purpose, it can be, but isn't always intended as such
a table can be an art piece, or it can be a purely utilitarian thing to put stuff on, or mostly utilitarian but with some consideration for aesthetics, or anything in between
same for food
it can be primarily fuel put together with some minor thought and effort put towards making it enjoyable, as most foods throughout history likely were
it can be a deliberate attempt at combining flavors and textures in the most pleasing way possible
or it can be absolute slop made purely as a means to an end
the second one is pretty undeniably art, the first still has that human element to it even if nothing novel is being done, even the last one could be appreciated if it is particularly efficient in providing nutrition for a given amount of effort, even if it tastes like shit