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Smoking a pork butt this morning.
What have you smoked lately.

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Slathered with mustard and hotsauce. rubbed with 50/50 salt/pepper and a bit of paprika.

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Lighting the chimney.

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Wait for the smoker to come up to temp.

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did up some ribs yesterday. doing an overnight pick shoulder right now too. currently 445 am.

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what happens if you smoke cawn beef brisket rather than a regular beef brisket?

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Looks comfy as fuck hope the HOA faggotry isn't too bad for you there

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Finally putting it in the smoker. 7a, now I can leave it alone for a few hours.

>Looks comfy as fuck hope the HOA faggotry isn't too bad for you there

The HOA is a bunch of old bitties who have nothing better to do than bitch about their neighbors. I just ignore them. Good thing is i'm at the end of the cul-de-sac with no neighbors adjacent to my yard.

>what happens if you smoke cawn beef brisket rather than a regular beef brisket?
What the fuck is a 'cawn' beef brisket?

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corned beef anon YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

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how's your butt doing

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3 hours in, first spray with some beer that's been sitting around for a few years.

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>smokin a pork butt this morning
>he didnt brine for 24
he didnt let the rub sit
why bother you fucking homo

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here's my overnight pork shoulder
beer smfh

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i'm smoking a cigarette
ur meat looks nice, would destroy

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Hour four.

No spray 4U, or vinegar?
Can't say that tray doens't look tastey.

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If you’re going to brine it’s 24 hours per pound, not 24 hours total
So, like, a pork butt will take at least a week to brine

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>24 hours per pound
shut up stupid

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thanks. no I don't use binders or spray. I was taught and worked under a world champion bbq master

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Skipping ahead a bit., hour 7. Throwing some chicken legs covered with Jamaican jerk sauce on the grill for the last few hours.

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Give us some tips then, I'm happy to learn what i can.

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What kind of sauce do you plan on using?

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Which one should I get as a babby's first, Weber Kettle, Smokey Mountain, or an electric smoker?

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Wsm, you can use it as a kettle
how'd it turn out man? what tips can I help you with?

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your momma’s so fat
when she rolled off me she smoked a ham

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>What have you smoked lately
my boyfriends pole

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yo MAma is so fat
I had to use three bags of flower to find the wet spot

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>corned beef anon YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
I like making them grits with them cawns.
I also like them cheetos that be made with them cawns.
And I like putting Lawry's Seasoned Cawn on my food. That be how we talk round deez parts, fo shizzle.

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Looking good OP (both the meat and your yard, which has comfy decor)

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Weed, tobacco, meth, heroin (thought was meth).

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>What have you smoked lately