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Best culinary uses for deez?

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While not quite as oily as candlenut, macadamias (plus a little extra oil) make for a decent substitute for them in dishes that require candlenut.

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my old favorite sushi restraunt had a spicy chicken roll and it had some kind of a macedamia nut spicy sauce. it was kind of like that dynamite stuff they put on lobster things. some day i willl recreate it.

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I'd imagine they'd go great in banana bread or a banoffee pie

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Nobody's said the obvious thing yet: Those little mfers go great in chocolate chip cookies.

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macamadamias are the best. i like them as a nutty texture contrast in things that need some crunch. brownies, greek salads, oatmeal

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They're really great for sweet treats, nut flour additions or inclusions.

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chocolate chip with cacademia nuts