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Steak, potatoe, beans, bread. Now that’s a perfect meal.

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Everything looks dry and cooked to shit except the unmelted cheese

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Looks good but there appears to be a glass of water where the beer should be

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replace the beans with asparagus and replace the potato with a salad

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possibly steak is too rare for me
needs sour cream and green onion on that loaded potato. Beans are overcooked but probably still ham flavored or seasoned well. Bread needs butter and a bread plate.

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Could have put some olive oil, onion/garlic powder over the beans

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Bulking it out like some 19th century poor

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is that tomato puree on your potato?

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>perfect meal
For me that would be a ribeye steak medium rare, a side of scallops and a side of risotto. Whiskey to drink

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Swap rice for a cruciferous vegetable and im dow

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is that a croissant?

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Looks good. I like scallops with a steak

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>perfect meal
For me it’s fried chicken, ham, pineapple, peas, carrots, fried tomato, sausage, banana fritter, Guinness to drink

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>perfect meal
Prime rib au jus, lobster tail, baked potato

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Ndhawu leyi i xihambukelo xa mina sweswi.

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also, for me it's veal parm with a side of pasta

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You only need

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>perfect meal
For me it’s the Tour

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What are you Dan Quayle or something, you can't spell potato properly?

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why frozen green beans?

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The best of the land and sea. Au jus for the land. With butter for the sea.

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They look canned not frozen

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These are also really good. The medly. These bird's eye ones for instance but even better is the wegman's store brand one and it's less expensive.

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I'm buzzed....meant to say canned

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Those arent beans.

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Don't forget your surf & turf from red lobster.

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That really looks worse than airplane food, I wouldn't offer that to stray cats.

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What are they?

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very little nutritional value in this meal

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Youre obviously retarded if youre feeding stray cats so why should anyone csre about your opinion?

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Methinks ye should have a sauce atop said steak. One containing tamarind and spices, perhaps, or a cream sauce with green peppercorns. Sans lubrication the beef seems rather drab, eh?
Also that bread looks cheap. Boo!

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The stray cats care.

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>perfect meal
Pork shank, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, beer to drink

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For me it’s Hasenpfeffer mit Pastinaken-Püree und Birnen

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This here is a perfect meal

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that steak is shaped like a foot...

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why did you beat the piss out of your pizza? what'd it ever do to you?

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Pork chop, apple sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes

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Steak looks decent. C+. Broccoli looks dry and bland. F.

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how could anyone do this?

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For me my favorite meal is a romantic candlelight pizza dinner with my waifu.

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i was living on baby food for a while - much easier to steal because people get less mad at you if they think it's for a kid - but now i can afford food i still sometimes miss how easy it was to eat
so sometimes when the mood strikes i'll pour water all over my food and bunch it together and mash it up so it's nice and soft and easy to eat

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based i think you should leavemaxxing

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nice prison bread, steak looks good though

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I call this bean slop.

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That’s a croissant

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sorry my dudes, I posted the wrong photo

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why should OP half his calories? I doubt your twink phenotype is to be admired

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Here's my version

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you follow a particular meat loaf recipe?
Also, what else did you toss in your sweet potatoes besides sweet potatoes?

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wheat and potatoes are just unhealthy. i mean they've kept people from starving throughout history but that's really the only reason they've become "staples"

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Bro you're retarded lol.
You don't know how well the steak is cooked until you cut it open
The bread looks fine and you can't tell how well it's cooked until you actually try it.
The beans looks like regular steamed beans
And the potato just looks like it's cooled down

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>perfect meal
For me, slab of prime rib, mashed potatoes w/gravy, creamed spinach, corn

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I kekked
t.old man

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Any meal is greatly benefited by potatoe. Chicken cordon blu, carrots, potatoe.