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Just got hired here. What can I expect?

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gardening equipment returns

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A lot of 55-90 year old women who don't tip well and complain a lot

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Are you a cook or a waiter?

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>When you're here, you're family.
So expect shitty meals with a lot of uncomfortable silences and occasional screaming matches leading to the neighbors calling the cops (again).

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Both. They have a shortage and are paying me extra under the table

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seems like an easy enough job, I don't think they make anything fresh

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To get fucked five ways from sunday
Sorry, six ways from sunday

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Low iq complaints

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I suggest OP finds a slightly older waitress and gets her with child

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If you wanted to suffer working with the public you should've just gotten a job at a gas station or grocery store.

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Is it weird that as a lifelong american i have never set foot into an olive garden? I think it's weird but I also never been to disneyland. The first time I tried five guys was like last month. I'm 30. I think the most exotic burger place i went to was when my dad would sometimes take me to Tommy's and get me a chili burger - but i found it overstimulating, especially that massive slice of tomato they would put in. Come to think of it, I get overstimulated quite easily. I think of places like Olive garden and just get confused at the idea. I think since I saw so many commercials for it I don't want to go there.

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It's a safe bet that she already has one and it's not too bright either.

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endless gay buttsex in the bathroom. you'll be bottom for the first 10 years

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I don't think its weird. I think its an unspoken normal for people in their 30s now, the boomer vibe of loud, family sit-downs just isn't appealing. I don't like to be alone, but I would prefer a less stimulating atmosphere and Olive Garden isn't that.

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a month of training in Tuscany

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You do only do so much with a diet of cold, leftover free breadsticks.

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damn. maybe I should apply

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Yikes. The reason you are not enjoying chain restaurants randomly is that you don't work with peers your age and have no disposable income whatsoever, ie not earning enough. Olive Garden is just one of the many options with a fast lunch of soup, salad and small entree that will get you back to the office within an hour.

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Anon I sit on my ass at home and get paid for making sure other people don’t sit on their ass

I do like the occasional Olive Garden tho

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the last time I went to the OG our server looked like he wanted to hang himself, so look forward to that

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minorities and fat people

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I have restaraunts near my office that are really good. We never once considered olive garden, or fazoli's for that matter.

So you're saying it's a matter of not being a flyover?

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ask me how I know you're a city parasite who's never been anywhere

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Did that anon strike a nerve?

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Anxiety, depression, suicide.

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lol you're going to end up being everyone's bitch. get out now

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Took my exgf to OG once because she said she loved going there. Dining room had carpet in it so it was musty and stained. Big parties of 8-10 people so fucking loud making the most horrendous messes possible. Poors acting like its fine dining because paying $40 for over boiled noodles is classy.

I think I got the tour of italy with 3 portions of food that italians would never make. It was edible, but very clearly dried noodles overboiled, doused in sauce thats been in a warming tray for a couple days. Lasagna that came from a much larger pan, and something else.

Seriously, I was upset because very clearly everything on the table should have cost $20 from the grocery store, and I think I ended up paying $80 for the meal. Breadsticks were good, lettuce was okay but clearly a pre-bagged lettuce.

Food service will slowly turn you into a psychopath. Shitty chains will accelerate that.

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Please tell me how to get a job doing what you do.

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>What can I expect
You'll be reheating a lot of frozen food in bags.
Washing dishes is bad, but night shifts are pretty chill.

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>Seriously, I was upset because very clearly everything on the table should have cost $20 from the grocery store, and I think I ended up paying $80 for the meal.
That's the kicker for me. The "restaurant experience" chain places offer doesn't add enough to the value to offset the fact the food itself I could make better at home or just buy cheaper premade from the grocery store.
Unless you're dragged along as part of a group or just want to abuse some endless-dish promotion, no real reason to go.

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>ask me

Didn't ask

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I found my country has these restaurants, is it that bad?

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I work with peers my age and we go to actual good non chain restaurants that usually cost the same or less than olive garden

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when you get there...memorize The Room. your head server will know what i'm talking about. that the attitude anything is pastable comes into here too. good luck! fun job

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a LOT of anal,
don't ask me how i know
pls send money for neosporin.

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When I go down to the Garden, I like to let the gaercon know that I shall be taking ‘The Tour’ perchsnce

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Their chicken Marsala with a side of fettuccine Alfredo is a guilty pleasure of mine. My other guilty pleasure? Toilet slave porn

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You drunk as fuck.

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Stirring pasta is a 6 hour long hassle, avoid that for as long as possible
Line can be fun depending on the people. Where you live makes this variable.
Making food quickly
Some prep is alright
You won't learn much of anything if you're starting.
I hated our layout, coolers were too narrow and small. The new one i went to for a few times had a huge cooler with lots of extra room.

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That’s what I do my nigga! And the waitress gives me this cringy sneer when I say, “I’ll be taking the tour again honey,”

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Wow you sound like a massive faggot
>the tomato on my burger was ~overstimulating~ I need my fidget spinner and my emotional support stuffed animal
lmao faggot

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I think he's just autistic anern

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>Fast-food in a sit-down restaurant

We have this in the UK at Weatherspoons, it is good though because it is british classics you don't normally get in fast food places (they normally serve American premade additive slop) with cheap alcohol - beer at 30% of standard pub prices

If you're lucky, you'll get pro-brexit propoganda at your table. Each joint has a unique carpet too

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you are a gigantic faggot as nearly everyone in this thread has pointed out.

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Live your life and don't ever let those niggers let you down. You're one of the few shining beacons of sanity and individuality in this God-forsaken country.

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When I worked there they initiated you with a scrooge mcduck style swim in their Alfredo sauce

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My wife calls it “the garden” and when orders she always tells the waitress “I’ll be taking the tour.” Crazy dingbat.

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you sound extremely autistic

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>what to expect
>intense fear of cagie
>intense ragie
>murder-suicide(if lucky)

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I think you legitimately have autism

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ok... so? whats wrong with that? Yeah, I've been told all my life i'm a little weird and i've suspected i have that 'high functioning' autism if you can even call it that because my life is fairly strange and hermetic.

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You're gonna get tons of Italians that think they're smarter than you there.

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I want to go to olive garden with someone and ask to take the tour just so I can embarrass them.

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When the waitress asks what you would like, just say, "Well little lady, whenever I come to the garden I like to do the tour." Then fold up the menu and hand it to her and give her a wink and smile.

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have fun cleaning out the beverage fountain

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his job affords him the occasional dried-parsley-as-garnish meal

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I have a friend who worked there, BRIEFLY, as a server. They said it was the worst place they’ve ever served tables at. That restaurant attracts, for whatever reason, a generally low-tipping, high-expectations crowd. Whenever there is an “endless” or “bottomless” deal expect to run your ass off piling slop on tables while people gorge, make a big mess, and tip you maybe two bucks.

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Shitskins. Lots of shitskins. They will be hungry, they will be rude and messy, and they will NOT tip.

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you sell shitty alfredo you deserve to be gunned down not tipped you faggot

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>shooting someone over bad food
Post wrist nigger

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>mmmmm. Nyues. I do believe I will be taking the TOUR this evening. Does your establishment charge a corking fee? I wish to enjoy this fine bottle of Carlo Rossi with my feast.

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>a generally low-tipping, high-expectations crowd

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>Does your establishment charge a corking fee?
An unboxing fee, yes

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>carlo rossi
this is exactly what I expect someone at Olive Garden to show up with, a gigantic jug. I also expect them to drink it as if they were drinking moonshine in the 1800s

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I will pass on the Rossi in favor of a nice spumante
waiter, bring me your finest Cold Duck on ice

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Italian restaurants are part of a culinary tradition going back thousands of years. They and their customers are extremely knowledgeable and demanding.

To excel, therefore, you'll need to learn the Italian language and be familiar with food jargon and some major dialects. You'll need to learn the history of Italian cuisine and how the ingredients are grown, processed, and marketed. Without doing these things, you will not be able to deliver the centuries-old regional meals demanded of your employer.

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I've done exactly that and it's a lovely experience.

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Lol soon as i read his second post i knew he was fucked. They say theres a labor shortage but in reality people are tired of being treated like absolute dog shit and paid even worse at the same time. OP is fucked, theyre gonna bend him over a barrel and show him the 50 states

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My ex-gf worked as a waitress at Olive Garden. She said she hated to wait on blacks. When you grated their cheese and asked them to say when they would never say stop they would just keep saying “just like that” over and over and she’d have to tell them she’d run out of cheese. Also she said they never leave a tip

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Everyone mad at you is retarded. Keep doing you, anon.