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>"Some people don't cream in carbonara"
>We're in England/America, we tend to.

The absolute John Wick of cooking.

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This dude is a bigger homo degenerate than Anthony

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I'm gonna slob on your knorr

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Guy literally invented the pretentious punk-rock fag chef
Based and kino

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it's your choice

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>"I put cream on my carbonar-ACK!"

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And thats why I use Knorr stock

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It's so fantastic to see all the cooklets seething over the king.

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>a man gets old
>ACK !
he invented the fact that you can be something beyond a michelin guide's bitch while people are making horror movies about being precisely that.
As it was always meant to be. Strive for perfection in your own house or be Adam Fagusea. Even the latter recognizes the superiority of the former.
Why not ? I've used knorr stock pots. they add depth that a lot of spices could not bring to the table.

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>cream in carbonara
and that's how you were born

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It's weird how there's so much contention about this
For example how much can you change about a dish before its a different dish?

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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No she would have been an old lady with wheels

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I love this man
This man is my culinary inspiration and a pseudo father figure

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>why yes I do happen to agree with everything Mr White says

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tell it to the fucking guineas who flood every youtube video section with shit about how recipes are not "authentic" while incapable of producing anything edible on their own

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>NOOOOOO you can’t just make a dish in the way you are regionally accustomed to!!!! This is hate crime against Italy
Do Italians really?

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Italians literally have nothing else other than their "authentic recipes" to be proud of. They don't even claim they taste better only that its authentic and been made the same way 300 years.

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That's exactly his point, congrats on getting it 20 years later.

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And half their famous dishes like bolognese actually only date back to the 80s.

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italians in shambles. its ok guys at least you have some old ruins, too! and only half your country looks like it belonged to the former soviet block.

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>"white people"
>aggressively against milk and dairy based products
>aggressively against a recipe that would objectively make the dish better

lol, wasn't carbonara meant for poor people that literally got out of the mines ? Now that we know how sauces work, do we really have to break 30 fucking eggs and drop the whites whenever we want to make it ?

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>aggressively against milk and dairy based products
cheese is a dairy product you retard

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I will literally never not love that man.

I have the absolute privilege to work in a place with incredibly brilliant people who are top geniuses in their fields. I've only been there about a year, but the way these people talk and act and do is very much like MPW. They don't need to win anyone over, they're so on top of their shit they literally don't need to impress anyone or make friends or play the game. They're too busy and all they care about is quality.

MPW will never be a tryhard and the less he tries the higher he ascends.

Sad about some of his contemporaries running the hamster wheel clawing desperately to stay relevant and clickable. They lost before they even started.

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trump lost go back to pol

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>absolutely shits on pretentious frauds like the Italians and Japanese demanding their authentic food is some kind of culinary miracle everyone should be in awe of
Can he get any more based?

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im so fucking tired of everything cooming over ramen when it's the most basic combination of broth and noodles. ive made pork and beef stews ten times better than ramen at home.

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I can't abide ramen. I've tried so many times, I've spent bottom and top dosh and it's just dirty to me. Give me a short soup or a pho or a beef stew ten days a week but get that medieval ramen away

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I believe him when he says that it was Ramsey's choice to cry. Fucker doesn't need to yell, he just needs to look at you and say that he's disappointed, which is the most horrifying thing for fatherless fucks like Gordon.

A good hint is that if the dish tastes and looks the same, chances are it's the same fucking dish. If anything, it was made in the same spirit of the original one : cheap ingredients mixed up to produce something palatable and mass produceable for a household of 15 people.

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>You have ten minutes to cook an egg.

This is a /ck/ exercise. Time yourself and show me the results.

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his gastropub in wiltshire has terrible reviews and when I was in the town no one recommended it

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>a company he made does not operate on the same standard as he did when he tried his damndest


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he lives in the area so you would think he would at least have some quality control

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i'd rather you not cream in my carbonara please

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is that you, marco?
tell me, what did you mean by this? >>19862941

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I refuse out of the principle that he did not specify anything. Give me some kind of parameters or fuck off.

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The parameters are "10 minutes".

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I like referencing this every time Italians get into an argument on cooking purity. Marco is 1. Half Italian 2. Michelin Star chef

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a real chef

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Not a parameter at all. Try a-fucking-gain.

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>10 minutes isn't a parameter
Cook eggs in whatever manner you prefer within a time limit of 10 minutes you giga autist

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>I like referencing this every time Italians get into an argument on cooking purity. Marco is 1. Half Italian 2. Michelin Star chef
Any cook can become a Michelin Star chef if they buy enough tires from a certain company.

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the curve of the page made him look really fucked up at first

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He showed exactly what is wrong with the world. Serving 300 pounds meals to pretentious 'posh' fake people. You wouldn't see this in pre-war Germany for a reason.

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>shitting on ramen
>likes pho
you have shit taste

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I actually screamed based when I read this

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>frypan to max
>oil or butter in pan, get it hot
>turn down heat by half when egg goes in, break yolk & flip it
I'll be done in 7.

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He's drinking wine all day every day and smoking red Marlboro. He's king of men, really.

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the first written account of bolognese being used as a pasta condiment is from the late XVIII century, and accounts of tomato sauce with ground meat or ground meat preparations are from only slightly after the tomato was imported to the old world
the most recent famous Italian dish is carbonara, which dates back to WWII

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I prefer pho to ramen but both are good