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ITT: Foods that scare other people but are normal and delicious to you


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bolognese sauce w/ bananas

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Whoa! Are you trying to tell me that you eat weeds... ... ...from the sea?!!?! That's heckin cray cray!!

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Trippe soup
Steak tartare
Raw milk
Goat milk
Chicken Gizzard Stew

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ever have seaweed crisps? bretty good desu

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Stinky cheeses
Various fish dishes
Cheap wine (Fuck off, I'm an alcohol)
Pickles by the jar
My wife's cunny

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>I'm an alcohol

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>(Fuck off, I'm an alcohol)
Pleased to meet you, I'm an alcoholic.

Raw meats, organ meets, strong cheeses, fermented anything they aren't used to, things that haven't been fully cut up so they don't look like the animal anymore, using sweets to flavor meat. There's probably a lot more.

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>Pleased to meet you, I'm an alcoholic.
Not sure if agreeing or ignorant of ye olde maymay

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Dim sum chicken feet fr

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No it's totally impossible you're so autistic you didn't catch someone referencing an old meme very specifically.

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duck embryo
cow tongue
pig brains
bull testicles
maggot cheese

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He said food.

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chicken feet
pork blood rice cake
pig intestines (ideally burnt to shit and with miso)
duck blood soup with intestines, pork blood, and bullfrog
various preparations of liver
offal hotpot

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>pork blood rice cake

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i assume you or your family is from Fujian or Taiwan? i swear nobody else eats it, even if they find it appealing lol
i make baskets of the stuff at home for festivals and on father's day, it's so nostalgic

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dont know why im in kek

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fuck you

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Chili with beans

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Raw pork.

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Beer BBQ sauce liver fagitas are god tier.

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>scare other people

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cool story bro

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>eating the whole shrimp instead of discarding the tail
>eating hard boiled eggs out of a vending machine
>tuna sandwich with kimchi
>raw onions

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I hate the texture of fresh seaweed, not the taste. But I could eat dried seaweed all day long.

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I eat some form of seaweed every day.

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I think there's other people out there that can tolerate milk, but out of that, it's the ultimate white-test filter, if you can't tolerate lactose you're not white

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It's not only about lactose, for some reason normalfags cant stand the taste of straight white milk, no flavoring.

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Hello fellow Minnesota fren.

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saltiest licorice ive ever found anywhere that would make 99% of you gag.

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Lurk moar, summer child

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goat milk isn't scary it just fucking sucks

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It sounds tame, but every time I bring bison jerky to work everyone acts like Im eating the weirdest shit
Dont make no sense

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All of these except mett


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I love durian, and I think it smells good.
Durian flavored things can be a real hit or miss though.

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pig blood curd
various shellfish

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I personally find milk really unpleasant to drink immediately upon opening. I have to let it sit in the fridge for a day or two so that it starts to turn sweet.

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What does ITT stand for?

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in this thread

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I want to know who put this guy's lunch together.

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But ONLY with mustard, and eaten slowly

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Your mother's cunt.
I know, that much yeast and that much herpes might scare a lesser man, but I'm fond of beer and bread and I'm the one who put herpe there.

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I'm a burger but my mom grew up in South Africa so there was always a jar in the pantry

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>3 crackers, 3 different wedges of cheese, 3 rainier cherries, 3 blackberries, 1 strawberry, 1 bunch of grapes, 1 peach, 1 plums, a bunch of rosemary, a jar of cavier, and a container of human brains
That's a lot of calories and most from sugar.

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I wonder if others than Americans avoid raw eggs.

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The heat of the egg cools the rice.

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Onions and tomatoes

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I'm a redhead vampire that happened to have mainly Asian friends in high school. They taught me well. I'm familiar with the Taiwan version.

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Along these lines, okra.

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I unironically eat the whole prawn with the shell on. Tail and all.

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I fucking love oysters but so many people are grossed out by them. I think I’ll buy a dozen of them tomorrow

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Shrimp paste
Fish sauce
Dried fish/shrimp
Blood sausage
Shrimp tomalley
Some offal
Raw milk

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Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich

Don't knock it til ya try it

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Black pudding

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Pickle squid
Liver, Heart, Brain, Tongue
Blood(boudin noir)

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Head cheese

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>Steak tartar
>Kibbeh Nayyeh
I like raw meat.

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Chicken livers and gizzards

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Sweetbreads best thing I've ever had

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fuck yeah kurwa

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my parents stopped talking to me and started laying church youth group flyers around ever since ive been eating indian food.

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when I tried okra in 2017 it had 0 taste

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raw beef
raw pork
raw lamb
raw eggs
frog legs
snail caviar
sea urchin
blood sausage
gamey meat

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always funny watching burgers try it for the first time and gagging just from a small amount because I used to eat it with a spoon straight from the jar it was so tasty

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