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Your date is coming over for dinner.
You didn't get paid yet so you have no money to grab any ingredients.
You have:
2 bags of ramen
a can of beans
a can of corn
a can of chili
2 eggs left of questionable date
soy sauce
some string cheese
some beef jerky
whey protein powder

What do you do to impress her?

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Chili cheese ramen

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spout encyclopedic knowledge of pokemon, as I know all of them plus relevant fun facts and multiple smogon builds for each

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Protein powder shake and a can of flatulence in the form of beans

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the only thing I eat on dates is pussy. only faggots cook or go to a restaurant to bond with someone.

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My date is 2d so she doesn't have to eat and as such I will not be cooking.

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Cowboy or Chicago Style Spaghetti. It's just noodles covered with chili and some cheese. It's delicious.

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make a big pot of horrid soup out of all the ingredients

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I ask her why she didn't bring the meal, useless ass bitch. I don't want to be with a woman who doesn't cook. Can't cook? Then she's for sex only and then get the fuck out of my house.

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prison brick

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break the ramen bricks up into breadcrumbs, combine with the beans and corn and chili and dice up the beef jerky, add the eggs as a binder, then glaze it with ketchup and pop it in the oven
Wa la, meatloaf

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fried egg & cheese ramen

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The hottest woman I've ever known loved eating just ramen and eggs. I still watch the vids she sent me on a regular basis.