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What are the most jewish foods imaginable?

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Top thread mate

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Bagels. They cost more than a comparable breadroll, yet use less dough because of le hole

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Everything good is technically Jewish, because we enjoy all the good things.

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Bagels are denser than bread. Or good ones should be, at least. Lighter bagels that are more like bread suck because they can't take as much cream cheese.

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How about you enjoy this trip to thr camps

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good bagel recipe?

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ash cakes

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The fuck is "thr camps"? Are you 12?

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>hairy arms
>shaved pubes

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Trans hormone replacement camps, duh stupid idiot.

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I don't have one to share but any that are around 55% hydration or lower should be good. Higher than that and it's just bread.

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Do you get your bagels blessed by a rabbi, or just the salt?

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Usually the bread I make is too dry or its too sticky to knead by hand, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

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All food made with love is blessed.

Get a digital kitchen scale so you can accurately weigh your ingredients and adjust until it's to your liking.

Dough benefits from a 15 minute rest after mixing before you start kneading if it's too sticky though.

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yeah ive been trying to get into auto lyse, do you really need to not add the yeast at first or does it make no difference?

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Doesn't make a difference, I always mix it in at the start and it turns out fine.

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I hate using numbers, I want to get intuitively good with dough and not make it more fussy than other foods

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Everything this guy makes.

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not sure

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grilled foreskins

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Goyim foreskin, pineal glands and adrenochrome

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Idiot. You forgot about blood libel.

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hairy forearms