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What is your favorite hot dog?
For me, it's Oscar Mayer Beef. I was surprised how good they were.

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Hot dogs are the goyslop on home cooked foods

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anything natural casing
i'd eat a hotdog of just casing if i could

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How I'd like to be

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Nathan’s all beef simmered in beer then tossed on the grill.

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3 meat blend of beef, pork and chicken is better than all beef dogs.

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hot dogs are a part of classic American cuisine, you communist fag

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Well said.

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I fucking love eating hot dogs when I drink beer

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what does the package mean by uncured

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not smoked

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wait nvm, I meant that it's not preserved with heavy salting

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i found out i like turkey dogs best with dijon and mayo and kraut. preferably on a good bread instead of a cheap bun

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They're called turkey franks. I used to eat those cold right out of the fridge with no buns or condiments when I was a kid

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ah a good old land air and sea

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Black bear

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I buy the costco hotdogs..

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I fucking love hot dogs

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Rather just fry up a bratwurst real quick desu, so much better and not too expensive.

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You just blow in from stupid-town?

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Simple, cheap, and taste good.

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yes, I took the homo bus from stupid-town to faggot-town. how's it going?

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bun length end up being lots of bun not enough wiener

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I'm actually not that picky when it comes to hotdogs.
I'm more particular with the toppings.

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Nope, they're called turkey wieners

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Thumann’s beef & pork franks! If it doesn’t come in a natural sheep casing w/ a little string between the links that you have to cut off, it ain’t a real hotdog

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I agree, I like these. I haven't had them in a long time, but for a while eating these with some bread or rice was a comfort food to me when I was really depressed. I try to eat better nowadays, so I don't really eat hot dogs.

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these with hormel beanless chilli and some shredded cheese. im done with "traditional" hotdogs. id rather pay the $5 for 6 smoked sausages instead of $5 for 8 shitty hotdogs. they make a non-cheese version with beef, too.

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do you guys like Nathan's hot dogs?
I think they're good but would be better with a little less salt

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The superior dog. Too bad no stores around here carry them.

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Theyre omay, but not enough snap. I think I'm going to pony up and spend a few extra dollars next time I go to the store and pick up some of these bad boys

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Hate em.

Saw em at Aldi once but didn't get them. Went back to the same Aldi dinner time later, expecting to try a pack, but they were gone. Not even the shelf space in the fridge for them anymore.

In my area, Giant (supermarket chain) had a store brand of pork/beef dogs that are decent enough. Great snap. But not as tasty as this other brand I can't find anymore (American Polish-style sausages based just outside of Trenton, NJ) or Oscar Mayer 100% pork were before they were discontinued.

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i love glizzies but they do repeat on me

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Oscar Mayer is my favorite too. Be sure and ask for the "Yellow Band"!

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I’m a communist and I love hotdogs. They are good proletarian food.

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I don’t like that they’re skinless, but they have good flavor and texture.

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nice. there's a hot dog truck here in CT that uses thumann's exclusively and I've never seen them anywhere else. good snap and taste