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Veal burger = best burger you will ever eat.

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Your mom's furburger = best meal I will ever eat

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veal is not burger because it is not beef since beef has to reach beyond adolescence to be considered beef, which is why the young ones are called veal.
super simple stuff.

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What is it then ?

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Chicken. Sandwich

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>hey guys, how about we take a newborn calf and immediately murder it, straight out of the cow

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>Ground veal
As opposed to what, sky veal?

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Chekt, kekt, and fuckin rekt!

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Basically a chicken sandwich then.

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Is this any less moral than murdering the cow after it has grown up?

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Do you guys not know what veal is?

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>Do you guys not know what veal is?
I do and it's slaughtered around week 20, not slaughtered as soon as it gets out of the cow. Also it's not possible to murder an animal. Murder is the term used for killing a human. Retard.

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I bet you go to whole foods and walk past the octopus display just to look

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Dunno feels like it'd be too lean.

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See this? Put anything inside and it's a burger.

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fuck. now you see it

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>my minced meat always tastes bland and is watery
pls help

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fucking hell I haven't eaten veal in so long I hate being a poorfag ground turkeycel

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drain the water
add salt