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What sort of happy accidents or victories of necessity have you guys come up with lately?

I had to make non-spicy green curry for the missus, because she's not feeling well, but wanted a bunch of coconut, coriander and shrimp... Anyway, fried shishito pepper's a great substitute. I still wound up dicing up a green chili for mine, but it was really good without.

I also made me a little nightcap - probably 30mL of absinthe, a spoonful of pine honey, and some cold water... it's surprisingly good for something I slapped together to help knock myself out. I think this with lemon or blood orange in the summer, with a bunch of ice could be a dangerous thing.

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>wanted a bunch of coconut
why didn't you go to the bar and pick up her replacement?

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We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts at home. Here they are a standing in a row.

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>non-spicy curry
It's not a fucking curry then is it

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Shit coconuts, 2bh. They're all the same size.
Mine are better. I've got big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.

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You clearly don’t know what the word curry means.
Why are we attracting so many cooklets recently?

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Yeah, well... I'll be by to sample them in a bit bb

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>shishito pepper
How spicy are those?

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Tomato and mint.

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curry by definition is full of spices, you're retarded

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Not at all. They're like a mild, sweet poblano.

Spices and spicy are different things. In most languages they're different words. Curries need a hit of cumin, but they don't necessarily need hot pepper. Thai curry's missing something without the kinous, but the shishito at least added some of that green sharpness. Poblano would have been a better substitute, but the ones we buy here have been fairly spicy recently.

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>Spices and spicy are different things
In which fucked up dictionary?

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Curry refers the method of cooking ie. In a paste.
There are plenty of non spicy curry’s.

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>Curry refers the method of cooking ie. In a paste.
Dictionary link now
Every definition of curry in the world will mention spice as the primary attribute

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he’s done ya

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English ones?
A spice is a part of a plant (other than leaves - those are "herbs") used for flavouring. Cinnamon and fenugreek are spices, but they aren't spicy. Maybe piquante would be a word more in line with your mother tongue?

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Fuck off boomer.
Passandra isn’t spicy.
Neither is that nip abomination they call ‘curry’

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>Cinnamon and fenugreek are spices, but they aren't spicy
Oh you're one of those morons who doesn't know the difference between hot and spicy. Tell me more about how a mouthful of cinnamon isn't spicy

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Tell me about how you can't tell the difference between temperature and scoville units? Tell me about how you make a dish more piquante with cinnamon. Take your contrarian shit back to your containment board.

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It's spelled piquant retard, I gave you the grace of assuming you made a typo. There's nothing contrarian about stating spicy meaning the flavour of spice


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I remember first learning about the ESL distinction between "hot" and "spicy" from this kek


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Here are your (You)s, retard.

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It's unhealthy to be unable to accept when you're wrong

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was always disappointed with frying and dipping sauces involving gochujang
tried it again but had some thai fish sauce mix I make leftover and added that
shit was amazing and they compliment each other so well

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>wanted a little sumfin in my espresso
>out of ouzo and triple sec
>take a swig of tequila and sip some espresso just to see
>Find out it's totally a thing.

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Curry literally means sauce.

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>In most languages they're different words.
Seems to be an English only problem. >>19720498
Piquante meens a medium peppery sharpness though.

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>absinthe and honey
fundamental way of serving absinthe is with sugar and water, not really a cocktail desu - try champagne and lime cordial next time around

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The pine honey definitely adds something to it. I might try it with terva or gin on the next round... or I might just keep using the absinthe to sanitize my glasses before I put rye in them.

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As the retard pointed out, it is "Piquant" in English. I only ever use it in French, because in English we have words like "Hot" and "Spicy".

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Most curries outside of southeast Asia are not made with pastes, friend IE most curries the whole world over.

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Mrs. Patak would like a word.