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How do you guys make your pimento cheese?
>fresh shredded extra sharp cheddar
>Duke's mayonnaise
>jarred pimentos
>cayenne pepper
That's how I do mine.

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i dont

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pimento cheese is revolting

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people who don't make their own mayonnaise should be shot and killed
it isn't even hard
you just need an immersion blender
egg yolks, oil, pinch of guar gum, lemon juice, honey, garlic, salt
start on lowest speed, pulse for 10-20 seconds, then incorporate it all together

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>guar gum, honey, garlic

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Thanks I’ll try this next time I keep meaning to make it since my stupid bitch gf never does

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>guar gum
>incorporated into mayo

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White people food is revolting.

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ngl bro bro, pimento on a chicken sammy goes dummy.

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do you want good mayonnaise or not?
yeah the guar gum gets it thick, like commercial mayonnaise, otherwise it will be too runny
honey balances the lemon juice i use the juice of a whole ass lemon for 1 cup oil and 2 egg yolks

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why are you a hard r?

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why would i make poison?
for as much as you fagtrons complain about americans you really don't grasp that amerisharts only exist because mayo does.

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>i use the juice of a whole ass lemon
>ass lemon

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>hand shredded sharp cheddar
>homemade mayo (will provide recipe I use if curious)
>finely minced red onion
>jarred pimentos if lazy; minced grilled red bell pepper if not
>dash of Tabasco sauce
That mushy, oily, sweet shit they sell in the stores is revolting.

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why the fuck is pimento everywhere all of a sudden

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I already gave the recipe
lemon juice, guar gum, salt, garlic, honey, egg yolks, neutral oil
pulse immersion blender at lowest speed, then incorporate

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1 cup sunflower oil
1 egg
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp mustard powder
1/2 tsp salt
Immersion blender

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egg whites are nasty, don't put them in mayo, the emulsifying power is in the yolks
>mustard powder
I prefer prepared mustard, but garlic to me is essential, you need just a bit of raw grated garlic
and I prefer using MORE acid and then balancing that with sweetness
and I use 2 egg yolks
also with no xanthan or guar gum your mayo will not be thicc enough

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Egg yolks only are a meme. You’re just wasting half the egg. Using mustard sauce instead of powder is retarded. If you need to add thickening agents you need a new immersion blender.

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I don't really use mustard most of the time, but I didn't find I liked the taste with mustard powder.
commercial mayos ALL have thickening ingredients in them

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Yeah, but the Jews

What do you have to say about that huh

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it uses cooked egg, whole egg, except kewpie, thats egg yolk only

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>but the Japanese mayo
Nigga OP asked for a pimento cheese recipe. You made this a mayo discussion. You are a retard for adding thickening agents to your homemade with actual egg mayo, full stop. You are unironically clinically mentally retarded. Sit down and shut your retarded faggot mouth.

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no, its perfectly normal and fine to add thickening agents to mayo, they are useful for a variety of applications and produce a better result

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Do you just not know how to use an emulsion blender,

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I agree, sweet pimento cheese is abhorrent.

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>commercial mayos ALL have thickening ingredients
Duke's doesn't.

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This is an english speaking board

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oh my fault gang

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Extra pimento.

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What stores can I buy good pemento cheese in? If I make it from scratch it'll simply never taste like the real thing.

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fr fr shizz bussin

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To me all the store bought brands are too sweet and have too many unnecessary ingredients. Start with 1 lb of any sharp or extra sharp cheddar - Cabot is a good baseline and you can buy it pretty much anywhere. Grate/shred it by hand because bagged cheese always has powdered ingredients on it to prevent sticking, you don't want that. In a separate bowl mix 1 cup of mayonnaise, 1/2 teaspoon (or to taste) of cayenne, and one small jar of drained chopped pimentos. Mix all that until it's combined. Then add the cheese and mix again. Done. If you like it a bit more uniform you can beat it up with a hand mixer or stand mixer until it's at your desired consistency. If you want it even finer, hit it with the food processor.

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Not my call.

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It changes since I use whatever leftover cheese is in the fridge, last time it was dubliner, smoked Gouda, and mozzarella, hellmans, some garlic powder, cayenne, hot sauce, jarred jalapeños and pimentos with a splash of juice from both, mix or blend it and let it sit in the fridge for a day

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Americans aren't even top 10 in mayo consumption. The majority of mayo is consumed in eastern europe.

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I bet it'd be real good with gouda. Also checked.

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soybean oil filled fuckin slop is what Duke's is.

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>you just need an immersion blender
I don't have one... pls dont shoot me

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a whisk works too, just takes a few minutes

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Just made a batch.