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>Crossing the Rubicon cooks the egg yolks
But seriously, how dangerous is this?

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It's not. Raw eggs are perfectly safe unless you live in a developing nation where they think you should wipe with your hands and not wash them.

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Burning coral cooks the egg yolk

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>unless you live in a developing nation
I'm from America, Anon

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Safe. The only possible concern is if the yolk touches the outside of the egf shell. There is a very small chance the salmonella will transfer. I believe in the US it's a 1 in 30k chance of getting salmonella from the egg shell.

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Then you're good. Just don't eat ones past expiration or from places like Walmart or Kroeger where customers put them in the clothing section so the employees find them and put them back later, or they leave carts of eggs out in the open all day before putting them away because their manager called them away for something.

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I’ve eaten homemade mayo using raw eggs my entire life and never gotten sick. Raw eggs are fine.

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I dont cook

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Really not a concern unless you're immunocompromised. You're not vaxxed, right?

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I drink 3 raw eggs before I run and I have yet to get sick

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Pretty much this. You probably consume some minuscule amount of salmonella everyday, but its such an insignificant quantity, like a couple dozen individual bacteria that your body has no problem fighting it off. The problem is when those bacteria are given a chance to grow and form a colony before you ingest them. Then your body has a harder time fighting them off and you experience the gut rumbly liquid shit symptoms for about 24 hours. Salmonella is pretty much a nothing burger unless you're an infant or an elderly person already walking up to death's front door. 1 in 30k is the number of eggs where the actual inside of the egg is infected while it's forming inside the chicken, and the temperature is right for the bacteria to form a colony inside that egg. Remember what I said about "insignificant quantity." Even if you use an infected egg to make a salad dressing, or mayonnaise, etc. you are diluting the amount of bacteria per serving, and also likely adding other ingredients that make it harder for those bacteria to reproduce such as acidic, and salty ingredients.

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idk you'll have to ask the Italians

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and if you do get the 'monella it isn't going to kill you. you'll have diarrhea for a few days. not much different than your average meal from taco bell.

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It's actually a super cheffy thing, but I make sandwich dressing with raw eggs. SUPER wild, I know :3.

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Then you better watch out.

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they don't vaccinate eggs against salmonella in the states, so you should be careful.

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Grandma would sometimes beats me some yolks with sugar as a snack and between vitel tooné, tiramisù and just living I've eaten thousands of raw eggs, as far as I can tell I am still alive.
Dunno about the Rubicon tho, heating them with rice sounds safer.

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>vaccinate eggs

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That was clearly a joke you fucking retard lmao

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>The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in every 20,000 eggs are contaminated with Salmonella.
Going off that, if you made Caesar salad dressing using two egg yolks every day for 19 years you'd have a 50% chance of eating contaminated dressing.

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>I'm from America

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This sounded like bullshit but I checked and it's actually correct. How did you calculate the binomial distribution? It was too complex for Wolfram Alpha to handle.

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I dunno how you'd get the actual distribution, I just wanted to know when it'd hit 50% so I did log(0.9999, 0.5)

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Caesar salad is a Mexican dish anon.

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nta but it was created by an Italian immigrant based off a recipe passed down by his Italian mother. Its splitting hairs either way you look at it.

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Egg yolks are also much safer than whites in that regard