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I want to learn how to make British meat pies. I'm tired of seeing them on British TV shows and not knowing how they taste. What's the best resource for learning how to make them at home? I don't want Americanized or fancy ones, just bog standard meat pies.

Ideally I'm looking for a cook book, Beard on Bread but it's meat pies or something. Or if there's not a book, something like the Nestle chocolate chip bad chocolate chip cookie recipe. That kind of thing, classic, time-tested

Can anyone please help me?!?!

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fuck the poms, they dont know shit
learn how to make them from aussies or kiwis instead

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I grew up eating handpies in the south. Went to London a few times and hate meatpies there. They’re all a little different. Some use vegetables in the filling while others don’t. Some insist on flakey crusts while others insist upon a more robust crust to hold the filling. You’re basically asking how to make a sandwich. It’s all over the place.

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Kinda like a 11yo preteen creampie.

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why do people think stewed meat in pie crust is difficult?

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There’s this retarded hangup over “authenticity” with many foods.

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Edmonds cook book. Thank me later

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safety first lads


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John Kirkwood is easy to learn from. Here's his steak pie recipe. He has lots of traditional British recipes


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Or maybe people just want to experience the kind of textures, smells and flavours that people from a certain country associate with a certain meal concept?
If people just stuck with what they knew nobody would try anything different

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There’s nothing to experience. You can make it yourself. Shitloads of tutorials out there. I’ve been to London many times and can tell you just look up a meat pie recipe on the Internet. They do it fifty-dozen different ways and insist each one is authentic. Please travel and experience cuisine but don’t be like OP thinking you can never experience an “authentic” meat pie.

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I am going to make a bunch of lamb pies tomorrow and i'll post it here.

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His bread always looks so perfect.

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Americans tend to put too many flavours in their foods, including their pies, like chicken pot pie.

No, you don't need to put tyme in the steak and ale pie, no it doesn't need a pinch of nutmeg, no you don't need to add cloves and bay leaves.


Here you go

Other options are chicken and mushroom, chicken tikka, chicken and chorizo, cheese ham and onion

Try making a quiche too

Fuck it why don't you just go on holiday to England

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Australian pies are better.

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there's nothing of value to be learned from austr*lians or k*wis, the idea that your pies are anything special is laughable

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It's literally the same shit. I've eaten pies in England, Australia and New Zealand, they're just pies. The only difference is that your weird /int/ rivalry forces you all to claim your identical "versions" are somehow distinct because one batch was made by a Brit with sunstroke, one by a Brit with perpetual seasonal depression, and one by a Brit that fucks sheep.

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You want the Haynes.

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>your weird /int/ rivalry forces you all to claim
forces the aussies to claim*
we don't even think about them, the "rivalry" is strictly one-sided, just like how we have a grudge against the germans who don't give us a second thought and instead reserve their contempt for the dutch

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>just like how we have a grudge against the germans who don't give us a second thought and instead reserve their contempt for the dutch
Can you blame them?

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>contempt for the dutch
germans abhor poles and czechoslovaks far more than dutch

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NZ pies invariably have cheese.

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>make a stew
>put it in a pie crust
>bake it
It ain’t rocket science.

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Ia that all? seems pointless to put it into crust then

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All it is m8.

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does the stew at least taste different after baking in a crust? reminds me of golden flakes on a steak

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Not really.
Depends on the pastry I suppose. Dunno.
Cash, gash, pie and mash. All a man needs ngl.

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>four n twenty
kill yourself

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>does the addition of rich, crisp buttery pastry change the taste
Oh yes.

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I'll check all of these out, thank you so much

>Fuck it why don't you just go on holiday to England
OK first off because Americans go on vacation, not holiday. Secondly because it's very expensive. I work at fuckin Uhaul man
I've never made pie crust before. And I don't know what British stew is like. I just want a solid base where I know how to make a traditional standard pie, and from there I can experiment and come up with my own variations

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British meat pies with ketchup wow, what a culinary treat your prison colony gave to the world.

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What do you put on your mincemeat pies? Me, I like a bit of mushroom ketchup or HP, which they used to call "Wilson's gravy" back in my day.

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It's to make it a food on the go.
They are great, though.

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>food on the go.
isnt the filling kinda runny? i imagine it would be hard to eat without plate and cutlery

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i love pies so much bros..

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As a place to start, here's probably as fundamental as you can get: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easy-steak-pie
Extremely simple stew, store bought pastry and only doing the lid instead of the full pie. For a basic homemade pastry lid try rough puff: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/rough-puff-pastry

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Fucking no you retard.

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you'll think you tastebuds got their dick sucked by god

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>Be OP
>Want to make something
>Too lazy to type it into Google
>/ck/ spoonfeeds OP
>Still too lazy to bother
Fuckin kys.

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Kirkwood is my go to.
That' where I got my crumpets recipe.

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>he says as he does it himself.
You’ve done yourself.

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The Chilton's is ALL fucked up.
>Looks up recipe for Yorkshire pudding
>Everything looks good until step 14
>Step 14: Now remove the trim panel from the driver's side door--retain clips.

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We don't have that here, almost nobody knows about it here in AmerilardLand.(Unless they watch Townsends.)
I had to make my own.
I'm kind of amazed we don't have this stuff here--seems like an unfilled niche that would take off.
It's so fucking good.

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Fucking Thomas', they should have named the English muffin what they name them

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Well I don't see why anyone would want door trim pieces in their pies
sounds like good practice

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>ask on google
get a billion recipes of dubious quality
>ask here
get a few recipes with a decent chance of being good

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To be fair, Worcestershire isn’t far off

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>assembly is reverse of disassembly
What did they mean by this?

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k lol

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>pie manual
>picture on the cover is a fucking hockey puck

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That is true, but the flavor notes are distinct in each. The tamarind and anchovy really come through in the Besto'shire sauce, and the mushrooms are highlighted by the spices like nutmeg, allspice, mace, ginger and pepper.

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They're shit. Pastry was designed as a container, it was never supposed to be eaten.

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this nutmeg is too spicy

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Are you OK anon? Can you lift both arms?
Also, Crumpets and english muffins are totally different animals..Both are excellent for their uses, but I don't think I'd do an eggs Benny on crumpets. Eh, could be excellent.
>A Hundred little captured cells full of Hollandaise and butter..
>checked 'n' KEK'd
>Be sure to check manufacturers recommendations on weight and type of oils...

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this is objectively true.

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OP there is an award winning pie joint like 200m from where I live in straya. Here is their website for some ideas. I know you said you just want the basic bitch version. But everyone is right that it's really just steak in gravy. The main way pies fuck up is by using disgusting cheap meat where you used to find an artery in the middle randomly. This joint only uses the good stuff and it makes a big difference.

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Hijacking your thread. Is kidney pie good, or is it a norf meme? The Asian market sells beef kidney and I'm tempted to make it some time in the future. I like organ meat in my experience (heart, tripe, some liver, etc) but I've never had kidney so I can't judge that one

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Do you not have pork pies in aus? I guess the heat makes in unfeasible.

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Ok... so, This is a DIY-er auto repair joke.
Every Chiltons guide I ever bought for a car had EGREGIOUS mistakes and misplaced photos.
Haynes guides are notoriously reliable...
Feel better?

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they are in the deli section of every major supermarket

he's just a tryhard

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Looks like pie crust with dog food inside. Fucking grim.

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Imagine being this much of a radioactive-eating retard.

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looks like me Aunt's Chuff afta I wuz dun wit er! HARHARHARHARHARHAR!

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i made one using this recipe except used chicken stock, chicken, bacon and pork with the beef best thing ive ever made or tasted

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They can be sloppy, but generally not too bad.
It's not a thin stew, it's meat in a fairly thick gravy.

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The thatched roof pie is DAMN good too...
I'm not even a big Joe Perra fan, but it was OKay.

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Good to know, I thought that was a weird take.

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no-one cares about cityfag opinions

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the best pie I ever had was in a small English countryside pub me and my gf checked out that was like 10 mins from where I lived at the time, whereafter I took her down to the empty grass fields and we snogged and watched cows and wild foxes, and a mosquito bit me on the arse

fast forward a year and I'm in Glasgow eating some shitty Scottish pie at some shitty chain pub tousism trap because we couldn't figure out where the good shit was, whereafter the same girl dumped me ran off without paying any of her holiday share and ostracised me from all of my friends, and now I want to kill myself

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Fantastic recipe. I've made myself and it was great.

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While this is true--CityFAG is a mentality.
There are Frens in the cities who HATE iT.
For them...Escape is the ONLY option.
Let's ALL hope they can say farewell to the Shitty if they want to...

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cope bruce, aus is the same kind of shithole as bongistan except the wildlife also hates you

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we have coles and woolworth out in the country, not that I'd expect you to know you tryhard urbanite faggot

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This sounds very good.
But making the gravy with a roux be better than thickening it with corn starch?

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*but surely making

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Found these at my grocery stores and have been enjoying the steak and potato pies with fried eggs on top and a cup of black tea. I have no fuckin clue about meat pies, but if I were to eat these with something on the side so I'm not just eating a pie by itself for dinner, what goes on the side?

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>steak and potato pies with fried eggs on top
Nasty. Pies should be served with fries/chips/potatoes/mash on the side and or veg like peas or carrots. Always need gravy too

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unironically this guy has the best meat pie recipe available on the internet. Simple, no bullshit instructions and helpful tips. Plus he sounds like Winnie the Pooh.


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>I don't know what British stew is like
its (lean) meat and veg in gravy mate you can't go far wrong
personally its stewing steak + gravy granules + peas + dark beer
only thing to keep in mind is that it should be either quite thick if you're putting it in a pie, so it doesnt go everywhere when you cut into it. preferably not gelatinous either.
the most traditional/popular pies are chicken and mushroom, steak and ale, steak and kidney. im sure you can guess what the ingredients for those are.
if traditional is what you're going for then keep the ingredients simple but really pies can have any (meat) filling you want. make a curry and put that in a pie, anything goes.

kirkwoods good but he uses hot water crust which is a bit of a faff, and idk if its just whats popular in the north east or what but round these parts shortcrust is much more common
you want a robust pastry to hold the filling. puff on top if its going on a plate, use beef dripping or lard over butter, we're not french.

like most british food its simple stuff, not worth worrying about authenticity. really as long as the pastry is well baked and the filling palatable* then its a pie 90% of brits would be content with.

eat on its own or serve with mash, veg and gravy (beef gravy, even if the filling is chicken).

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>something like the Nestle chocolate chip bad chocolate chip cookie recipe. That kind of thing, classic, time-tested
tin of stewed steak, shop bought shortcrust pastry, beaten egg
roll out the pastry, cut into oblongs, couple spoons of stewed steak on one side of each, fold them over and seal with your beaten egg
apply remainder of egg to top of the pasties and bake til golden.
now ok this is a pasty recipe not a pie recipe but for practical purposes they are the same. eat cold if they last long enough.

its not a good recipe but its probably the single most common.

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have to go to bed but bumping thread because I have wanted to learn how to make meat pies for a long time
hope thread is still here tomorrow

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You only eat meat pies because your Pom ancestors did. Why would anyone ask for a derivative rather than the original.

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if you're going to use canned filling and premade crust why not just buy a canned pie? I wish I could get that fray bentos shit in america just to try one.

>> No.19723181

They arent as bad as people say, they are just very mean on the filling now. Thats the only real problem

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>why not just buy a canned pie?
they are more expensive
the filling is all gravy and sinew, barely any meat
the pastry isnt as nice, always a soggy layer under the top.
you need cutlery to eat them
and they taste kinda weird

i had the balti fray bentos and it was pretty great. but i was camping and had been drinking all day.

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>Frens in the cities who HATE iT.
>For them...Escape is the ONLY option.
I am willing to sacrifice them if that means not a single other cityfag escapes.

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A well made pie is a thing of beauty. The pastry really does enhance the experience like with apple pie. I rarely eat them these days because the pastry makes it extremely calorific. I eat stew of course, just not pastry as a general rule.

Most of the shop ones will be shit. The same as the so-called Cornish pasties. They aren't difficult to make but they all skimp on one of the following: good quality fat in the pastry, meat content, viscosity of gravy and herbs/spices. Stay away from tin pies like Fray Bentos at all costs.

Pies taste like a thick stew in a pastry crust. The top will tend to be more crispy than the bottom, which will be of a wetter, more stodgy consistency. Many people like the contrast between the top and the bottom.

The beef/chicken pies tend to be more of a stew than the pork/game ones. The pork/game ones tend to be more densely packed and solid with a jelly that sets in a layer between the pie crust and the filling (for preservation).

Good sides to have depends on the pie. Beef goes with peas, seared tendersteam broccoli, carrots, mash, gravy (not ketchup/HP sauce!). Piccalilli and vinegary condiments like pickled eggs/walnuts go with pork pies. Redcurrant jelly with game. Trust your taste.

Beef/steak & kidney pies tend to be eaten at home as the main part of a meal or hand-held in a football stadium. The hand-held ones tend to be more viscous. The idea is that you need enough gravy so you don't have a dry eating experience but not so runny that it makes a mess when you try to eat it. Nowadays they give you a plastic tray and pour gravy on top of the pie as well. This makes it extra moist but you lose the flakiness of the top as it becomes more soggy. Some people like that.

Pork pies tend to be eaten cold at picnics. You cut a slice (not the whole pie in other words) and have it with whatever else you are having. Things like quiche, scotch eggs, small sandwiches, cold cuts, cheese like cheddar, jam tarts, fairy cakes etc.

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>. Is kidney pie good, or is it a norf meme?
I'm a Southerner, And I love 'em.

It's not a kidney pie, it's steak and kidney, with kidney making up about 20-10% .

>> No.19723526

Is this some kind of representation of the british women getting dark creampied by BBCs?

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This is a retarded newfag meme.

>> No.19723594

>confusing the matter by including pork pies
aaa anon why
might as well include sausage rolls if you're gonna do that
pork pies are completely different to normal pies, they are always made with hot water crust and the contents is just seasoned pork, sometimes with onion or pickle, surrounded by a thin layer of jelly and in general they're a bitch to make at home unless you cheat and use shortcrust pastry and sausage meat.

>Most of the shop ones will be shit
supermarkets, certainly. butchers tend to do decent pies, if they make them at all.

>The Asian market sells beef kidney
is it fresh? kidney absolutely has to be fresh. you can use other kidney instead if you like. i can't stand liver but kidney isnt bad.
just make sure you wash it thoroughly. I wouldn't have it on its own but in a steak and kidney pie or pudding where its about 3:1 ratio of beef to kidney it works well.

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go back to /gif/ you cumbrained degenerate

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Can't believe he honestly thought that was going to impress someone with that.
Australian pies in general aren't even that great anymore but Four n Twenty are probably some of the crappiest pies in the country. People basically only eat those things when they're trapped inside a football game and starving. Even a dodgy Vietnamese bakery pie would be a better choice than a Four n Twenty.

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You know the story of falling in love with a one night stand on vacation and never finding that happiness again? I experienced that with Meat Pies when I went to Seattle about 7 years ago. This place opened my eyes to the possibility. The only place I can find a good one locally is the frozen Stout pies at Trader Joe’s.

>> No.19725645

>Fuck it why don't you just go on holiday to England
Why would an American pay money to look at Africans when they can do it for free in their own country?

>hurr durr why do americans season and spice their food, oi
God damn what a stereotype you are.

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My barber use to make these. He looked like Johnny Depp.

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mah nigga

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bloody ell you septics are a delicate lot aren't you

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>Be American
>Eat spicy food

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Dipshit. Now I have a good source for making these and will be attempting to make my first meat pie next week. Never would have happened if OP never made his post.

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Watch some mid-late 2000's kino

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>Zoomies that can't take the heat
many such cases

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For sausage rolls, it’s this or nothing