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I dare you to watch this and tell me Chinese food (actual Chinese and not Chinese-American) looks appetizing.

This dish (Lianhua Xueya) for example:
>has bone fragments
>uses a mixture of duck blood and alcohol

You might say that most dishes are alright, but it seems like there's always a fuck-up in the ingredients, whether it's overly oily, spicy, or even garlicky. Even dumplings can be a hit or miss.


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My Asian sister-in-law took me to an authentic dim sum restaurant in a very Chinese neighborhood in Brooklyn and it was truly dreadful. I pretended to enjoy it so she wouldn’t feel bad but almost everything was oily, revolting in flavor, and made me feel queasy afterward.

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if it doesn't make you legitimately a little bit ill, not even from foodborne disease but simply by its nature, it isn't authentic chinese food. bourdainoids will dispute this

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Lmao complaining about bones in your food. What are you a fucking child?

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>2 seconds in
>annoying aussie cunt voice

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>has bone fragments
>uses a mixture of duck blood and alcohol
sounds like you guys are poorfags who can never enjoy true cuisine like canard à la rouennaise

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The amount of white Australians that have learned to pick up and speak Mandarin and Cantonese has been increasing and it has been somewhat of a surprise for me. Why the fuck did I bother learning English then?

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They fucking use gutter oil and spit oil in china and if you aren't with someone who can direct you somewhere more expensive and that genuinely doesn't use that, you will get very sick or even get a disease.

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another paid influencer by the chinese government

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The country has basically been sold to the Chinese, especially the two major cities. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, the Chinese are ass raping you so learning their language at least lubes your asshole a little.

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I bet you've tried the well known delicacy
"Cream of sum Yung bwoy"

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Canadian here, same for us bud

Long live the commonwealth (of China [I moved to Japan and hate most dirty chinkniggers])

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Open video, see influencer, close tab