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wine education?

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>wine vore
I am concerned.

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>Should I Be Concerned?
No. God blesses every child with a unique skin color

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I am concerned when around black people.

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I am not allow

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>wine vore
... what

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based lilyhammer poster

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snap the base of the stem off and use it to shiv Lauren Southern and her bull in the neck

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imagine mocking someone for giving a kid from some shithole a chance at a good life

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Start by trying out a few different bottles from each country. Maybe 20-35 dollars per bottle. Research what types are the most popular/famous.

Decide which country's wine you enjoy the most and start researching regions within that country, vintage ratings, higher or lower end producers etc.

The other way is to try a single varietal example of each of the most famous grapes. Merlot, cabrrnet sauvignon, pinot noir, tempranillo, chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc, etc.
Once you find your favorite grape you can try examples from different countries, vintages, high/low end producers.

Have fun with it and expand your horizons! :D

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You just know..

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I don't have to imagine, I just did it

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If you want to learn more about wine it's worth it.

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Why are you assuming so much? Why so insecure?

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*approving nods from the peanut gallery*

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why? he is making his country worse for everyone

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>Maybe 20-35 dollars per bottle
thats retarded, he can start with 10-15 easily. And not from variety of countries. Start with france, italy or spain

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It's a niglet, it's already a lost cause he should have adopted an orphaned child who could have actually benefited. We all appreciate the sentiment but to throw away the effort on a nigger? it's such a waste you have to admit

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Sorry you're poor. It's incredibly retarded to exclude germany and the usa. Poor and a winelet. How sad.

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i said to start with. And germany cant make a good red even if they sacrificed their firstborn sons, i am no impressed by your overpriced white pisswater. My point is, that a retard that knows shit about wine can easily start at 10 dollar bottle

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If you choose properly a more expensive bottle(30 is not expensive btw) will have a clearer picture of what a specific region or country is all about than your 10 dollar poor person wine. You've made my point abundantly clear with your remarks on german wine.

Now stop being poor.

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german wine is overpriced pisswater. deal with it. And for 10 bucks you can get perfectly fine wine, but faggotl ike you wouldnt know. You remind me of the /tea/ fags. Dumb niggers that know shit but htink that buying pricy makes them knowledgable.

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I don't have to. Poverty is a concern, but making jetsam of people is inexcusable.
Have sex.

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Extreme poorfag cope is so sad, and so so common these days.

Awwwww you seethe at german wine because you're too poor to afford a decent bottle? Stop being poor, fag.

Imagine truly believing you know wines, but your only experience with wine is having tasted the entire carlos rossi line up. Laughable.

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Not him but buying german wine makes you a poorfag in the first place. That's the whole idea of Pradikatswine and the like. Make it here because imported wine is too expensive.

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Uhhhhhh.... How stupid are you going to make yourself look?

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very good example of overpriced sugar water. ty anon

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High pricetag to milk rich people. Happens a lot. I like german wine but it is considered a thirdrate winecountry for a reason.

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Very good example of a disgusting poor person who knows nothing. Ty anon

Feel sorry for the poors that have never had this wine before. You would feel so incredibly stupid right now.

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Seems very expensive. Like goldleaf steaks.

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They are laying the propaganda on so thick these days. Even my 68 year old parents are noticing it.

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i know enough to see a bad deal. Sweet wines are often extremely overpriced and germans are the worst culprits of that. If i wanted sweet wine, i would pick marsala or good vin santo, which are sometimes overpriced too, but have more mature taste than your german pepsiwine

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>produce of france

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are you impling you drink champagne while playing cards? are you a nigger?

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Again. You are clearly demonstrating your incredible lack of knowledge. Keep going. It's really funny.

Sometimes very expensive wine is 100% worth it, and the price matches the taste. Vintage is very important, and so is provenance if you're getting an older bottle.

Gold leaf steak adds nothing but looks to steak. A correctly chosen bottle of expensive wine tastes better. Stupid comparison.

No. It was for my mom's bday.

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thats hardly german wine. But it does look overpriced, i give you that

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Sure, expensive bottles possibly have a more interesting profile but after a certain point it is purely diminishing returns. Just something to milk rich people. I'm glad these things exist though.
A very expensive german wine existing doesn't mean the rest of it is intended to be for poorfags. C'est la vie anon.

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Meant to word the last sentence differently but hope you know that.

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>or Spain
Yeah no. Even Algeria makes better (far better) wine. And they don't even drink alcohol over there.

That's how bad Spanish wine is.

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Sloppiest bait in ages. Unless you meant France by Algeria.

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spain produces heaps of shitty wine but their good wine is perfectly fine. Just dont buy in a bag anon

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>Using labor intensive and expensive production methods to produce a higher quality product is to just milk rich people.

Diminishing returns is a sliding scale depending on the place, vintage, and producer. Paying 1k for a 100 year old sauternes from a shitty vintage, or paying 1k for a 5 year bottle of first growth bordeaux from a good vintage. One is significantly more worthwhile than the other.

What an idiotic take on wine. Wine is a way to enhance and preserve the beauty of nature. Yeah there's limited supply, rarity, aging costs, etc. That does not take away the innate value of a beautiful product with better taste/aromatic qualities.

100% new oak oak expensive. Hand picking frozen grapes in the middle of the night is expensive. Is it worth it to make a better product? For those who can appreciate it. Yeah it is.

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>Wine is a way to enhance and preserve the beauty of nature.
you sound like one of those gay little booklets for dumb snobs

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> Imagine truly believing you know wines, but your only experience with wine is having tasted the entire carlos rossi line up.
Holy fuck! And winner by KO, this Anon!

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Awwwwwww sorry, buddy. Lemme guess you're a poor alcoholic who needs to buy cheap wine because you chug 2 bottles every night. SAD!

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you should start with a 1982 Mouton Rothchild, followed by a 2016 Domaine De Romanee Conti La Tache, followed by Jacques Selosse 2008 Champagne, finishing with Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese 2005

If you can't have all of these wines in this exact order, don't bother

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Pretentious babble. I already said it can be worth it but it very likely isn't. Dunno why we are agreeing with eachother. That being said, most who buy these wines see them as an investment or as a showpiece. Very silly. Wines are to be enjoyed.

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just admit your take on german wine is stupid and you can go back to your overpriced collection. retards like you will never understand wine even if you drink it 1000 dollar bottle every day.

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You should remind yourself what pretentious means, bud.
I buy my wines to enjoy and some to age and then enjoy for special occasions. Like my 3 bottles of 2001 yquem that I have, or my incredibly rare bottle of 1990 JL Chave vin de paille.

I completely understand that inexpensive wine can be great. A wine does not need high levels of refinement to have great character or be a nice expression of a vintage,grape,terroir, etc. Duh.

Based. One day I'll get a good DRC wine, but I have more important things to spend my money on atm.

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Nah, dude. You're an idiot. A nice bottle of chilled jj prum auslese on a hot day with some fresh fruits and nice cheese is a true joy.

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sorry I only drink wine that takes 10 years to reach 2% alcohol

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so is bottle of chilled coka cola. The point is value/worth and german wines generaly dont have that.
My guess would be you babling about german wines is a hot take you trained to use in discussions about wine. But anon, even if you writte retarded shit with conviction its still retarded

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Looooove that stuff. The bottle I got came boxed with the little crystal spoon you sip it from.

4 of us couldn't finish a 375ml because it was so insanely rich. The craziest part about good ultra sweet wines for me is that they have the acidity to balance all that sugar.

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TASTELET. You're becoming schizo for no reason. Is it more cope?

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it's all bullshit and addicts lying to themselves

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Why did you post a picture of your own personality?

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Comprehension, critical thinking, and self awareness have been diminished from your 3 bottles of cheap wine a day habit, huh?

Maybe try reading the definition slowly, or out loud?

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Find a good wine dealer. Optimal are a husband and wife age 50+. Even better if they're second or third gen. They know what works for which occasions. The older they are the more they've weeded out the crap.

Women will recommend economy wines (and they're better at it), men will tell you what's best (and will often lie).

Certain wines start at certain prices. Champagne starts at 50 Euro for small independent labels, 150 for bigger (Dom) and 250 for biggest labels (Krug). They're not better in any way. You just pay for their ad campaigns. Cheaper Champagne is a waste of money and time. Get a bottle of Franciacorta instead.

Avoid supermarkets. Travel if you can but stay away from wine routes and the tourists they attract. Ignore most wine guides, they're shit. All they do is give more points to whomever sends the most freebies. Parker, Suckling, Larousse, Gambero Rosso are all supreme circle jerkers. Vinous is pretty good.

Also pretty good are online wine lists from reputed/very expensive restaurants. I've found 100s of very good, affordable wines that way.

German white wine has overtaken France 20 years ago. With some exceptions (Meursault). Reds are next. Welcome to climate change.

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>n-no u
I accept your concession.

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>wine thread
>autistic screeching
like clockwork
posting my wine

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Seethe more you know nothing poor.

>> No.19721142

Game, set, match, nouveau richfags are so pathetic. You have no culture or understanding of history and flaunt your bitcoin wealth around buying overpriced "rich" shit specifically designed to milk the new rich who have no actual taste.

>> No.19721149

Imagine pretending you won when you just squealed schizo babble and said you're wrong in 18 different ways. You're a joke, and a poor one at that.

It was completely lost on you, but it's pretentious to PRETEND you know about expensive wine when you're too poor to have ever had any in your entire life.

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>tfw no wine friends
>just collect bottles that require special occasions that will never occur, or if they do, will be among people with zero palate

>> No.19721161

>writes like reddit
>formats like reddit
You should go back, your pretentious friends miss you. If you stay away too long your karma might drop.

>> No.19721162

I know that feel. Aside from hunger good company is one of the best seasonings.

If you buy wine that improves over 30 years you will at least have plenty of time to find a good occasion!

>> No.19721167

He said reddit!


I activated the NPC programming.


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They've had wine since Roman times. It's true that the French perfected the process. It's also true that Algerian wine was as popular as Bordeaux wines were, until Algeria became independent. Then they fell out of (French) favour. Their wines haven't really changed though, and they're still ridiculously cheap.

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>isn't that that gross sweet wine for girls?

>> No.19721174

>he didn't deny it
This is getting sad. Why do new richfags get so upset when you all out their "wealth"?

>> No.19721177

i wouldnt say gross but if you drink it often you are definetly gay. No wonder germany - the gayest country in europe - makes so much sweet white wine.

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remember to always clos de tart
I forgot one time and it was a big mistake

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lol you should drop some weight anon

>> No.19721185

Is that the squealings of the schizo poor I hear? How quaint!

I highly recommend getting your hands on a donnhoff eiswein. Insanely delicious.

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post a number between 1-600 and I'll post a bottle
or you can ask for a specific style

I've lost 30 pounds since that photo, but thanks fren

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Oh no the richfag has ran out of excuses and is stuck in a loop of using the same insults. How sad!

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How do I get rich so I can drink fancy wines too?

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I don't remember why I took this photo

get lucky trading shitstocks

>> No.19721197

>post a number between 1-600 and I'll post a bottle or you can ask for a specific style
hey i remember you, you had some nice tokaji.

>> No.19721200

If you got lucky why do you act superior to others?

>> No.19721203

ah now it makes sense. Hoodrich poorfag got money and throws it around like nigger on the welfare day. carry on then

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just 4 u

not me, just passing through and posting my wine

>> No.19721215

fuck i need to buy some again.

>> No.19721218

It was pretty obvious, all new richfags have the same personality. They lucked into a little bit of money and suddenly think they are hot shit. They blow most of it on flashy shit like fancy cars that are poorly built but have a slick trim and mcmansions.
It's all about projecting a wealthy appearance to others because that is what they think being rich is all about. It's the same thing as ftm trannys. They have a distorted view of masculinity. They over compensate and try to act hyper masculine because that is what they imagine being a man is like.

>> No.19721227

I don't buy garbage wine. I think it's a waste of money. I looked for good Cava and it was poor. Just as I looked for good Prosecco and it was equally poor. I tried Rioja. It was a complete disappointment. Nowhere near the "Spanish version of Bordeaux" I was promised. Crude, loud, often unbalanced wines (despite being 6-7 years old). Definitely not a fan. I'm more impressed by South African and Oregon wines.

>> No.19721230

Holy poorfag cope. Stunning example. Bravo, lad.

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honestly red burgundy is worse than lootboxes for whether or not you're gonna get something fantastic
this was great though

>> No.19721235

>doesn't deny it
Thanks for confirming what we already knew.

>> No.19721246

do you know why he didnt buy car? because he doesnt even have drivers license

>> No.19721251

lol yes. look at the cover.

>> No.19721252

You're on a poorfag cope and seethe rampage because a handful of more knowledgeable people took giant dumps on your chest.

My actual response to your stupidity? It's really simple.
I enjoy wine and wanted to learn about it. I have the opportunity to enjoy both very expensive wines and inexpensive wines, so I did that. I like sharing my love for food and drink with my friends and family. It's really that simple.

You just sound really really angry and stupid. Get a grip, guy.

>> No.19721259

I know it's a meme but it's scary how few people under 30 know how to drive. Zoomers and late millenials are so resistant to exploring the world that they never even attempt to gain their own freedom. They are content to ride busses and be permanently locked within a couple miles of their home.
It's sad, completely different from the world I grew up in where everyone wanted to drive as soon as they could. Turning 16 and getting your license was a right of passage and anyone that didn't or couldn't was a second class citizen.

>> No.19721261

>love for food
yeah that pic above makes it clear

>> No.19721263

A paragraph is more than a single sentence.

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last one for now
I assume the bickering will continue until I return

>> No.19721280

Why are you so fat?

>> No.19721283

I'm not that guy, and I'm not fat either.

Correct! I'm so proud of you for remembering the difference between a paragraph and a sentence. Was my paragraph too much for you? Do we need to go back to grug speak?

>> No.19721286

Why do you use paragraph spacing for a single sentence? Almost like a common practice from another website. huh

>> No.19721287

>I..i am not fat either!!!!
who are you trying to convince?

>> No.19721295

Lol. Ye mum, but she got the special pics.













>> No.19721296

I just call it like I see it anon. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck there's a good chance it's a duck.

>> No.19721300


Your npc programming activated and you completely deflected, dipped, and dodged my actual response to your schizo, complaining rant.

>> No.19721304

maybe drop some weight if you want to be taken seriously lol. you are rich, you can afford personal trainer

>> No.19721305

>quack quack quack
Sorry I don't speak duck could you translate that into human?

>> No.19721312

Your mother doesn't seem to mind.

Continue your deflection. It's really funny.

>> No.19721315

hey richie rich, maybe you should hire a mexican to post this embarassing shit for you. its not like your shitty posts have any quality

>> No.19721395

Can you recommend me a 400-600 dollar bottle of red wine that's ready to drink and be enjoyed with a steak dinner?

>> No.19721401

>that's ready to drink
Why does this need to be said? Are there people that ask for wine with their steak recommendations that just want to look at the bottle while they eat?

>> No.19721428

Some really expensive bottles are great to try young, but are in their prime after a decade or two of proper aging.
They are specifically made to be in their prime after a decade or two and taste amazing for another 2 or 3+ decades.

Remember that at it's most basic level wine is a way to preserve grapes by turning it into alcohol.

>> No.19721431

thought that said wife education, and no he looks like a total uggo

>> No.19721446

None of that has anything to do with the useless extra words. Remove "that's ready to drink and be" and nothing changes. Asking for a wine for a dinner already implies you are going to drink it not admire it for decades. It's just pretentious extra phrasing that adds nothing to the conversation.

>> No.19721468

Wrong. Like I said some wine is great and very interesting to try when it is young, but when you drink it you will wish you waited another 5-10 years to open it because it is not at its full potential. Usually you want to wait for a 500 dollar bottle of wine to be at its best before opening. Unless you purchased a few of them so you can truly experience how the wine evolves with age. Having one bottle every 5 years for example.

>> No.19721480

Wrong. If you ask someone for a bottle of wine to have with dinner you are implying that you will drink it. This does not need to be said.

>> No.19721493

Cool. You didn't comprehend anything I said. Nicely done.
Do you have a recommendation for a bottle of red wine that's 400-600 dollars and in it's prime drinking window?

>> No.19721498

I comprehended your strawman perfectly well. You can deflect as much as you want, but nothing you said has any baring on the point I was making. You know you fucked up just take the L and move on.

>> No.19721508

Oakland isn't that bad come on

>> No.19721522

Hahaha you're really funny, but also really stupid. Thanks for the laugh.

Oh yeah... Where's my wine recommendation, peon?

Let's bump the wine recommendation up to 800 dollars if you don't mind. Something displaying some nice tertiary flavors. Ready to drink and in its prime. To be enjoyed with a lovely steak dinner.

>> No.19721527

I accept your concession esl anon, good luck on those english language lessons. Just a few more months and you will be speaking like you were born here.

>> No.19721551

You already lost when you were unable to comprehend and respond to my argument. This was due to general stupidity and a severe lack of knowledge about wine.
Wine can be consumed at any time. It is "ready" in the literal sense to drink the moment after it has been released to the public. Some wines are great when they are young, but even better when they have the correct amount of age on them. Your ignorance has clearly demonstrated that you are unaware of commonly used phrases when talking about wines, and especially expensive wines. Got it? Your cute ramblings and insults do nothing for you, except demonstrate how clearly ignorant you are.

Very telling you cannot recommend me a wine. It's like you're pretending to know something you dont.

>> No.19721565
File: 292 KB, 1440x994, Screenshot_20230919_142657_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone try this bottle? Seems like a pretty nice one.

>> No.19721568

It's telling that someone who fills his sentences with superfluous language would write an essay to defend his shit english skills.

>> No.19721581
File: 778 KB, 1440x2626, Screenshot_20230919_143259_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe this bottle? I wonder how high the bidding will go.

>> No.19721589

Give me a wine recommendation or shut up. It needs to be ready to drink, please. Thank you.

>> No.19721595


>> No.19721598
File: 1.00 MB, 1440x2933, Screenshot_20230919_143634_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one looks great. Does anyone know if it is in its prime drinking window? I plan to have it with a steak dinner in the near future.

>> No.19721600

>enter thread
>noone has mentioned any good starter wines (10k minimum)
>leave thread

>> No.19721608

Availability is highly variable depending on location. Theres usually good info online about whatever prospective wine you may want to try. You can also read about flavor profiles or food pairings to help you learn what may be best for your tastes.
See >>19719835

A specific exame if you must. New zealand pinot noir is excellent bang for your buck. Beaujolais is also a great and inexpensive option.

>> No.19722093

Can I pay to taste whine with attractive women? I don't want to pretend alcohol tastes good with zesty niggas or trannies

>> No.19722121

You don't have to make my quality of life worse to satisfy your saviour complex, you know. Most people would just donate to the food bank or youth shelter. Why don't we make our country better, first?

>> No.19723217

how is youth shelter or food bank making our country better?
wine is genuinly tasty anon. you just havent found the right one for you.

>> No.19723285

>shitting on wines that only people in the know drink
you played yourself

>> No.19723292

in what know? if you cannot comprehend concept of overpriced wine you are a chum

>> No.19723298

Yeah just go to any style over substance winery.

If you have money and you're American anywhere popular in the Napa Valley should suffice.

>> No.19723300

in what world is germany overpriced

do you exclusively drink wine from south america and eastern yurup or something

>> No.19723308

in this world. German white wines are overpriced and generaly worse than french and italian for the same price. And they cant do red enought to even mention

>> No.19723316

italian whites I'd have to agree, reds no

frog wine definitely more overpriced, probably most overpriced wine outside of maybe burgerland

also I've had some pretty nice lateburgundy before so you're wrong there also

>> No.19723324

>frog wine definitely more overpriced
France has such a wide palet of wines its not really true. You have certain brands that are overpriced, but you can get good wine there for 10 bucks, that is incomparable to anything germans can do. But ill give you that i strongly prefer heavy complex wines and have no time for aciddic light northern ones

>> No.19723360

it has a wider palette of wine, but still most of it is overpriced

if we're talking about what we can get when you're in the country you can absolutely get wines that are just as good in germany for $10

>But ill give you that i strongly prefer heavy complex wines and have no time for aciddic light northern ones
no wonder you don't like german wines, you don't like about a third of the wine world lmao

>> No.19723391

>you don't like about a third of the wine world lmao
desu more like 65%. But hey, lately i have been drinking some really nice burgundian pinot noir, so well see

>> No.19723719

Sounds like you enjoy getting drunk more than wine, winelet.


>> No.19724646

In no particular order:
Ridge Monte Bello 1992, outrageous vintage and just starting to hit it's prime, hasn't crossed into a thousand dollar pricetag (yet)
Bruno Giacosa Falleto Riserva, try to get one from the late eighties or late nineties if you can, the early nineties were pretty weak but he's still probably the king of barolo
2005 Chateau Pavie, I've had two bottles and both have been astounding. A lot of people said the 2005s were overrated but I disagree
2007 Guigal La (insert vineyard here), any of them. Probably the best year they've ever had. If you're looking for value, the 2007 Clos de Pape is also incredible and still can be found around 200 bucks. It's close to peak but will develop further
2005 Clos Erasmus, geniunely a perfect wine top to bottom. Needs a 4 hour decant but etherial and endless as far as priorat goes
If you can find it, Giuseppi Quintarelli's Alzero is absolute insanity, I had a 2007 and a 1993 recently that were both fully alive and explosive. It does lean a little porty since it's cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot done in an amarone style, but the residual sugar is still technically dry
If you want rustic, Cos D'Estournel's 86 and 89 are still pretty affordable and fully developed, though the 89 is starting to decline slightly. I've had more mixed luck with the 86 Rothschild funnily enough, but it is a much more muscular wine and still hasn't reached maturity

>> No.19724656

Paul Hobbs does a very plush and ripe style, but he's undeniably a great winemaker. For my money, I'd go with Schafer Hillside Select if you like that profile, the 2010s and 2012s are both great

Margaux is all about power, florality, and minerality. The fruit is almost an afterthought. But they are immense wines. I still think the best ultrapremium bordeaux is haut-brion, then mouton, then margaux, then lafite, then latour, then petrus

not even close to being ready, but a genuinely beautiful wine and arguably the best thing to ever come out of california. Needs at least 6 more years, probably more like 10

>> No.19724813
File: 264 KB, 1440x1022, Screenshot_20230920_134218_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TY! I am saving your first post for future reference.

You reminded me of cote-roties and how I have been wanting to try them. I can get this 3 pack right now. You think this is reasonably priced?

I've had both a very good hermitage, and a SQN syrah. How do these ones compare? It's hard to say which one I liked better, but it was very interesting trying them side by side.

>> No.19724829

they run around 500-600 each, you're paying for the convenience of the three pack. Depending on where you live, it's probably cheaper to buy them separately
but yeah, they are fantastic wines and really fun to vertical so you can taste the differences in terroir. SQN is all about broad, open wines, but the high-end cote roties are more linear, more acidic, and more about elegance wrapped in power, rather than the other way around

>> No.19725091

Damn. The decisions. My store has a 2010 haut-brion in stock for 925, or I could try bidding on a 2000 Margaux. The margaux sounds intriguing.

I actually went to high school with the son of the schafer vineyard owners. He was kind of a dbag. Their wine is quite good, so I guess it makes up for it.

>> No.19725150

>plenty of local orphans
>fuck them though
>adopt some mystery meat from abroad instead
>this way you make sure everyone knows how special and loyal to the party you are
>crime rate goes up +1 in 10 years from now
Yes he's definitely just trying to help the kid.

>> No.19725228
File: 118 KB, 600x600, Rick Wilson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imagine mocking someone for giving a kid from some shithole a chance at a good life
This website is filled with racist anime masturbaters. Just ignore them and vote Democrat if Trump wins the GOP primary

>> No.19725241

you are by far the biggest faggot on this board

>> No.19725284

>how is youth shelter or food bank making our country better?
>he wants children to stay in abusive homes
Why are there so many pedos on this website?

>> No.19725296

>imagine mocking someone for forcing their own children to compete with a stranger for absolutely no reason

its basically tier 3 cuckholdry. Forigners do NOT deserve our oppertunities, access to our resources, or any of our time and attention.

>> No.19725543

Put in a bid at 875 for the margaux. If I get it in 5 days that will be my bottle.

It's a lot worse to hate people because they have things you don't have, and enjoy life in ways you can't seem to understand. Major loser energy.

>> No.19725590

>It's a lot worse to hate people because they have things you don't have
No that's pretty natural, especially when many people have things through unethical or downright evil means.

>> No.19725607

You must be a mind reader! Incredible. What number am I thinking of right now?

>> No.19725611

I'm drinking wine right now from an 8oz water glass.
And I dgaf.

>> No.19725614

You ok? Having a stroke? Reply to the wrong post?

>> No.19725679

No. You may be talking in general, but knowing some dude who loves wine is evil would require you to read minds.

It's sad to someone so bitter and hateful.

>> No.19725685

The fact that you assumed I was talking about you is telling. Got any skeletons in the closet you would like to get off your shoulder anon?

>> No.19725688

>The fact that you assumed I was talking about you is telling. Got any skeletons in the closet you would like to get off your shoulder anon?
What, you no able to read my mind?
Why no you tell me aboot them skeletons in my closet?

>> No.19725690

I'm not that guy, and I did not assume that.
You continue to prove my point about how you're just a sad little loser. Thanks.

If you weren't so horrifically awful to be around I was going to invite you to my wine and steak dinner.

>> No.19725693

Ah the classic "I'll reply to anon as if I was the person he was talking to and when I don't gain the upper hand I'll pretend to be someone else".
1/10 for effort, get some new material that shit is older than the hills.

>> No.19725700

Yeah definitely a stroke, you should probably call an ambulance you are losing the ability to form words.

>> No.19725701

A schizo! How entertaining! Got any other batshit crazy things tocsay for my entertainment?

>> No.19725704

I don't really care for wine. I've had mead, sake, champagne, and a couple of actual wines, and didn't find any of them to be particularly enjoyable.

>> No.19725705

I accept your concession, next time try to actually form a coherent thought before shitting all over your keyboard.

>> No.19725709

Drinking wine is basically at the very bottom of the wine experience. It's 90% talking about wine and impressing your friends by saying things like "tannins" and "full body aroma".

>> No.19725714

Awww how cute! He's lost all coherent thought and reading comprehension! Hey buddy, if it makes you happy let's just say you won! Okay? :D

>> No.19725728

One of us is talking in baby language and throwing a tantrum because I suggested that some people have ill gotten gains. I think it's clear I hit the mark from your response. The guilt is causing you to lash out. It's not too late to reconsider your life choices anon.

>> No.19725738

Hahahaha. The mind reader strikes again! How come you couldn't tell me the number I was thinking of when I asked you?

The only thing that has been revealed is how much of big of a loser you are. It's remarkable. I don't expect something like you to have any self awareness, so you will just need to trust me on that one. It's obvious to everyone except you.

>> No.19725758

Your heightened state of emotions and lack of ability to control your anger combined with the reduction in cognitive function would lead one to believe otherwise. You became extremely aggressive when I made a generalized statement not even about you.
The more agitated you get the more obvious you make it that remark hit closer to home than you would like to admit. So again I have to ask, is there anything you would like to get off your chest anon?

>> No.19725767

Lmao. Another clear example of how weak your grasp on reality is.

Well Okay, buddy. I honestly hope your life improves. Touch a little grass or something like that. Maybe enjoy a nice bottle of wine with your friends or family. Good company always cheers me up, and being fortunate enough to share a beautiful bottle of wine with them is just the icing on the cake.

>> No.19725776

Thanks, it seems you have been able to calm down now. I guess that wine of yours is useful for something. I'm more of a gin and tonic or scotch on the rocks kind of guy but to each their own. Cheers and happy drinking my friend.

>> No.19725789

Lmao >>19725241

>> No.19725813

all wines are different, even wines in the same category from the same region can show radical differences in quality and character
if there is any juice, coffee, or tea you like, I guarantee you there's a wine you'll like too

>> No.19725831

Sorry but homosexuality is a sin, I choose to abstain from such practices. But if that's your thing I won't judge you.

>> No.19726861

you're not very good at this

>> No.19727239
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>> No.19727262

I'm never more disgusted than by middle class shitlibs that think prioritizing everyone but their own people is acceptable. Charity starts at home first, these types of """""people""""""" are the reason places like the UK have a pakistani grooming/rape scandal every other month.

>> No.19727263

Funny thing about terroir: modern techniques of soil improvement make less-than-desirable plots of land viable in otherwise undesirable areas. Depletion of soils in mainstay regions degrades the quality of wine produced there.

Provenance, terroir, and vintage all matter, but they are not static; any area or producer known for being decent can have a rough year or a bumpy transition between generations.

>> No.19727274

bro that pic is 6 years old c'mon even your bait is vintage

>> No.19727288

American grapes are underrated. No I don't mean wines, I mean grapes - fox, concord, mustang, muscadine, etc. Lots of potential in their genetics.

>> No.19727289
File: 1.10 MB, 1776x2268, 20161227_170122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those are my bottles. This one is still in my cellar.

Yes. Shitty years mean you can have a relatively cheap first growth, but I don't really think it's worth it.

Happy to help you CUM.

>> No.19727290

Got palinka? Also, how good are Hungarian vineyards? I have to discuss my inheritance with my great aunt sometime, and one of the properties is a vineyard - stuck between several other properties but still.

>> No.19727300

It is all bollocks

>> No.19727316
File: 2.88 MB, 4000x3000, 16953165807374303654671873367636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part of why I mention that detail is that people new to wine are going to assume the information on wine growing regions is effectively infallible. In doing so, they'll find a shitty wine from a good region, taste it, and wonder why they were lied to, likely coping with "it's all pretense". I don't have much money myself, but I benefit from my education and experience with brewing, so it's not as difficult.
I wonder if there will ever be as much of a haut-couture around other fermented fruit drinks as there is with wine.
(Don't mind picrel, random shit shared with roommates)

>> No.19727336

care to expound on that?

>> No.19727349

I forage when I have the time, and have had the opportunity of living along the East Coast, from Florida, to New Hampshire, to east Tennessee. Different species of grapes have different characters compared to European grapes (table or otherwise). Fox grapes have a musky character to them I haven't seen anywhere else, and their genetics are significant in Concord lineages, likely contributing a major part of their odd flavor profile. Mustang grapes tend to be tannin heavy, and I suspect they could make excellent red wine. Muscadines are particularly odd, being both excellent table grapes as well as interesting wine grapes, producing wines with savory notes. Keep in mind most southern producers sweeten muscadine wine heavily; this is not a trait of the grape but of the tradition down there.

>> No.19727351

It's hard to say, but I doubt it. Grapes are like God's gift to alcohol enjoyers. They have everything you need. Acidity, tannin, and high sugar.

Unless we get apples or another tannin containing fruit to have similar sugar concentrations as grapes I doubt it.

>> No.19727357

I hate grapes woth big ass crunchy ass, bitch ass, bitter bitch ass seeds in them. It angers me.

>> No.19727498

Depends entirely on location and adjacency to water, since that's what helps control botrytis development. Szent Tamas is considered one of the best vineyards in the country, but there are several others that are also very respected as well. If you're not in a historic region, probably better off selling it.