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He /ck/, I'm bulking right now, what should I put in this?

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>salt soup
Throw it all out.

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I am very interested in trying chankonabe but don't feel like buying all of the ingredients for one dish

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All you need is meat and a couple of veges and that's it

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Lots of them.

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recipes online include:
>dashi/dashi ingredients (kombu+keruzikatsuo)
>chicken, beef, and/or pork
>seafood (shrimp, fish, fishballs, crab, etc.)
>napa cabbage
>daikon radish
>green beans
>bok choy
>bean sprouts
and more. i realize you basically pick and choose what you want, but the point of chankonabe is that it's a bunch of healthy shit thrown together for a stew, it's not at all just "meat and a couple of veges"

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>dashi/dashi ingredients (kombu+keruzikatsuo), chicken stock
>mince chicken, beef, and/or pork
>spring onion
>bok choy
that's it

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shit looks bland as fuck. Why don't nips season their food

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Bitch it's vegetable soup with weeb sauce in it it's not rocket science. Weebs are so gay