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Quick for the love of God I need a recipe for a good egg salad sandwich!!!

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diced hard boiled eggs
diced onion
diced cucumber
garlic powder


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No such thing because egg salad is fucking disgusting and people who eat it in public should be shot.

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'gg, 'ayo, 'tard, 'alt, 'epper. All you need, nigger,

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>recipe for a good egg salad sandwich!
does not contain mayo.

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how the fuck do you mess up egg and mayo? optionally mustard.

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Optionally WTF is wrong with you, nigger?
Also no one has mentioned turmeric
Alternatively curry powder, yes, try it some time, regular yellow curry powder maybe a hit of garam masala

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Shut the fuck up, Vikram. We shit in toilets here.

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Egg salad is bland. Bland and mushy. You can make a curried egg salad >>19719230 and add cranberries and then something like minced celery for texture but egg salad is egg salad. You can try to punch up the basic recipe with some apple cider vinegar and minced parsley but it’s just bland.

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don’t do this

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Vinegar is a good idea. It’s what makes deviled eggs so great.

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Curry/masala egg salad I believe is British or possibly French, it has nothing to do with India

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Vinegar's not something you can eyeball like the rest. Lol I'm sure you mean like 1/4 a teaspoon for one sandwich's worth right?

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Why do amerimutts call it egg SALAD and not just egg sandwich

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sers please be reminded to put the curry powder in literally fucking everything

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im Mexican and i make this whenever i watch a game with the boys or whenever i grill

2 fresh jalapeños
1 onion
coriander bouquet (as much as you want)
6-12 hard boiled eggs
2 cloves of fried until golden garlic

you also need to go to the store and get some tabasco or "la viuda" salsa and add a few drops or the whole thing to it when everything is diced mashed and combied, your ass is going to hurt the first time but you will be loved at any reunion or gathering

i call this recipe "la pelirroja" and everyone loves it, its adviced to always drink a few modelos, coronas or any golden beer with it

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shut the fuck up sir

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Because an egg sandwich is something different. Are you fucking retarded or just stupid

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Anything covered in mayo is salad.

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they are so cute

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fuck I hate cats

eggs, mayo, finely chopped green onion, pepper

mustard? i figure it's baseball mustard, that's vile

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Can’t be bothered to make them at home, it’s just too much effort for a sandwich. I love the gas stations ones tho for whatever fucked up reason

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>bag of delta 8 gas station weed
>gas station egg salad sandwiches and chili where ya put the nacho cheeze in the chili and a bunch of mt dew, the blue one, for drinking not in the chili ya daft cunt
oh yeah, its walk downtown frightening women time

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why does it look like all of these have like a cup of sugar in them.

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this is why you are a bad cook

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nonody is going to thank you for bringing soggy smelly egg sandwiches lmao retard

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I cook bacon on mine if you have it. cook two slices of bacon then scramble your eggs in the left over bacon fat. then toast your bread, put on Mayo, then the eggs and bacon.

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Who the fuck said I was giving away my goddamn egg salad sandwiches?!

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Vinegar can be tricky but it should not be omitted, use mustard instead if you're that worried about it.

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it's actually one of the easiest things to learn to eyeball because you really fuck up food when you do too much and will learn quick

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>red pepper
>salt and pepper

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turmeric can really give egg salad what it's missing

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diced hard boiled egg
small amount english mustard
salt + white pepper to taste
mix all together
two slices of malted brown bread (not malt loaf), buttered
baby spinach
sliced tomato

et voila

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>no pepper.
Well, nevermind

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I can confirm, fucked up before and found out.
Now I add just the right amount for my taste.

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Uncultured swine, unfamiliar with real mustard.

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Have you tried not drowning it in mayonnaise?