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Tonight is british food appreciation night.

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wtf is a bento? do bongs really?

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why are your nails painted, homo?

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>british food

>consists of american beans and indian curry

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That's my wife's hand. She is british.

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You wife has very mannish hands, but I suppose she is British like you said.

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Picked this up at a specialty store. Hope it’s good

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doing my duty in supporting the colonies

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Not really she has very dainty, spindley fingers.

This is some bullshit her mother would buy.

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what the fuck is that can opener, why doesn't the final handle hinge back around to use it like a crank instead of like a retarded wrench

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What do I put this on? I see what’s written on the bottle but what kinds of pies, puddings, sauces?

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It has a really obvious pin and forked area for handle to pivot into, what are you on about?

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disgusting hand

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It's like a normal can opener just with a crank...

On this particular pie? Maybe hot sauce or some sweet and sour?

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Heinz is the worst beans. Branston is best. Fray Bentos pie is best as a meat pie like minced beef & onion or steak & kidney

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Its great. I just ran out of my bottle. Its not cheap though. Just annoyingly only comes in glass bottles. Their jams are top tier

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Post your wife's hand then

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by the looks of those fingernails her breath and snatch smell worse than her asshole after eating those beans

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low blow anon

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It's the season for grouse, and you're doing boring canned shit. Hang your head in shame.

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drown in hell multinigger for showing off such poverty ridden fag food

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>That's my wife's hand.
how large is your wifes penis?

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Huh, neat. Thanks anon. I knew a guy who basically lived on Fray Bentos straight out of the tin and I always thought it was an unusual name when I saw him eating them. I hadn't thought about the company in years, their history is actually fascinating.
>In 1865, Liebig's Extract of Meat Company was founded in Britain by German chemist Justus von Liebig. The company established a factory in Uruguay to manufacture a beef extract product that would later be sold under the name Oxo.
>Its popularity was such that the term "Fray Bentos" was used as slang by soldiers to mean "good".
>One of the early British tanks that fought at the Battle of Passchendaele was given the nickname "Fray Bentos", because the men inside felt like tinned meat.
>As a result of the demand for Fray Bentos products during World War II the Uruguayan currency became more valuable than the US dollar.
>In 2015, the original factory was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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>not using Oxo good grips

Only opener I've found that doesn't get destroyed by Fray Bentos.

Also, their steak and kidney puddings are great.

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I forgot the end result. Pic related.

Interestingly they suggested two types of specific can openers on the back.

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Haven't had a Fray Bentos pie for years, interesting they now mention the tin-opener, if I recall they were always a bit temperamental.

Bit of brown sauce and I'd scoff that down.

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>bento (british)
>bento (Japanese
>"Wow they have such a good approach to food I wish we could do the same"

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Fray Bentos isn't British but whatever, be forever assmad about Japan you fucking tourist.

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Never tried, sounds interesting.

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KYS fucking weeb

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Yes it is

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Justify this.

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I'd say with a pie like that you're better off having mashed potato, beef gravy from granules and garden peas

or thick steak-cut style fries

you should try out making a sunday roast dinner, with stork brand lard for roasting your potatoes

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It's just salad dressing nerd.

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>stork brand lard
Fuck no, goose fat or beef dripping, accept no substitutes

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Bongs can't cuisine.
Its just how it is.
Cant cope. Cant rope.
You just have to suffer all away.

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No it isn't.

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I'm british and I've literally never eaten Fray Bentos. If we're talking about British food I just had two scotch eggs as a midnight snack

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Should I buy it bong bros? Amazon is the cheapest price for it.

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>$30 total
go to a pub with food and you could get two fresh pies for that price

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100% a man's hand lol

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Yes it is? Then what country is it from then?

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That delivery is brutal. The pies cost about £2 rrp. So its like £15 each. Id look on a British food site. Might be on there and can get more variety tagges on the order and not be ripped off as much on such expensive delivery for 2 things

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>Heinz is the worst beans.
Supermarket cheap beans are the worst. Very cheap, very sugary, not well cooked or tasty.

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Goose fat is for rich toffs and lard is basically the most reasonable way of having beef dripping at any time

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Beef gravy with balti? You’re insane!

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100% Branston beans are superior

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It’s not great. Nowadays there’s bugger all meat in them and you nearly always slice a finger off opening the tin. It’s 99 percent pastry

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I think I might make some fried fish with freedom fries tonight. I'm not British, but I like the combo. It's almost like eating American junk food, especially if you add plenty of salt and msg.

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Most pies to me taste of horrible dry pastry, I can never actually taste the filling.

So to me the gravy would be essential, to mask the flavourless pastry. I hate pies.

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You people actually eat this?