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Post em

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women are cringey, get over yourself.

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This is why I won't go to Starbucks or coldstone

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the older I get, the more I realise women should have no authority over anything (literally, not even in the kitchen), and should exist only to do what they're told. Chaos always ensues when they're free to do what they want.

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Ask me how I know you are an incel.

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I'm married with kids but nice try

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>I'm married with kids but nice try
Yes, I totally believe you, Anon. On this anonymous message board where anyone can lie about anything.

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this feels ai generated

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I remember when this was the funniest thing I'd ever seen.

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This is a classic

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>(literally, not even in the kitchen),
i realize this now. girls place is no where but in a wooden barnhouse ready to be sold.

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hey Linda.

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God damn, if I was allowed to have my phone in the cub afterparty of Anthrocon back in the day at the Adam's Mark, I could show you some serious shit. Like porn menus with cubs and service deliveries. God damn what a time it was.

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there are girls on this board lol. every once in a while they cant resist letting us know.

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Just further proof Pittsburgh of all places deserves nuclear hellfire even if most people don't understand why

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Isn't Anthrocon in Chicago

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Ask me how I know this is you

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A truly experienced and BASED opine.

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For me, it's oft crab salad hell

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>You sit at the restaurant with your young son, he says he is hungry. You agree to get him dinner. You open up to the kids menu, your child is far to young for adult food. Chicken nugger stares at you from the page. You don’t understand. Your palms get sweaty and your son complains. He says he is hungry. Your mind strains, searching for an answer in a world of sweer potato and french fried. You try to order the chicken nugger, but you cannot. The words cannot escape your lips. Your son is hungry, he complains. The waitress stares at you, her head a spinning chicken nugger, her arms swinging french fried. Your son cries the tears of a chicken nugger-less child. In your mind you scream. It is raining sweer potato now, you have french fried engraved on your left temple and you do not understand. Your son weeps in the corner, he is starving. Starving for the chicken nugger.

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Those prices are making me cum. I'd order any cringy shit if I could get a god damned porterhouse for 20 bucks.

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>Pic REL
These fagss...I swear.

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And thats why you all should be property again

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Are these supposed to be references? I dont get any of them.

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U are either my handler, or VERR astute...

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Prove him wrong.

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Post tits

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>looks at menu
>haha this is fun, i'm having such a fun time
>pulls uzi out of bag
>everyone has to die haha

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Some anon posted this one a few months ago and I think it's still the most obnoxious one I've ever seen. You order "affirmations" (I am dynamic, I am resolved, etc)

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>people who care everyday
What did they mean by this?

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alright, no way this menu isn't tongue in cheek

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what's the point of only eating plants if it costs the same

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What is this restaurant? Wtf
They’re Ween song titles

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It's from SoCal, it's absolutely genuine

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You're funding positive affirmation and growth, no dollar amount is too small

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God I wish this was real

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>No pork roll egg n cheese
They had one fucking job

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Why hasn't anyone made an MF DOOM restaurant

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i've wanted to like MF Doom since aqua teen hunger force came out (are they related?) but can't tell if he's a producer or rapper or a t-pain talent

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Rapper and producer, he was always intentionally kind of a weird underdog. His whole persona was a supervillain so he often did bizarre shit that people didn't like on purpose, but his better material is some of the best stuff out there

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Because he's shit

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Also yes, DOOM did that Adult Swim rap album The Mouse and the Mask that had the ATHF characters on it among several other big AS characters at the time

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Zoom zoom

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Is that your only defense? As weak as Dooms raps lol

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Why would I need to defend him against a coward who shits on him without saying who he thinks is better? Trembling bitch shit

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>I AM bread substitutions

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sovl, moes went to shit when it got rid of the menu now you just order "burrito" or "bowl"

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If you actually cooked vegetarian food at home for yourself it would actually be cheaper and healthier but the problem is most vegans have a giant stick up their ass and have to make a huge fuss about everything and make shit way more expensive and complicated than it needs to be.
>waaaah why doesn't everyone stop eating meat and join the vegan revolution
>*charges $18 for some toast with avocado on it

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Why do they do this shit
Do they not realize how embarrassing it is to say this shit out loud
Why would you ever do anything that has even a remote chance of turning off a customer with no benefit whatsoever

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>reading menu
>pizza with a ton of different beans on it
>"The Ventilator"

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>no Inside Job wings
You just know the portions are tiny
This. For the price of a meal at the nearest vegan restaurant I can make food for an entire week. Meatheads have to pay even more than that though
They think Instagram is indicative of how people behave in the real world, and most women are desperate to fit in.

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this should be a copy pasta

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i have good news anon

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Holy summer

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I hate normalfaggots so much it's unreal lol

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john you are the normalfaggot

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You just know damn well it's literally only the fat, dyed hair retards who are gonna tell the waiter, "I am honest" (A big fat [heh] lie if I've ever seen one) to order a fucking sandwich, and everyone sane is going to say, "I'll have the Dynamic, with an Extraordinary, and a Pure on the side. Whatever that means."

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I love women.

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Very, very true.

Women mentally children. I know this has been memed to hell and back. But women mature early and hit that mental wall.

Source: I've worked in some of the world's largest consulting firms - which you would think women would excel in since it's all about talking and selling your skills - but women are perhaps some of the biggest underachievers when looking at the numbers.

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I believe him over the tourist who unironically says "incel"

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The mark of wisdom is that revelation. You don't get to call yourself "wise" until you've had it.

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I swear to god I scrolled through this exact fucking thread a few months ago

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>cant bench press 225

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90% of /ck/ is just the same rehashed shit that gets posted over the years. I swear there's only like a few threads per week that are actual OC

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hehe, thats fun

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was this menu made by a cool wine aunt or by a bartender with a pickle rick tattoo?

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based or cringe?

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i don't get why people like you post on this site
you're clearly supposed to be on reddit or resetera

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>let women vote
>let women lead countries
>Europe is turning into a third world shithole with Sweden as the rape capital and the USA has pedophiles dancing in front of children but it's okay because they're trans

You do know that when women got offered the right to vote, they didn't want it because they were told it meant having to do shit like sign up for the draft, right? The 19th amendment was unironically a mistake.

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it's probably older than you are, fucking newfag redditor

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These high effort original quality posts need more (you)s.

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kind of funny

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Ask me how I know you're some dry and used up cunt that lives isolated in a shitty studio apartment because you automatically reduce everyone you know to terms you learned on Twitter.

From one female to another, go fuck yourself.

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>16 dollars for a cheeseburger
>it's a bean burger
fuck these people

>> No.19562975

When she's ugly so you order the I am pure to let her know she isn't getting any.

>> No.19562981

Osama bean soup
Talibanana cream pie
WMDeep fried catfish
Patriot Mac n cheese
War on Terror-tots

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>From one female to another, go fuck yourself.
this makes my cringe the big cringe

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I'm sure that a restaurant that did the opposite would be quite popular.
>uh, yes I'll get an I AM A FAT PIECE OF SHIT, honey what are you getting?
>I AM A VAPID CUNT, thank you.

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The Pizza shop I work at let's me put random pizzas I make out for the slices alongside traditional pickings
one of my favorites I call pearl harbor
>normal Hawaiian
>jalapeños under the cheese
>you never see them japs coming

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>you do not question why you took your son to a restaurant BEFORE deciding to buy him dinner

>> No.19563203

listen to vaudeville villain, it's his most approachable

>> No.19563214

you're doing the Lord's work, anon

>> No.19563230

>tfw no flaming moes

>> No.19563237

very clever anon
I would patronize your business

>> No.19563291

I appreciate any business as long as you actively pay cash we don't take cards

>> No.19563298

Ween songs? I know a few of them

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10/10 bait, have a (you). Of course you're right though.

>> No.19563340

>you never see those jalaps coming

Also it's a soft J so it sounds like halaps

>> No.19563342

>two chicken fingers and extra fries
>for $9.95
you could buy another 6 piece meal for the same price and just have leftovers if she didn't want all of it

>> No.19563346

jap el niño

>> No.19563356

you're a dumbass

>> No.19563376

listen here we call'em as we see'em If I had my choice of business I'd be frying these japs like my forefathers

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how can one post be so based.

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Where's there a Ween Themed restaurant?
I'd get the Big Jilm. Biggest damn thing I ever did see, big Jilm.

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The true mark of a Chad is knowing women don't belong in the kitchen
That's why every female cook I've ever worked with is either a hole sleeping with the other line cooks till she's let go or just a prep cook that works 6 to 10 and dips before any of the real work goes on
>all the best cooks in the world are men

>> No.19563439

>slam jam

this is definetly an oldfag meme.

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>Minimum donation $5 for To-Go customers only
Is the restaurant a registered non-profit?

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I used to go to this sandwich place in university.

>> No.19563536

This feels like something straight outta American Psycho.
>I call over the hardbody waitress and give her my best smile. I tell her that I am the Bread substitutes.
>she looks at me like I'm insane.
>"I. Am. The. Bread. Substitutes." I tell her again, taking great care to enunciate each word clearly.
>She is still staring at me as if thunderstruck and I feel a cold sweat break out at the base of my neck.
>as if from a great distance, I hear van Patten's voice: "Let it go, Bateman. This place isn't hip anyways. Let's go get red snapper pizza instead."

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>silly menu items are the end of western civilization

>> No.19563551

I know, right? I didn't realize there was this much /r9k/ in /ck/

>> No.19563557

Billions must dine

>> No.19563563

>My commie sympathizer cdc telling me women are good cooks
>no female cooks on the line
makes ya think

>> No.19563585

this is a forum board for autistic fucks who barely interact with women, so his opinion is irrelevant.

>> No.19563611

Julia Child was fuckin' great, graduated from Cordon Bleu. Have any of your line cooks graduated from Cordon Bleu?

>> No.19563629

>The French Chef
imagine downing two bottles of wine every single day before you broadcast how to cook calf brains to Americans
I genuinely hate her she's the reason we have all these airhead women on food network plying sexuality while cooking basic dishes for the goyim at home

>> No.19563638

Who are you quoting?

>> No.19563643

Added side note she worked for the OSS before she studied at cordon Bleu
>she glows harder than the xray machine looking at her failing kidneys

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>> No.19563687

>Julia Child
>plying sexuality
pick one

>> No.19563692

I'd smash no lie she can butter me up like I'm one of her dishes she stole from Jacques Pépin

>> No.19563699

The biggest sign of being an incel online is not being able to believe that someone who's actually married to a woman would realize how childish they are.

>> No.19565304

>I've worked in some of the world's largest consulting firms
I'm a law fag and beneath every bossbitch corporate lawyer is an insecure woman with a chip on their shoulder who regrets wageslaving. Some have just added more layers of cope to justify their life choices. It's either that or there's not a shred of femininity left which is usually the case if they're older

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>Men can only get laid when they respect women like I do
lmao at your ass nigger

>> No.19565339

The best Chef's in the world are men.

>> No.19565347

Cordon Blue use to be great and she went to it in France not the US which costs 40k for 2 years I was accepted to both Cordon Blue and Johnson & Wales but the cost was too much years ago. Unless you get a degree in Gastronomy and Business Mgt and own your own place you are not a Chef. Try Harder...

>> No.19565358

That is amazing and brilliant, the next time I go to MOD Pizza in Portland I am going to have them make it since MOD is basically make your own and very good. Thank you!

>> No.19565364

>Ask me how I know you are an incel.

Fine, I'LL bite. How do you know?

>> No.19565462

Ten years ago, this would go without saying.
Just more proof that roasties and normgroids have destroyed everything they touch, that we're baited into arguing such common sense daily.

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That is just The Heart Attack Grill

>> No.19566066

Based post

>> No.19566105

>that tax disclaimer at the end

>> No.19566126

I can deal with an obnoxious named item on a menu but I am not reading a goddamn sentence some dipshit saw on facebook and decided to name an item after. Definitely not going anywhere with 18 dollar drinks either but I'm not in NY so that's not a problem.
This is the gayest thing I've seen all day.

>> No.19566134

That place is mega based. Last time I was in Vegas all the fat guys in the group started moaning when I suggested we eat there.
Just that was worth the extra upcharge for meme slop.

>> No.19566200

Why are all vegans such pretentious yuppies

>> No.19566259

i've actually been here the food is fantastic lol

>> No.19566305

U/ck/raine showing off it's intellect again.

>> No.19566312

>not fat enough to eat free at heart attack grill anymore
well fuck

>> No.19566313

Too bad the food is awful

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File: 154 KB, 695x894, cheesesteak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this place went under during the pandemic
was probably the only half-way decent cheesesteak in town

>> No.19566434

I have to give you a (you) for that because no one else did, and that's sad.

>> No.19566449

>I'm ready to order
>I'll order... I am... leaving
>walk out

>> No.19566455

My wife is one of those tiny and can eat anything.
She got a small side salad. On way home guess who ate two whoppers after stealing half my fries?
Close to 40 and 130lbs. I think she's part hummingbird.

For some reason this thread just cheered me up thanks anons.

>> No.19566503

Men created Reddit, Tumblr, and S o y lent.

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Can I get a bougie chick with child support :^)

>> No.19566569

you will never be a woman

>> No.19566576

nigga pls,
we're all having a good time

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I only eat from places that are likely to literally kill me.

>> No.19566695

You can say soy on this board because it's supposed to be about food and cooking rather than identity politics.

>> No.19566729

I've lived in Alabama for many years and I still have no idea what 'Alabama white' bbq sauce is. I've never encountered it at any bbq place.
Is it, like, country gravy?

>> No.19567467


>> No.19567495

100% correct, its even worse when they are present in politics, they only serve to be puppets to the men with most money
t. unironic sex haver

>> No.19567546

Does someone have the copypasta/greentext story that goes something like:
>hello i'd like the chicken strips
>you mean the cockadoodle dooper fingies?
>uh yes
>you have to say it
>you have to say the name for me to take your order

>> No.19567549

>Leaves without saying anything else

>> No.19567551

no you cringe

>> No.19567602

How I know you are an incel?

>> No.19567630

you're a fuckin idiot buddy, have a nice life

>> No.19567653
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>> No.19567765

>no pork roll egg and cheese on a kaiser bun

>> No.19567796

>(literally, not even in the kitchen)
Based and true, I can attest from personal experience that women in the kitchen are absolute trigger-happy retards.

>> No.19567815
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>> No.19567825

This takes me back

>> No.19567831

In america we pronounce the hard J.

>> No.19568160

Based and truthpilled, women are just little kid brains in a grown up body. The downfall of every nation starts when women are given rights. The USA would most likely still be on the right path if women had not been given the right to vote. Also hitting women in some circumstances is ok.

>> No.19568167

I fucking despise this shit. I refuse to ever say the additional bullshit. I’ll just say “I’ll have the double cheeseburger” and the waiter will be like “did you mean the uncle joes extra special meat burger melt surprise?” Fuck right off. It’s a burger.

>> No.19568173

Starbucks seem to have a file on me and it freaks me the fuck out. Also every time I go to select a food item they stand out in front of the glass case making suggestions as if I’m too retarded to know what food I like. It’s a shame cos I actually like it there apart from the weirdness.

>> No.19568176

What the fuck kind of Starbucks are you going to?

>> No.19568311

wasn't the pizza shitty? never finished the book

>> No.19568333

the burritos from this place are ass.

>> No.19568340
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lol this fag sounds like a loser.

>> No.19568363

Come on, ladies, you can get those numbers up! Let's see some hustle out there!

>> No.19568368

The trannies have been helping lmao. They're tainting our numbers and it makes me so mad. Just men being men.

>> No.19568384
File: 64 KB, 267x257, Screenshot_20230418-210148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Has price, but with no dollar sign next to it
Does this make anyone else mad?

>> No.19568391

The worst is 5.5 instead of $5.50

>> No.19568405

Ok since people got mad about jalapeno pronunciation Ill give you a new pizza name

>south of the border
Works on two levels, because of the jalapenos and being under the cheese

Also a low key Sopranos reference so I even kept it Italian for the pizza
Best I could do off the top of my head

>> No.19568440

you'll never have sex, incels, lmfao

>> No.19568444

I'd say he would be a more reliable source on his own life than someone who couldn't possibly know who he is.
If I have to believe one of you, the odds are in his favor.

>> No.19568494

Trans-racial, very radical. Challenging norms.

>> No.19568667

I don’t want to be reminded of my own death while I’m eating. I imagine your friends are the same.

>> No.19568668

You don’t wanna know. Also don’t wanna dox myself.

>> No.19568679

I smiled and even laughed. Lighten the fuck up and learn how to laugh at non ear rape meme shit again.

>> No.19568696

No one cares about your wife normalfag blogger

>> No.19568719

>80% of arsons
wtf arsonbros how can we let the women do this do us

>> No.19568750

I am Jack's self loathing.

>> No.19568759

Underrated post.

>> No.19568764

>government is illegitimate
>still pays tribute to them
mmm impotent seethe

>> No.19568765

post her skinny ass in leggings or fuck off tbqh

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>> No.19569923

When I was in high school I made a fake restaurant menu themed around TF2 for an MS Office class and it made more sense than this.

>> No.19569938

post it

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>Yes, I'm ready to order, miss. I'll have the Double Sloppy 50/50 Slampig Suprise burger. Make those patties Impossible and give me extra Slampig Sauce as well as your phone number.

>> No.19569976

This is taught / intentionally used as a psychological technique, similar to having a price end in ".99" instead of rounding up to the nearest dollar. Some "researches" ran an experiment with this at a single NY restaurant and concluded that people spend more when the dollar signs are left off.

>> No.19569998

Now post the percentage of psychopaths that were raised by single mothers.

>> No.19570019

>personal value is predicated on sexual promiscuity
Roastie mindset can't understand quality > quantity which is why this board is flooded with retarded food webm's on the daily.

>> No.19570023

good post

>> No.19570025


>> No.19570047


>> No.19570053

I hate cops but that doesn't mean I'm stupid enough to start fights with them when they ask to see my license, retard.

>> No.19570081

>I am mexican coleslaw

It's very rare I see a menu that makes me want to punch the restaurant owner. And why the fuck do they have a mandatory donation? For what exactly? If that isn't their bullshit name for a tip I'd walk out

Also, raw soup of the day? The only one I can think of is gazpacho

>> No.19570125

I had low expectations thinking it was just a meme restaurant but the burgers were decent and the onion rings were some of the best I've ever had. And only slightly more expensive than Five Guys.

>> No.19570131

>Women are wicked, when you’re unwanted.
How is it that The Doors are the GOAT and that song is still so relevant even today? Almost like pathetic “””men””” who devalue women because their own lives are worthless have always existed. Seethe.

>> No.19570137

>subsidizing the death of lardasses

>> No.19570283

This isn't even really a comparison since men are the only ones who ever do ANYTHING. Women are unthinking meat holes that have benefited from men doing everything for them for, well, literally ever. Men may have the capacity for great violence(which they should visit more frequently on uppity cunts and trannies like this poster) but they also have the capacity to create everything of value to literally ever exist. Women have the capacity to complain about men and not much else. Women have never not once produced any single thing of value besides more men and they couldn't even do that by themselves. So it's not really a fair comparison. Women do not "exist" in the same way men do. They do not have self awareness or agency.

>> No.19570285
File: 321 KB, 483x568, kidmenu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19570301
File: 242 KB, 1280x1243, 1653932482377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah yeah yeah, shut the fuck up, scrotum. I'm not reading all that. Who let you out of the garage? Go fix my car.

>> No.19570305

whose fault is that? Who walked out made them single? A MAN? Wowzers!

>> No.19570318

Long gone unfortunately since it was on the school’s computer but I remember every item being some sort of pun on either a weapon or character with nice stock photos and game art. I used to remember it and cringe but looking back it was probably pretty okay.

>> No.19570339


>> No.19570352

you're a weak failure of a man who has produced nothing of value and claims vicarious worth through the deeds of men infinitely your better

>> No.19570611

I had to do a similar project for English class after reading All Quiet on the Western Front

>> No.19570617
File: 265 KB, 1032x1338, 1604601055_107967c2-81d8-4934-b3ee-941ae4222c79.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19570619

Just imagining the limp wristed faggot (probably european but I already said “faggot” lmao) who angrily typed this out and smugly grinned as “he” pressed post. Pretty funny stuff, thanks faggot!

>> No.19570621

you will contribute nothing but your impotent rage and I will sleep soundly knowing I'm more of a man than you'll ever be

>> No.19570649

Good stuff, thanks faggot!

>> No.19570666
File: 39 KB, 461x523, 1281377287527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Good stuff, thanks faggot!

>> No.19570694
File: 256 KB, 650x1350, 1686997735702787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19570726

The tax man has guns

>> No.19570881

Please, I beg of you: Go to the hospital, read this to all the sick children and give them the laugh they need to keep going.

>> No.19570900
File: 264 KB, 619x420, succession-season-3-episode-4-greg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This looks like a one off bit from succession where Greg is confused about rich people food.

>> No.19570921

>S-sir, none of these items are on our menu...

>> No.19571125

shit thread but based post.
I thought that when I was little, then got culturally brainwashed into thinking we are equal, and then growing up I realized that I was right when I was little

It's something you always know deep inside you, but women should be relegated to housework, breeding and growing children.
And most importantly, they shouldn't be allowed to work or to be in the workplace, we are simply not meant to be the same naturally

There are very smart or capable women and they should be allowed to do their thing, but we should stop pushing this unnatural narrative that we are equal (on average) because that's clearly not working and it's worsening human race

>> No.19571323

Any man with mommy issues this bad should be shot.

>> No.19571412

The restaurant is in the ocean

>> No.19571418
File: 216 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230804-204056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19571422
File: 71 KB, 1080x1020, 1690658113563822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19571442

>english menu
this is cultural appropriation against the ice latino of the north and they should be cancelled

>> No.19571456

mutt law

>> No.19571467

>4$ for a slice of shitty cake that was probably bought at the nearest supermarket
Is this an antisemitic reference I'm not getting about 9/11?

>> No.19571480

no one care about your shitty language spoken only in shitholes that can't afford pizza

>> No.19571482

You just figured out wrestling fans are faggots?

>> No.19571494 [DELETED] 

Ad hominem
Ad hominem
Ad hominem
Ad hominem
Where exactly is the rebuttal? All you faggots are capable of is reacting with anger to a truthful statement. Won't you even try to defend your precious women? Maybe you know deep down i'm right and that last vestige of masculinity you have is preventing you from making a sound argument against the truth?

>> No.19571497

subhuman c*rthagenian or gay greek detected

>> No.19571529
File: 85 KB, 1080x1007, d66p3h77llj61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh the ihop one here it is friend

>> No.19571545


>> No.19571584

Where's the beef?

>> No.19571605

My favourite part is "no cheques 'cause you might die before it clears!"

>> No.19571614

Makes me wish I weighed over 350 pounds. Just the thought of being able to go there every day and eating free hamburgers makes me salivate like a retarded pitbull around the human family's new infant.

>> No.19571618

>admit it was the mother's fault
>the woman still isn't accountable

>> No.19571619

>we are an equal opportunity space
is that why you didn't put any prices on the menu?

>> No.19571624

>is that why you didn't put any prices on the menu?
We adjust the prices to account for the customer's skin color. Let's say the base price is $10. We then adjust it accordingly based on the following scale to allow for equity:
White: $10
Asian: $13
Mexican: $9
Indian: $8
Muslim: $6
African-American or Sub-Saharan: $3
Jewish: $1

>> No.19571725

fucking kek thank you so much friend

>> No.19571742

I would actually try to say the whole thing then fuck up the prononciation like five times and just exasperatedly tell the waitress (who fucking reeks of cigarettes) "you know what I mean." And she just sighs and writes it down cause she isn't being paid enough to argue.

>> No.19571798

it was always wild to me they charge an extra 50 cents for lettuce, which has no place in a burrito to begin with

>> No.19571836
File: 99 KB, 874x650, fat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

similar to this place
it's been a while since I've been there but the burritos are approximately the size of an infant

>> No.19571917

I got a sandwich from the one in Boulder and it was the most disappointing meal I ever got. I think I got the Fat Tommy which has tenders and fries and I remember getting a large and basically getting a sub roll with two tenders and some fries on it for around $18. Huge waste of money.

>> No.19572102

im confused, do they use cigarettes in the seasoning? and spray with axe, as in the Marlboro body spray? these sound terrible>>19557734

>> No.19572108

>The Doors fan
>calls other people "pethetic"
absolute hipster cuck post

>> No.19572126

>doesn't like the Doors
Very low energy. Sad!

>> No.19572136
File: 25 KB, 480x480, cooldood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I go to Dunkin Donuts I refuse to say "munchkins". I just point at them and say "those please".

>> No.19572513

hate zoomers

>> No.19572523

I laughed until I cried reading it. Take me back to the good old days anon

>> No.19572574
File: 259 KB, 997x415, primo hoagies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, this is more just funny to me than cringe, especially the whacked sandwich having chicken and tomato sauce.

>> No.19572576

go back cunt

>> No.19572604

I kinda give this a pass - I think it can be assumed that the denomination is the local currency. No bar in Wisconsin is posting their prices in Pesos

>> No.19572730

The unedited last paragraph is really the cherry on top.

>> No.19572746

>shitty MKUltra circus music starts playing
>shitty boomer guitar solo
>shitty ten minute keyboard solo
>song ends
wow, truly the GOAT band. Thank you Jim Morrison for your truly groundbreaking (((music)))

>> No.19572768

If you got offended by this without realizing it's a segue to negro statistics, you're doing it wrong. You present these numbers to an idiot, they say wow, men are bad. Then you show them the negro numbers.

>> No.19572774

Does anyone have that meme of some drunk dude ripping into some other guys cooking and he types something like "im trying my best to type sober but that looks like fucking shit dude" and goes on about getting a better family or soemthing
I want to laugh at it again

>> No.19572775
File: 847 KB, 1920x1080, 1687203262055132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19572997

they put more effort in that menu then I put in my resume

>> No.19573003
File: 18 KB, 499x499, 1680987639446969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19573006

I can only imagine this cowards while he took this picture lol
>Hurry up! Get ready and stand right in front of me because I'm only going to open it for a second! Make sure no one sees us and if so, run! Run with the weightlessness of having no integrity!"

>> No.19573022

This could work in a bdsm themed bar
>I am a nasty little cockslut

>> No.19573207

you can also call them donut holes

>> No.19573737


>> No.19573771

>Fag flag in the legend with the leaf and chili.
>No fag flag anywhere on the menu, just leaves and chilis.
Guess they're not an equal opportunity space at all.

>> No.19573793

Seethe harder mr Kikensteinowitz

>> No.19573807

I am still convinced Brett Easton Ellis wrote this while drunkenly posting on /ck/ long ago

>> No.19573889

god I wish I was an incel and that nukes were real

>> No.19575135

i drive

>> No.19575346


>> No.19575671
File: 376 KB, 400x300, Choo Choo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19575815

God I want a Big Black T-Boner

>> No.19576442
File: 233 KB, 666x1101, 836E416C-278A-4AC5-A467-382C0FD2A296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Olive Garbage

>> No.19576452

no fucking way

>> No.19576478

Ikr. The cream cheese thingy is unironically my speed. Everything else is the cause of international conflict and domestic violence

>> No.19576485

Rip in piss anon’s lymph nodes

>> No.19576567
File: 3.46 MB, 640x480, american-psycho-impressive.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now lets see Paul Allen's menu..

>> No.19576645

serves you right for being a b*ulderite

>> No.19576650

You’re a BITCH AND NO WOMAN RESPECTS YOU!!!!! How can you be projecting on an anonymous image board…. Freak.

>> No.19576695
File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, strogg medical facilities.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enough time has passed...
(1 of 2)

>> No.19576700
File: 2.54 MB, 720x404, Strogg medical facilities 2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They serve CRAB, If you didn't GET that...
(2 of 2)

>> No.19576725


>> No.19576787

Only decent NOLA food in LA

>> No.19576834

Fletch and Seinfeld? I like!

>> No.19576844

*chefs, not Chef's

What is wrong with you to have fucked that up in TWO ways??

>> No.19576865

nobody forced them to fuck a deadbeat without protection

>> No.19576888
File: 200 KB, 1488x837, Surf's UP!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gotta check 'em

>> No.19576893
File: 19 KB, 299x168, Meow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's possible...You aren't going MAD.
These things get recycled ALL the time.
There are BETTA chans....
Frens***n for 1

>> No.19576894


>> No.19576898
File: 951 KB, 288x480, desrever.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19576902

Okay, Tyrion. Your lack of punctuation isn't consistent with your "superior" vocabulary. Asshole.

>> No.19576904

>slay, queen
>dip for piz' crust

Just fucking atrocious. Fuck this place.

>> No.19576905

sure is summer in here

>> No.19576908
File: 1.44 MB, 1777x1333, T4881-1 unimpressed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA but let's not get bogged down in the minutia, brother...

>> No.19576912

I'm thinking based

>> No.19576915

>tempeh pastrami

>> No.19576919

it originated on tumblr, not /ck/

>> No.19576921
File: 431 KB, 2000x2000, Unknown horrors....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I-I- I really can't disagree...
a bit scattered, but BASED nonetheless.
>tempeh pastrami
Manmade Horrors Beyond Your....

>> No.19576933

I don't know why you always inject stuttering into your dialogue. Explain yourself.

>> No.19576942

NTA, but CAN elucidate....
Today's workforce of disenfranchised Mills and Zoomers will always default to the script--Even if they DON''T WANT TO...
Not that the X'ers in the 80s were much better.

>> No.19576974

This kills the crab.

>> No.19577024

youre a funny guy anon

>> No.19577034
File: 115 KB, 848x1200, F25LmQAaMAAYJoU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude can we have another one of these threads?
because I have a local place (Cobra Burger in Richmond) that's perfect for this thread but it's already past bump limit.

>> No.19577039

u herby as fuck man

>> No.19577740

You type exactly like a rabbi.

>> No.19578497

I don't even look at the menu at Moe's cause me and the worker both know when I walk in I'm there for a sloppy stack that will feed me for 2 days