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It's tastebud and atmosphere kino, and I'm tired of pretending it's not

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>Italian Kitchen
I would leave the instance I saw that

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fuck Italians

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For me, it's the Tour of Italy

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For me, it's the five cheese ziti al forno

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Some olive gardens are pretty darn good. It is a real shame my local one sucks dick. The one 2hrs+ up north is just fine, for whatever reason the one near me chose to suck.

Carraba's mogs it though. Better bread, entrees and desserts.

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I actually like olive garden, I don't give a shit it's not some 5star ripoff place. it's always consistent and the breadsticks dipped in the Alfredo is delicious

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Should I teach /ck/ to make the entire Olive Garden menu? (at home)

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Yes, please do anon.

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>massive amounts of simple carbs slathered in butter and red sauce
How hard could it be?

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Rather eat poop

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I agree. Olive Garden is one of the best Italian restaurants around. I'm tired of pretending it's bad to fit in with all these retards and faggots of /ck/. OP, you are based!

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Carabba's > Olive Garden

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If I teach /ck/ to cook the Olive Garden menu it will be from a place of love, using quality ingredients at a good price, and making the /actual/ dish OG wishes to sell.

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That was my thing when I was 12. I had it a couple years ago and it was bad, some of the pasta was uncooked and it was like $14 (in 2017)

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>atmosphere kino
Imagine hearing that music
Every day
All day
You go mad
t. worked at Olive Garden

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>the breadsticks dipped in the Alfredo is delicious
Food confession: When I go to olive garden, this is literally the only thing I eat.

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Definitely a guilty pleasure kind of place
Ours closed down and got replaced by a master grill which sucks! Not planning on ever going back

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This isn't even it

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Easily one of the best places to go on veterans day for free food.

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Olive garden is great, but the lasagna ive had like 10 times has been severely undercooked and rubbery like half of the times. The move is to get the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks for $10 at lunch, Eat a ceasar and like 5 zuppa toscana soups, some chicken n gnocchi, and then like 10 breadsticks. I'm 6'2 140lbs btw.

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I hadn’t been to an Olive Garden in like 15 years because I moved to a place that didn’t have one. One opened up recently so I went. It was bad, shockingly bad. I remembered it as Italian food I could make at home if I didn’t mind doing some prep and washing dishes. It didn’t even meet that low bar. Never again Darden.

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youve got worms retard

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They opened one in my nowheresville Indiana town like 6 years ago and for the first 3 years it was open you needed a reservation for dinner. I assumed it was a stunt, but every time I drove by around dinner there wasn't an open spot in the parking lot.

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Best italian.

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The food is decent, it's affordable, and you can sit down to eat. That makes it a worthwhile place to go to with some friends. Sometimes you just want to hang out and eat, without losing all your damn money paying for an "experience". I'm here to listen to my friend Eric talk about the new Legend of Zelda game, not to eat authentic Italian food.

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It most certainly is

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>Italian food
>shockingly bad
Are you surprised?

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In Italy, if you order the “giro d'italia” (tour of italy) you will be served spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread

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i ate carraba's once it was the worst "italian" food i ever ate. everything about it was underwhelming. i guess it was just my location, i prefer olive garden where i live.