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Is Whataburger good? I could take a road trip to Vegas much closer than Texas

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Very location dependent. Whataburger's in urban areas are staffed with incompetent niggers that give no fucks about quality food or service. Whataburger's in rural areas and White suburbs are pretty good.
That said, it's a step above McDonalds/BK/Wendy's, but it's still a fast food burger.

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>Another retard posts a fast food thread in a cooking forum
I hate you fat retards so much it's unreal.

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do amerifats really?

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>/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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fpbp, you explained it perfectly

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It's ok. Much like every other fast food place.

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fast good is goyslop for goyim, aka animals, hence not food, which is for humans
hiro "the gay nigger" nagasaki should make a few new boards such as
/zoomer/ (zoomer containment zone)
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Wait for them to bring back the blue cheese burger, it is by far the best item they sell.
That and 3am tacos.

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It's fine but as with many of these places the hype will set you up for disappointment because it's going to be good, not amazing. I went to in n out and some Californians had been raving about how great it is but it was ok, not more.

Tip for if you do end up having whataburger or any fast food is to order from the app and make some minor customization so you're guaranteed to get a freshly made one. And like someone said some locations are better than others. When you order in the app you can see the name of the manager and if the name sounds black then avoid it because black people typically only hire other black people and they just don't give a fuck about their job.

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Like most things the Whataburger of 20 years ago was always worth it. The Whataburger of today is a crap shoot. So if you like playing the odds go for it. Get the sweet and spicy bacon burger combo with extra grilled onions and onion rings instead of fries. Get a dr pepper shake with it if they have it if not than a strawberry fanta mixed with sprite. If you don't want the bbq sauce than swap it for a patty melt instead don't forget the extra grilled onions.
It doesn't get any better than this but your chances of actually getting it with the extra onions and everything else made right is about 40/60 not in your favor unless you find that one rare one out in the boonies staffed by older white people.

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>as with many of these places the hype will set you up for disappointment because it's going to be good, not amazing. I went to in n out and some Californians had been raving about how great it is but it was ok, not more.
This, when people go out of their way to take a trip to a place like Whataburger or In-N-Out, it's basically like making a pilgrimage to try the legendary Costco Food Court Hot Dog.
A traveler making a special trip won't really appreciate the thing that makes locals go back to these restaurants over and over again until the food is as familiar as mom's cooking. It's decent and it's fuckin' cheap, that's all.

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Wow I've never heard of such a terrible choice. Everyone knows the taquitos are best at 3am.
Based dr pepper shake choice, the root beer shake when they do it is good too.

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>it's not even a polish dog anymore
>no onions
The body remains but the soul left a long time ago.

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If you are, like, 5 or 6 miles from one, sure make the time to go by and enjoy. It's worth it in that scenario.

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>Everyone knows the taquitos are best at 3am.
That's what I said, why are you disagreeing with your own recommendation?

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hey dipshit
already exists
also fast FOOD is food despite whatever dumb memes are being peddled around at the moment.

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Black employees and black/streetshitter franchise owners have ruined fast food in America.

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most of the corner cutting in many industries over the past 20 years has been done by white boomers/gen X suits. but sure, blame the lowly franchisee just trying to make a living. i guess little minds like yours only blame what you see and aren't capable of seeing the bigger picture

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The lowly franchisee is in charge of his location, it's his problem if his restaurant is shit because he hired kids who can't even tie their shoe laces, do you think he just sits back in his office day after day collecting checks?

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somehow I read taco most likely part of a brain disease sure to kill me slowly but surely. Also my local Whataburger has banana pudding shakes and they are delicious.

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There isn’t a whataburger in Vegas yet it’s still being built

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>Is Whataburger good?

Not really. It's passable. It does not suck. It might even pass for "good" but it's certainly not great. Culver's, In-N-Out, and Shake Shack are all superior to Whataburger. As is Five Guys although that's more "fast casual".

Whataburger is most similar to Wendy's in terms of quality. Like yeah, it's better than McDonald's, it's better than Burger King...but that's a low bar. To be 100% honest, if it was late at night and I was drunk, I'd probably even choose White Castle over Whataburger.

All that being said they aren't bad, but it's not an amazing burger that is worth traveling for

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Its good and as good as every place you listed

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I heard its average but cheap

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wrong on both counts, it's above average and not cheap

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No it's not. Their patties suck. Whataburger patties just feel like a larger and slightly thicker McDonald's patty. It is nowhere near as juicy and fresh tasting as Culver's or In-n-Out patties. Arguably that's why I put Wendy's on there too, they use fresh never frozen and in some regards I think even Wendy's is better.

The best thing about Whataburger is that they actually make good milkshakes, and they have really good fast food breakfast. I'd say they have some of the best fast food breakfast. But their burgers are truly meh compared to Culver's and even In-N-Out, but it is better than McD's and BK

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My hometown has this ridiculous fake whataburger, I'm surprised they haven't been sued into oblivion yet
It's ok
The witch doctors are pretty unique since they don't use cherry lemon sundrop in them, they just add cherry syrup to regular sundrop
I remember the first time I went to a real whataburger, I thought there was some fancy rebrand that my hometown hadn't gotten yet...then I found out it's an entirely unrelated knockoff

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nah it's just goyslop.

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wow what a faggot

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This post can be empirically proven wrong by visiting the same franchise in a given city. If OP's theory was correct, all franchises would suck equally regardless of location, not just in cities, but country wide, exhibiting direct cause and effect of boomer franchise managerial decisions.

However, this is clearly not true, as I and many others have visited identical chains separated only by distance and discovered that they are indeed, different. But why? It is surely not corporate, as they pass down their rulings globally, not locally. It certainly is not regional tastes, as tastes in a given city do not vary and the point of fast food is a standard product. Nay, the harsh reality is that it is the employee, and the ones who manage them, that determines the quality of the fast food store. It is why service is shite at a black run establishment, decent at a mexican one, and good at a white run establishment. Now, one could bring up CFA as the counter argument here - they have blacks working there, and their service is not shit! But you miss the forest for the trees - CFA is a tightly run ship, while the others are not. At least for now.

To wit, things like the McD's ice cream machines being broken - yes, that is corporate at play. But them fucking up your order? Taking forever to serve you? Flat out ignoring you? That is employee caused. >>19556599
is still relevant, and no black bootlicking will change that fact.

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They are the exception because they use domesticated blacks. Other lesser establishments use the wild untamed kind and it causes more trouble than its worth.

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Know who makes some surprisingly good burgers? Dairy Queen. I guess because they sell more ice cream than food they have to cook the burgers to order so they're fresher.

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Whataburger and Dairy Queen are always excellent quality in Texas. Just come here instead, man. Vegas just has gambling; wouldn't you rather spend money on a freshly made burger rather than losing it on the strip?

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I recommend the jalapeno and cheese whataburger, it is simply not surpassed

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Unlike what this guy said, Whataburger is simply overpriced. If you are wealthy, whataburger can be fine. Otherwise, the most enjoyment in your dollar will be found in In-N-Out, Culvers, or even Wendys. Simpel as.
Even Five Guys isn't as overpriced as Whataburger.