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When I was young, burgers were relatively lean, consistent shaped patties, served in a sesame seed bun with maybe an optional slice of cheese.

Today burgers are ultra greasy "smash burger" stacks loaded with disgusting cheese and sauces in gross brioche buns

What the FUCK went wrong?

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>Modern Burgers
You mean meme burgers. Stop going to hipster places or make your own. Whiny little bitch.

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>What the FUCK went wrong?
The same thing that ruined beer & coffee for an entire generation: Hipsters.

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YOU went wrong anon.
You were supposed to follow protocol.
They will be arriving soon.
Hope it was worth it.

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I've noticed everything is just more greasy these days, maybe it's the PUFA

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smash burgers are good, boomer, fuck off

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fuck off no they're not, its literally just extra greasy ground beef in a pile

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Chillin can consent

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big tasty is the best burger of all time and no amount of seething by krauts from hamburg is going to change that

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That look good thoughever

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use thinner slices of cheese, dumbass.

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I like both, I'm not a contrarian homo like you and just like food if it's good.

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Children can consent yes

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Where the fuck do you live where smash burgers have replaced normal burgers? They're entirely an instagram/reddit thing, and you'd have to go out of your way to find one irl outside of a fast food place. Go outside once in awhile; there are still normal burgers everywhere (brioche buns have largely become the norm, though).

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The same reason fast food is so expensive. They have to use real quality ingredients nowadays.

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Actually, the food is fresher and higher quality than ever.

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>fast food expensive
Get a job. Fast food is cheap as fuck.

>frog poster
Ah... twas a troll. Here's a (you)

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We're talking in relation to thw past dumbass. I may be retarded but I'm not a troll.

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real soy protein, real soybean oil, real soy bread

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>food price steadily increases over time

STOP THE PRESSES! THIS GUY IS A ROCKET SCIENTIST! Everything costs more than it once did you say?

Holy shit! *mind blown*

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Don't forget this part!
>They have to use real quality ingredients nowadays.

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oh boo hoo my life experience is only experience.

dude the only burgers that were like you say come from fast food places where they squeeze every drop of flavor out of them.

real burgers are juicy and "greasy".

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Don't smash burgers, smash little girls.

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Yeah ain't it something? As time progresses, we learn better food preservation technology and learn better techniques and procedures to make things fresher and better for everyone.

Wowie! I never knew as human civilization progresses we learn how to do things better. Who WOULDA THUNK?!

Christ you airwolfing retarded kids.

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Try to be less retarded in the future. Even frogposting is less embarrassing than this drivel.

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Yes, the frogposter should stop acting like a retard spouting nonsense. I agree.

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>gross brioche buns
tf are you on
brioche is literally the best bread for burgers

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juicy, maybe, but not greasy

greasy is "dude bacon dude cheese DUDE SMASH BURGER" soylent shit I will not eat

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I do both

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t: soylent zoomer

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Eggs are poison.

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t: unoriginal newfag

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A cup of refined sugar daily is healthy.

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Bread is poison.

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Steak is healthy.

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Children can consent.

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juicy and greasy are the same thing tard.

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As early as they understand the word.


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Smash retards think their burgers are juicy because they're covered in grease (and drowned in cheese and sauce). In reality, they're completely dry because they're always overcooked, and the only reason they always look greasy in pictures (the reason they're so popular on instagram and reddit) is because they're literally cooked on a flattop, which means they're sitting in their own grease. You could dip a burger in a deep fryer for a couple seconds and achieve the same effect - it wont make the burger any juicier.

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bro thinks hes a /pol/ack

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>water and fat are the same thing

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so true anon

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They MUST consent.

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>Kewpie mayo on burger

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do you have brain damage?

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As early as they understand the word.

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Boomer: McDonald's burger, folgers coffee, Coors.

Hipster: shake shack, starbucks, IPAs

It's objectively better the boomers taste.

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>having a meltdown over someone posting a frog
>getting banned because of a frog
So this is modern /ck/

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I don't understand the hate towards smash burgers. Are boomers trying to retroactively say their diners were always making pub style burgers despite pretty much every diner having flat tops? Waffle House and Steak and Shake are the only chains that are still around that have burgers resembling the time period they came from. While they aren't QUITE smash burgers they are close enough that you should be able to give said person a smash burger and the difference is negligible. I've tried pub style burgers many a times they just come out too dry. A meatloaf sandwich is unironically better than a pub burger.

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I think they add way more oil to things now than before to substitute more expensive fats that they decided to skimp on.
Like they'll but the lowest quality mechanically separated meat that has 0 fat and then soak it in oil to give it some kind of moisture and fat.
Baked goods that call for butter are made with oil instead. Etc
Because oils are not nearly as good tasting, yet much cheaper, they just pile them on and add mystery flavoring to make it imitate the taste of the fat they're trying to replace.
Even popcorn butter at the movie theater is literally coconut and soybean oil with added flavoring and yellow dye
The more shit they add, the more disheveled the product looks, and when you actually chew a bite you can feel the oils separating from the rest of the food, as though you're chewing a sponge

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>They have to use real quality ingredients nowadays.
If you care about "real quality ingredients" and eat at restaurants when you're not forced to you're doing yourself a great disservice

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Pic related. Showing what kind of fat is used in foods with added fat (i.e., things you buy that contain extra fats such as fried products, baked goods, etc)
Not only has oil replaced other fats as an ingredient, its use has kept growing beyond the sum of all fats in previous decades. This only goes up to 2010 as well.
Basically everything is now made almost exclusively of oils, and there's more oil in it now that there would have been animal fats previously.

This is why that old product from your younger years just seems different when you tried it again recently.

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I would rather have a smashburger over the 3/4 inch thick hockey puck patties that alot of places do these days.

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>big tasty
I so want one of these again. I lived on these in college. They were $0.99 ea. Sadly they are discontinued here. So good, so sad. :(

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Join the army, that's where they still have it in US, It's actually expensive now though.

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They are brutally greasy these days. I have a boutique burger place a block from my house with a nice bar and patio and I can walk there. But, all their food is drowning in oil and their burger toppings are mostly fried eggs, avocado, greasy onion straws, oily caramelized onions, cheese that doesn't melt it just releases oil, on buttered buns with "hand cut" fries that are limp and single fried and full of oil. Makes me sick to even type this thinking about their food. Everyone else seems to love it. Makes me shit like a goose too.

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>tastelet geriatric yells at clouds

go back to drinking your vanilla flavored nutritional formula shakes grandpa

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Go to mcdonalds or some other fast food place. I'm sure they'll have the new and improved 1/6 lb hamburger for your little baby man mouth.

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>dude... just slop my mouth up

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Ooooo man nothing I love more than a sloppy burger that makes me want to slide my cock in it and give it a big ole kiss.

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You're a tremendous faggot. Firstly, who goes to a restaurant to order one of the simplest meals on the fucking planet? Secondly, who goes to a restaurant to order the simplest of meals made in the most basic of fucking ways? If you want a lean and simple burger you can literally cook that shit at home for LESS effort than it would take to go to a restaurant for a fraction of the price. I have a slopburger once a year at most, but if I'm going to go to the effort of going to a restaurant and then ordering a fucking burger of all things, it might as well be the greasiest, tastiest motherfucker imaginable.

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>complaining about hipsters in 2023

It’s been over a decade man

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hate being able to buy fresh roasted beans that aren't burnt to shit

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Who's talking about a restaurant you fucking faggot. Just going out, having a life, you get hungry, you need food, maybe there's a food truck or a local little place to eat. I just want a normal burger not a sloppashit greasy mountain, is that too much to ask?

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there is a little too much meat on this burger (that could overpower everything else) but other than that it's perfect.
franchise chain burgers are trash and the patties are literally flavorless unlike this

>> No.19520621

perfectly greasy

>> No.19520626

>there is a little too much meat on this burger (that could overpower everything else)
When McDonald's almost costs more than Five Guys, I think a little too much meat (and maybe cheese) would not be uncalled for.
As it is, I feel like when I'm going to Mickey D's, I'm paying $23 for a White Castle slider and a tiny amount of crap fries cooked in soybean oil.

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Wtf is with people thinking smash burgers are some new thing? Ever hear of white castle? They've been slinging smash burgers since before any of you were born

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no one said they were new, but that they are more popular thesedays, are you retarded or deliberately posting dumb shit

>> No.19520642

>Wtf is with people thinking smash burgers are some new thing? Ever hear of white castle? They've been slinging smash burgers since before any of you were born
Until very recently, White Castle only existed on the east side of the USA, so it it is not unreasonable that literally half of the USA (millions of people) would not have had any experience with their franchise.

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Amerisharts are just addicted to lard so naturally they will increase the meat and cheese percentage while phasing out leafs and tomatoes

>> No.19520659

>Amerisharts are just addicted to lard so naturally they will increase the meat and cheese percentage while phasing out leafs and tomatoes
Well, yeah. We are naturally inclined towards acting in a bigoted manner towards Canadians.

>> No.19520714

>I think a little too much meat (and maybe cheese) would not be uncalled for
it is when it's competing with homemade sub 10 minute burgers. when you make it at home you just use a scale and use the perfect amount of meat, for me it's 2x 65g. OP burger looks more like 2x 100g. at that point 2 patties barely make sense and all you taste is beef. as much as I love beef balance is everything

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not an amerilard but I've made so many burgers at some point I realized that greens are not really worth it and if you get tomato it has to be small cherry tomatoes and even the best kind don't necessarily make a cheeseburger better, just a little different. bacon usually makes it worse. more than one piece of cheese per patty makes it worse.
caramelized or browned onions are the only topping that make a burger better without doubt but that takes a lot of time if you want to do it right

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i made a yummy half pound burger today. i have concluded that a kaiser roll is the only bun option, but only if you're a tri state east coaster because you cant find good rolls outside of this area

>> No.19520744

i prefer brioche buns over disgusting sesame seeds buns
everything else you said i agree with

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What brand of american cheese is best? They all taste like Kraft surely there must be better.

>> No.19520764

Potato bun is the best bun for burgers

>> No.19520926

nigga putting a burger in a potato lol

>> No.19520961

Eat faster before the grease drips everywhere. The flavor is more intense.

>> No.19520966

>not prepacking 3 burgers at home in ziplocs and storing them in your pockets for easy access throughout the night out on the town
not gonna make it bruv

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Shake Shack is overpriced as shit for the same price I could go to a diner and get an actually good burger. Also their fries suck.

>> No.19521244

Lmao do you eat sirloin and call it a 'steak' too?

>> No.19521273

the burger hipsters do this, how is it compared to briosche bun? I fucking love briosche bun

>> No.19521343

>lean consistently shaped
Processed and low quality then, real food isn't always a fucking uniform shape. It's a God damn burger load it the fuck up, dig in and get greasy.

>> No.19521350

nigga how bad are you at cooking that you can't form a round beef patty?

>> No.19521562

who wants a burger with water in it? how dumb are you? juicy has always meant fat.

>> No.19521564

STOP my penis can only get so erect!

>> No.19521566

Who the fuck dislikes beef fat?

>> No.19521572

you seem to not know what a smash burger is.

it's a wad of meat you place on a flat grill and smash flat then cook as normal.

white castle are preformed veal burgers with holes in them cookd on wet rehdyrated onions.

smashing a burger more than the first time squeezes all the juices out and ruins it.

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this stuff, good luck getting some. it usually can only be purchased in cases of 6 5 pound packages.

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IDK I can't figure out people who eat beef or pork but don't like the fat. hell if there was no fat in either I wouldn't eat it.

>> No.19521590

>When I was young,
that was what... a year ago?

>> No.19521637

I'm in my mid 30s, so I mean in the 90s early 00s

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Fat is what keeps meat juicy. Meat (usually) isn't dry because there isn't enough water in it.

>> No.19521648

yeah burgers have all been the same, you must have been eating crappy burgers back then.

>> No.19521651

goddamn it now I have to change my undies again,

>> No.19521658

see >>19521642

>> No.19521680

>Hipster: shake shack, starbucks, IPAs
None of those things are remotely hipster.

>> No.19521705

>juicy has always meant fat
You're an idiot.

>> No.19521714

>wet isn't the opposite of dry
I bet you've never eaten a moist chicken breast, have you?

>> No.19521719

The best burgers are those thin, overcooked ones on a shitty plain bun you get at like a carnival or some other outdoor event in the summer.

>> No.19523226

This is what a soy-hipster would say

>> No.19523333

>orders smash burger that he doesn't like
>complains about not liking it

>> No.19523527

Yeah but the menu doesn't say smash burger you retard, it just says "cheese burger" or something

>> No.19523542

>t. nazi

>> No.19523559

Best burger is a simple slab (can be a little fatty) with some sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese, and onion on a chewy, light bun (sourdough works, as does baguette or ciabatta). A bit of brown mustard goes a long way too.

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Hard no.

>> No.19523625

>Enter burger shop
>Can't see anyone cooking
>Can't see any burgers being garnished
>Can't see anyone eating

Even if this wasn't a smash burger it's still a bunch of red flags to leave.

>> No.19523649

smash burgers are dog shit lol. it has so much extra surface area for the grease to seep into because of the fanning out of the meat. no idea how it became such a big fad

>> No.19523682

Smashed burgers are the original burgers though. You just got fed a bunch of frozen pucks growing up and never grew out of them. Nothing wrong with them, I keep decent ones some in the freezer. But lean ones? You're eating fucking rubber.

>> No.19523757

I just want a burger so I order a burger, I'm not doing some gay ass sherlock holmes shit to find out the precise make-up

>> No.19523762

relatively lean, i.e. not dripping with grease you illiterate fuck

>> No.19523765

>admits to being clueless about food
good to see some honesty on here

>> No.19523768

I don't walk into the kitchen of every restaurant I eat at to inspect the food being cooked

>> No.19523822

What? 93/7?

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Brioche is the worst bun for a burger frfr no cap

>> No.19524750

correct mah negro

>> No.19525182

ok then just soak your cooked burger in water.
you vagina blood fart.

>> No.19525381

Starbucks alone pretty much represents everything hipsters hate.

>> No.19525387

>can't see anyone cooking
Have you never been to a restaurant in your life? 99% of them don't have open kitchens.

>> No.19525469

Any decent burger joint has a kitchen you can see. Any decent restaurant has some way for you to see who's cooking even if it's just quickly around the corner so you know it's not a bunch of indians in the back not washing their hands.

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File: 577 KB, 800x600, rumia meat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you stand in front of the door to the kitchen you can catch a glimpse inside when the servers go in and out
>this is obviously intentional and any discerning diner should be standing in front of the door to the kitchen like a retard before taking their seat

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File: 216 KB, 1600x899, D1A11031-8410-4BEE-A2C7-EC8C580FCAE2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually some of the earliest hamburger sandwiches were akin to what we now call smash burgers. During the depression they’re “smash” the beef onto a pile of thinly sliced onions to make the sandwich more filling for less money.

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File: 90 KB, 753x503, burgerkitchenwarsaw2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill yourself shit for brains. If the kitchen doesn't look like this why are you ordering a hamburger.

>> No.19525497

Yes, they're cheap, low quality, and fast, and have been sold in diners and fast food places forever. The stupid thing is that they've all of a sudden received this meme status in the last couple years that makes people think they're something special, or some lost art, so now you can actually go to real restaurants and (occasionally) find smash burgers, which is admitted really lame.

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>why are you ordering a hamburger
Because I feel like a hamburger? What kind of question even is that?

>> No.19525527

>Because I feel like a hamburger
What kind of feeling is that? Do I need to be american to experience it?

>> No.19525547

In 1st world countries we have positive feelings. Feeling like a hamburger is a positive feelings. You wouldn't understand because you've only ever experienced negative feelings. Hunger is a negative feeling. Your desire to eat is the result of your negative feeling of hunger. Because we never experience anything beyond mild hunger, we have the luxury of desiring specific foods, and can go out and get them whenever we feel like it. And no, that doesn't mean we're all fat; you don't have to be hungry all the time in order to be healthy. That's pure cope and almost the opposite of the truth.

>> No.19525587

So it is slang for “I have cravings”?
Leaning another language really is a never ending task.

>> No.19525599

It's not slang. It's also not quite as strong as "craving", but depending on the context that's probably the closest word you'd use.

>> No.19525641

Thanks for the explanation. I was joking at first but ended up learning a new thing.
It may feel like common sense for native speakers but that’s certainly not the case for non-natives.

>> No.19525660

I'm American but have lived abroad for a few years and studied a few other languages. I get that English can be completely arbitrary sometimes. That said, "I fell like a burger" isn't some weird idiom; it's kind of just another way of saying something like, "I've been in the mood for Thai food lately".

>> No.19525678

It's called gentrification. Look at what happened to pizza and hot dogs and coffee, and is currently happening to ice cream

>> No.19525681

itt burgerqueer transphobes

>> No.19525686

Smash burgers have been around longer than your shitty lean patties, anon. We're returning to tradition and it makes you seethe since what you see as "tradition" is actually modern shit.

>> No.19525729

I was exaggerating a bit but even if I had an idea of what it meant, there’s a significant difference between assumption and confirmation.

>> No.19525771

you sounds like a psychopath. smashburgers have been around forever. and they taste good too. you’re just ranting about everything being soy

>> No.19525792

If you put sesame seeds on a brioche bun does it become a sesame seed bun?

>> No.19525828

we're still feeling the after effects

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File: 189 KB, 438x333, burger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kaiser rolls are so much better for burgers because they hold together and can soak up some the grease
brioche smush apart upon the first bite and by halfway through they sog out

>> No.19525868

>a bun that's precut into 5 slices will hold together better

>> No.19526008

Smash burgers are not fatty, and they are cooked well so the fat largely cooks off

>> No.19526021

Smash burgers are not fatty, but they are greasy. I.e., because they're cooked on a flattop the outside is usually covered in grease, and then they usually add way too much cheese and sauce, which is necessary because the patties themselves are dry, tough, and overcooked. Alternatively, a normal burger is going to have a nice sear on the outside but still have a tender, juicy interior. That makes smash burgers much more photogenic, but a much worse eating experience.

>> No.19526070

>white castle
>Smash burger
why do people talk so confidently about shit they have no clue about, kind of wild to me

>> No.19526263

to be fair, if you've never had a white castle slider, it can look like a smash burger.

That said, this entire thread is one anon intentionally bad faithing an entire argument because, to be fair, nothing he said was false, but was wildly inaccurate. It's like that cheese thread, some tard just wants to see people fight.

>> No.19526604

Preach brother

>> No.19526736

They could use rubber shoe insoles and everything could still technically be made of "real quality ingredients."
That means nothing.

>> No.19526900

I think its more people basing their entire personality around 1 thing

>> No.19526912

it can and dose

>> No.19527823

Just add some lettuce and tomato and wala

>> No.19527825

Do Am*rican'ts really?

>> No.19527862
File: 11 KB, 198x254, fuckhead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here is my theory.
100 years ago, food looked like sloppa
then the industrial revolution brought mass produced, perfect looking food this brought praise as modern and consistent. this was appreciated. now everything is so processed and streamlined that this is seen as a bad thing

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File: 50 KB, 750x644, 1689172890470159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tv dinner
>perfect looking food
retvrn fags should be fucking gassed

>> No.19528405

What's the ideal fat % for beef patties?

>> No.19528420


>> No.19528532


>> No.19528999

I agree with you except for brioche. I enjoy those buns.

>> No.19529022

And I agree with you except Brioche, its too soft.

>> No.19529213

the best burger i had recently was the patty melt from whatabuger which has a lot of sauce, meat, and cheese. if that makes me gross then so be it. their standard burger is boring.

>> No.19529343

Words have meaning beyond their most litteral definition, midwit.

>> No.19530811


>> No.19531233


>> No.19531474

I like a joocey boigah

>> No.19531513
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>100 years ago
>then the industrial revolution

>> No.19531559

smash burger made by smash burger are dry as fuck and most certainly not greasy.

>> No.19531564
File: 60 KB, 663x700, 74dd41491188d0f689223bd96c7223d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We can never go back.
t. Greatest Generation

>> No.19531566

25% no smashing while cooking.

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File: 1.26 MB, 720x480, I Came.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a proper made burger should be no thinner than 3/4 inch. cooked to medium with 25% fat. never smashed or squashed when put on a grill or in a pan.

it should drip fat/juices, and make the bottom bun start to get soggy.

every time you bite in to it fat should squish out in a puddle on the plate so you can wipe it up with the burger before taking another bite.

you should have juices all over your chin and fingers when done eating it.

>> No.19531673

>smash burger made by smash burger
What the fuck is this even supposed to mean?

>> No.19531830

>it should drip fat/juices, and make the bottom bun start to get soggy.


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You mean why is it so right

>> No.19531838

>sloppa shit, but with bread either side

>> No.19531893

This is the gayest thing about zoomers and hipsters

>> No.19531919

IPAs are boomer. Hipsters don't drink IPAs. You're either a zoomer or so flyover/basement dweller that your take is comically out of touch.

>> No.19531924

IPA is peak hipster you newblood

>> No.19531928

Maybe 10 years ago. It's sour hours now

>> No.19531936
File: 70 KB, 634x445, article-2762665-217E1A6800000578-106_634x445[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and then he said, "ipa is peak hipster"

>> No.19532176


>> No.19532206

we are talking about 10 years ago, hipsters were 10 years ago, IPA craze was 10 years ago, Hello? Are you awake?

>> No.19532348

I make my own.
1/6th lb is the perfect patty size, and if you want more cook two.

>> No.19532360

10-15%. Everything on either side has been mediocre.

>> No.19532461

But then who are tomatoes?

>> No.19532467


>> No.19532524
File: 33 KB, 616x462, 1620065398672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shaddup eat a burger, have a coke and some fries
quit your bitchin

>> No.19532529
File: 253 KB, 1200x1197, Potato rolls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This anon Knows

>> No.19532718


>> No.19532813
File: 1.78 MB, 576x1024, 1689375566342376.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lies. Modern burgers are the bestest.

>> No.19532822

bro put mirepoix and thin sliced onion on a crunchy sloppy smashburger stack. interesting concept but bad execution.

>> No.19532850

>IPAs are not hipster
lol, lmao

Go apply your build oil you tasteless fuck.

>> No.19532862

You are going to feel so bad about your wasted life when you discover potato rolls.

>> No.19532868

>Potato bun
like you slice a potato in half and use that as a bread substitute?

>> No.19532873

Yeah sure anon, that's what you do. You do that.

>> No.19533058

They're not, and never have been.

>> No.19533066

ipas?? yes they suck and they are hipster and hipsters also sucked and libtards suck too

>> No.19533079

They are and ALWAYS have been

>> No.19533081
File: 284 KB, 1024x700, 25-Ways-To-Dress-Like-A-Hipster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>IPAs have never been hipster
They were the hipsterist hipster thing to ever hipster their way out of a small backstreet artisanal microbrew pub. They were as hipster as cereal cafes, beard oil and suspender. Literally everybody remembers this, and you're not fooling anybody by pretending you don't.

>> No.19533216

I'm actually more offended by the shitty cheese that instantly melts or worse comes melted. Gimme a slice of real cheese that stretches a bit but keeps shape.

>> No.19533321

Our town has all manner of precious bullshit like this. The local hayseeds love it

>> No.19533475


>> No.19533983


I totally agree, while some """""premium"""""""" burgers are nice, I've always found the double quarter pounder with cheese (ordered without onions and pickles because they are disgusting) to be the perfect burger. Right amount of cheese, right amount of meat, right kind of buns. Clear in shape, uniform.

These smash patty burgers are disgusting. They taste of nothing, they are greasy and leave a nasty feeling.

>> No.19534657

ye we borgar

>> No.19534686
File: 23 KB, 708x800, 1689536458272564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They didn't put extra fryer grease and fat on my heckin fire seared, triple smash patty based burger.

>> No.19535262

Ridiculously excellent taste anon

>> No.19535348

Holy kek thank you for that chuckle

>> No.19535359


>> No.19535392
File: 54 KB, 722x817, goodbruger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

literally this, here's a burger from a new place down the street from me. It's literally perfect and during happy hour only $6.

>> No.19535754

That's not even remotely hipster. This >>19531936 is what actual hipsters look like. You're conflating reddit and instagram with "hipster" because you never go outside. Hipsters' entire "thing" is not to be trending or get upvotes. You're literally calling normie shit "hipster", when the foundational hipster philosophy is that everything normie is incredibly uncool. You can't bitch about how every bar and liquor store are two thirds IPA and then go on to claim that this incredibly popular thing is also somehow niche.

>> No.19535911

Take the L bro, the irony of hipsters always was they pretended their tastes were not mainstream

>> No.19536241
File: 85 KB, 680x677, F1f-FFyWIAoaGOu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they literally used to fry burgers in beef fat retards. and smash burgers are based, just not the much instagram foodporn shit you've posted. those onions look great though

>> No.19536301

flame grilled

>> No.19536359

>they literally used to fry burgers in beef fat retards.
I suppose frying burgers in retards is illegal now

>> No.19536361

not him but,
mainstream among other hipsters, not normies. but yeah enjoy the self awarded W or whatever

>> No.19536367

naw you just a bitch ass pussy

>> No.19536785

t: greaselord

>> No.19536955

Honestly the burger in that pic looks unappetizing, but I think the problem you're describing can be solved by simply actually using lettuce, tomato, etc. They balance out any greasiness extremely well

>> No.19537057


>> No.19537654

You can't. We live in Amerigreaseville now

>> No.19537675

Brioche buns are god tier, you have no taste if you prefer shitty american bread

>> No.19537713

Hipster places make vegan impossible soy shit, these types of burgers are usually served at greasy spoons

>> No.19537720

Starbucks ruined coffee but you're right about beer, I just stick to Busch lite

>> No.19537779

Strange, from what I remember of hipsters they larped as poor white trash and drank pbr

>> No.19537795

No, we aren't. Hipsters and hipsterism were totally burnt out by 2016.

>> No.19537868
File: 42 KB, 512x384, IMG_2104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> real food isn't always a fucking uniform shape

Learn to cook. You have suitable quality control and standards it is very easy to make food look close enough to identical:

>> No.19537886

why couldn't this have been half the height, would have been totally fine otherwise

>> No.19538121

Umm it's gotta be instagrammable so all my fellow foodies can be impressed by my freakin' manly big boy burger that only cost $20 and contains gourmet ingredients, sustainably-sourced beef, locally-grown organic onions, and epic win. it's a culinary experience one does not forget!

>> No.19538206

McDonalds unironically has the best burgers who visits these gastropub $50 per burger places? They all shut down in my city

>> No.19538229

The brioche thing is next to the overwhelming sauce the ugliest..and it's cause of the costs. Wait a vew years and you will have untoasted whitebread sandwich slices. (cheaper). It's so gross you Americans don't do anything against everything what's wrong with your so called "food"(for humans) ich isnt even food for animals.

>> No.19538253

Brioche buns are high quality bread unlike regular american shit bread

>> No.19538306

>people still ranting about hipsters
dude all of the "hipsters" are like 35 now
young people today are all unironic wiggers

>> No.19538318

Yea 35yr old trannies

>> No.19538550

Making burgers tonight. What should I season the meat with?

>> No.19538748

The brioche bun is a genuinely good burger innovation

>> No.19538815


>> No.19538818


>> No.19538834

love me a good burg

bbq sauce
onion rings
fried egg
pineapple slice
slice of avocado
mac n cheese
peanut butter
scoop of chilli
and cream cheese

and thats it, bonapetito

>> No.19538837

and that's it.

>> No.19538896

>Herro everyone!
>How are you? Fine, sank you.
>Oh my gah!
>I wish I were a hamburger.

>> No.19538904

For me, it’s god awful presentation. A burger should look like a well made sandwich not an uneven haphazardly threw together mess.

>> No.19539298

For you

>> No.19539421

If I can't fit it in my mouth, it's sloppa
If grease runs down my hand, it's sloppa
If the bread is mushy soaked, it's sloppa

>> No.19539554 [DELETED] 

Do you want to know what is even more disgusting? Moder niggers.

>> No.19539683

becuase you used to eat burgers from mcdonalds now you eat from home becuase inflation tard

>> No.19539798

All a burger needs is a beef patty, bacon, cheese, onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and normal buns. Fuck this fancy shit.

>> No.19539878

how do i make a black bean burger taste better without adding a slice of cheese

>> No.19539880

Throw it in the trash, and get a real beef patty.

>> No.19539885

okay so what do i add to make it taste good, without any cheese? i need to eat dairy free for the time being unfortunately

>> No.19539964

Maybe some anchovy butter. An egg. Something woth nutritional yeast in it. BLT and mayo. Prociutto or if you want to get really funky do country ham. You might want to soak the ham a bit depending on your salt tolerance. Don't worry, if it's good ham you're not going to soak away the flavor.

>> No.19540225

>the look on her face

>> No.19540243

Man this
>perfectly cooked chicken breast

Is so >greasy<

Juicy and greasy is not interchangeable and if you think they are hand in your /ck/ card cos you're fucking baked mate.

>> No.19541135

Oh god this faggot is obnoxious thank god he fucked off to Dubai and only comes back to larp a few times a year

>> No.19541907

bun lettuce onion sauce patty cheese bun

>> No.19542621
File: 688 KB, 1200x800, Bacon_Double_Cheese_XL-1200x800-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me, it's the bacon double cheese. The best fast food boigur.

>> No.19542635

Bacon is fancy shit, it's always like a $5 upcharge

>> No.19542649

>>out of touch
The vast majority of people live in flyover so out of touch with what?

>> No.19542665

Starbucks is the opposite of hipster, its basic white girl

>> No.19542675

>still mad about what hipsters liked 10 years ago
You are a 35+ year old boomer now. Accept it

>> No.19542676

Facts are facts, if you can't handle them it's not my problem

>> No.19543136

holy zoomer batman

>> No.19543411


Theres more land in flyovers but the majority of the population lives on the coasts. Thats why flyovers are out of touch.

>> No.19543440

that's a modern/meme burger

>> No.19543852

>>holy batman
Go back to redd it

>> No.19543853

That's just all the nonwhites, the vast majority of white people live in flyover, you're out of touch with white people

>> No.19543864

No they liked things that were hated ironically because they weren't mainstream

>> No.19543867

I get what you mean, the old brand of hipsters was liking things ironically then during the 2010s they just turned into soy boys

>> No.19544018

This thread has been going a week, and OP is still correct

>> No.19544026

Yea, theres a reason all these over priced "gastro pubs" are closing down constantly while fast food is still thriving

>> No.19545408


>> No.19545537

baaed on what?

>> No.19545580

Replace lettuce with pickle slice

>> No.19545606


absolutely not

>> No.19546305

Lots of hipster things become mainstream like 10 years later, long after the hipsters have moved on to something else. You can't tell the difference because you only become aware of it after it's already mainstream. Protip: if you see someone wearing skinny jeans and a flannel shirt, and they have a beard and are drinking an IPA in a tap room, they're 100% not a hipster.

>> No.19546320

Greasy spoons, 24 hour diners, and neighborhood dive bars are literally the hipsters' bread and butter. You have no clue what you're talking about.

>> No.19546341

>all of the "hipsters" are like 35 now
35 is probably the youngest someone can be if they were ever a hipster. Hipsters stopped being a thing once smart phones and social media became ubiquitous.

>> No.19546351
File: 127 KB, 1024x682, ironing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19546451

Gross. Why would anyone want to eat a burger that's dry? You aren't eating it as a healthy food. It's a burger. It should be fatty and greasy.

>> No.19546459

I think it's more asocial shut-ins overreacting to every little thing they don't like.

>> No.19546466

Being a flyover doesn't somehow make you more of a "Real American" no matter how much you cope.

>> No.19546474

>>skinny jeans and a flannel shirt
They're definitely a hipster because that shit went out of fashion ages ago

>> No.19546480

Ofc it does, at least when it comes to white America

>> No.19546675

relatively lean=/=lean

also, lean=/=dry, lean to cook

>> No.19546698

Hipsters still exist. You're talking about the ones from 10+ years ago, which is irrelevant in 2023

>> No.19546756

but we're talking about the past vs. the future, that's literally the topic of the thread

>> No.19547043

you sound like a fag

>> No.19547221


>> No.19547262

Pat upper fubic area?

>> No.19547264

Cheeseburger tanuki

>> No.19547309

>skinny jeans and a flannel shirt
thats a hipster because thats two different fashions mashed together by a poser that doesn't understand why things are the was they were.

>> No.19547317
File: 134 KB, 500x256, image-asset[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19547683

Good thing m*rgarine is dying at least.

>> No.19548053

I lived in Hawaii for years. It's the "least white" state, but is absolutely full of white people and white culture. I also lived in Chicago for a couple years and almost everyone I ever saw was white. You sound so retarded when you act like white people don't exist outside of rural areas. What would that even make "white culture"? Living in the middle of a soyfield, driving a big truck, shopping exclusively at Walmart and Cabellas, and going to church and Trump rallies for entertainment? That's the opposite of culture.

>> No.19548485

YIKES!! maybe OP is correct

>> No.19549047

I'm all for paper-thin manicured stack burgers like the McDouble but a classic burg patty should be thicker than your hand and make up 90% of the grease

>> No.19549136

>90% grease
The average american...

>> No.19550109


How did they ruin coffee?

>> No.19550512

Those wops oughta see it coming.

>> No.19550567

>that's a modern/meme burger

I don't give a fuck, I know it's a restaurant chain from Denver. But it's still the best burger I've had in my city recently, perhaps ever. It is within top 3 burgers here and is extremely delicious. And for the price, there is not a better burger value in town

>> No.19550587

>make a 4 oz patty and use one piece of cheese
>make 2 2 oz patties with a piece of cheese torn in half and smashed

you're a retard sorry to be the one to tell you

>> No.19550733

more surface area + grease on the cooking surface means more grease

I mean you can see the grease dripping, its gross

>> No.19550757

irrelevant if you are using saturated fats

>> No.19551061

but they don't

>> No.19551317

don't smash my burger
don't grease my meat

>> No.19551856

Allow me to end this debate: yes, burgers need to be JUICY (I.e. fatty, not greasy, big difference). When you render the fat out THAT is when they become disgustingly greasy. Kapischy?

>> No.19552065

my favorite smash burger place has been making them that way since 1946, you're a fucking idiot

>> No.19552653


>> No.19552663

you don't even know what a smash burger is.

>> No.19552963

i do know what a smash burger is

>> No.19553355

a normal burger is a "greasy" burger. dry burgers are not normal.

>> No.19553365
File: 91 KB, 1114x500, 32 - strawman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we are talking hamburger not all that other stuff. tard.

>> No.19553892

juicy =/= greasy
juicy =/= dry

you retard

>> No.19553918


>> No.19553939

I will break it down for you mongs

>dry (negative connotation, not enough fat)
>greasy (negative connotation, too much fat)
>juicy (positive connotation, just right)

>> No.19553953

chicken breasts can be juicy if cooked correctly with no fat

>> No.19554472

joocey nigga

>> No.19554501


>> No.19554514


>> No.19554636

I never had this style of burger since they seem really unappealing, am I missing out?