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>only 1 dollar
it's game night

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more like gay night

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those things suck

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>>only 1 dollar
A gigantic box a rigatoni or penne is $1 and you can just microwave it in water for ten minutes, add tomato paste and cheese, and you have the same thing for $2 but 10 times more of it

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>cheap as fuck space age meal
fuck you

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it isnt 1967 anymore grandpa, you arent getting a gigantic box of pasta for a $1 literally anywhere

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he hasn't left his mom's basement in 40 years

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I actually just bought a couple of these last week out of curiosity. It very quickly went from, "lol, it's only a dollar, you can't expect much", to, "what the fuck? why does this product even exist and why did I waste my time with it!?"

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>when you try to post but Saitama is browsing /ck/

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>why does this product even exist
so single guys in a desperate spiral have something cheap to eat

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>manchild autism
fuck off

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congrats sad loser

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Cool story, zoomer. These can be made into 2-3 meals. I'm not a fatass so I israfil make half, sometimes cheesy and sometimes with tomato sauce. You can make your own pesto for cents on the dollar too.
Kill yourself

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>great value

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Cool, even organic at whole foods is right around one dollar. You fucking fat moron.

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You're why companies can get away with overcharging for basic shit, you're actually too stupid to NOT get taken advantage of. As much as people like you pretend cooking at home is prohibitively expensive, you're really just justifying your laziness. If you want to buy microwave pasta """meals""" at a 300% markup because you're paradoxically too good for walmart pasta, or even just name brand pasta for 30 cents more, go right ahead.

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I wasn't one of the anons you replied to. I know how much dry pasta costs. I always laugh at people when their go-to is fucking Walmart.

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OP is a dumb faggot so I made his dish in 10 minutes and it's infinitely better and costed me probably $0.35. This is now an OP hate thread.
>microwave rigatoni with salt and oil for 11 minutes
>add tomato paste, more oil, pesto, basil, garlic, and a slice of onion- diced
>stir in a little milk and butter, nuke for another minute
>add parm

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looks like shit

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Im so tired of being poor bros. I should've went to college or university 10 years ago, why the hell did I take the musician route?

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Looks 100x better than what OP is eating

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>made this dish in 10 minutes
>first step is microwave for 11 minutes
>costed me $0.35
>ingredients clearly include far more than 35 cents worth of ingredients

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It's a 1/4th of a box of noodles, a tiny $0.10 can of tomato paste, and some spices. Are you retarded or pretending?

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I like the chicken fed rice with some soy sauce or hot sauce

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Cheese, milk, butter. Preparing larger amounts of food can be cheaper overall, but still requires a bigger initial investment. Some people can't afford that.

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I eat the chicken and rice one a lot

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>gets drunk
>wants someting quick and easy


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i wont bother doing this shit while drunk and about to pass out
fuck you

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You're a waste of sperm, beer, and air.

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So we've already established that a box of noodles is about $1, which means you're already at $0.35 with just the pasta and tomato paste. Somehow reducing oil, pesto, basil, garlic, onion, milk, butter, and parmesan to "some spices" might be the most disingenuous thing I've ever seen posted on /ck/.

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i never asked to be born.
but i won't deny my body's desires for a piece of shit like you.

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If you can't afford $1's worth of ingredients and don't already have said ingredients you shouldn't be on the internet and should probably kill yourself.

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thanks for giving me infamous attention asshole i like triggering little virgins like you kek

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>protection that can't afford $1

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u mad bro? xD u seem ass ass hurt xD did i hit a nerve?

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>Ur So MaD RN
Summerfag go back

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You're really committed to embarrassing yourself anonymously, aren't you OP?

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admit it, you got baited and you won't admit your butthurt xD

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just like momma used to make

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>oil, pesto, basil, garlic, onion, milk, butter, and parmesan
>don't already have said ingredients
Oil and butter: sure.
Garlic and onion: yeah, I usually have those around.
Parmesan: only buy a wedge if I'm specifically making Italian food.
Milk: rarely cook with milk, so probably buy it once or twice a year. More likely I have a small container of heavy cream, but still only if I was cooking something specific.
Pesto and basil: so you obviously already made pesto and had some leftover basil sitting around. You might as well say you made pizza and beer for $1, and the beer was a dollar but the pizza was left over from the night before so it should only be considered "some spices" and not count towards the cost of the meal.

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hell yeah muh nigga hell yeah just like she used to make XD XD xD Xd

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I ate these in the 80s and 90s when they were called Budget Gourmet

some of those sliced beef dishes and the linguini with clams were surprisingly flavorful

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Idk what shithole you reign from but a tiny small can of pesto lasts forever and is about a $2 for enough to last you a year of used sparingly. 6oz jars are $1.49 here.

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but anon it's been awarded 3 Michelina Stars

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>a tiny small can of pesto lasts forever and is about a $2 for enough to last you a year
Are you literally 12? What the fuck are you even talking about?

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sorry i just have autism, please be patient.

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>Rigatoni Pomodoro
>Rigatoni pomodoro
Fuck the french and their french wannabe bottom bitches the quebecois.

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>his taxes go to French neets
>he mad

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>He has never made pasta while drunk
Funny now we're not debating the cost anymore either. Are you sure YOU'RE not the retard anon? The only reason you're fuming so hard is because you've been called out for being a sack of shit. You know you can just say "yeah im lazy and I overpay for food" without having a sperg meltdown right?

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If you make a pesto centric dish, treat you can use a whole jar. If you use it for the herbs in it sparingly you can use it for a long time. Are you new here?

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this entire board is more manchild than any anime board or reference could possibly hope to be

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1) I've never seen canned pesto in my life.
2) I would never buy a $2 can of pesto.
3) I would never use any pesto "sparingly", "for the herbs" as opposed to just using the herbs themselves.
4) I would never keep pesto sitting around for a year. Just because it's oil based doesn't mean it doesn't go off.
5) I would never keep anything that came in a can around for a year.
6) Why are you buying pesto in a fucking can when you have oil, basil, garlic, and parmesan sitting around?
7) Why would you ever buy something that's supposed to be bright and fresh in a can?
8) Who the fuck buys pesto in a can?

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>he can't afford to get drunk
>he never actually experienced or he would relate
it's OK you loser, you don't have to be so mad and seething :)

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are you seriously replying seriously to a virgin loser troll?
kek that no life loser feeds on your emotional outbursts xD

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>y-you're mad!
I'm drinking right now and made pasta earlier, pasta is literally the go-to for drunk food because you can just boil some noodles and slap some sauce on top. You don't have to keep doing this, you're anonymous - you can just tap out. You're on the COOKING board, you shouldn't be so offended at being told to cook.

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You can literally boil pasta in 12 minutes and that’s including the time it takes to boil the water. Buy a can of sauce or make your own for like $5. Eat that shit like 6 times with better flavors and bigger portion. Stay broke and skinny you think faggot! Picrel

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>because you can just boil some noodles and slap some sauce on top
nope, you can't.
if you're on the verge of passing out, nothing beats a quick 1 minute microwave heat of michelinas before you black out.
fuck you virgin hehe u mad as fuck xD

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kys incel loser

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OP is so mad it's unreal lmao, just make pasta dude it's not hard

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For me it's Lasagna with Meat Sauce for a $1, then make two of them together for decent portion.

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Had this before, saddest rice I've ever attempted to eat, don't think I finished it.

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I'm a single man who's been in a desperate spiral for years now, and even I have at least some skill in the kitchen so I don't have to eat crap like this.

I once received a bunch of these Michelina's dinners in a grocery delivery mix-up. I ate two fettuccini alfredos and a baked ziti and I was still hungry afterwords. These TV dinners are fucking WORTHLESS.

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No joke, they (used to?) have Buffalo chicken pizza rolls that absolutely slap.

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just investigated and discovered they don't make the angel hair in tomato sauce one anymore

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they used to be good I swear. they replaced all the cream with thickening gums years ago though

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it used to be really good. my edgy friend growing up introduced me to them, specifically the fried rice, and they were seriously delicious. that was about 10 years ago. I tried them again about 2 or 1 year(s) ago and they were awful.