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Why does it get such a bad rep? It's fucking tasty. You'd have to be a faggot to not love their free breadsticks.

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>You'd have to be a faggot
correct, you are

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best italian

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For me, it’s the Tour of Italy

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We love you, Tour of Italy bro

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They are the best family style or whatevs restaurant, better than Applebees anyway or Outback.

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Stay strong Tour of Italy man! To hell with that guy at work!

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just like they make it back home

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another olive garden chad. you can tell its quality by the heaviness of that front door

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for me, its silverware that was washed so recently the rinsewater didnt have time to dry

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This has gotta be the fifth olive garden thread this week. Who the fuck is paying all of these shills

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you're the kind of retard that thinks ketchup is the perfect pizza sauce aren't you

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its not a bad gig, we get about 50 bucks a post and $.25 a reply

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Kind of gone downhill, I actually used to enjoy it but since covid they've increased the prices a lot, lowered quality, and reduced the menu almost to absurdity

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OG would help themselves out by improving the presentation of their melted cheese. Nobody wants to see pale strings from the microwave. Lay it on thick and get that shit brown and bubblin'.

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Pasta is such a high-profit-margin foodstuff for restaurants it's unbelievable
It's literally just flour and water and some salt

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not authentico

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>Go to All-Slav-Garten
>Order an boat of alfredo sauce
>Dip endless breadsticks in sauce
>Eat this and only this
>Get full for like $5

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honestly still looks fucking great, havent been in a long time

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Nah, everything is kind of oily and the meat is sysco frozen stuff.

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>Why does it get such a bad rep? It's fucking tasty. You'd have to be a faggot to not love their free breadsticks.
Based tastelet loves his microwaved Italian food

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It's $20 minimum for one meal now. Poorfags can no longer enjoy it.

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soup salad breadsticks is 899

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you guys like bahama breeze

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I'm a real Sicilian-American whose family comes from the Bronx. Yes my family is just like the Sopranos. I am qualified to say that objectively, olive garden is good.

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Olive Garden

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It’s widely overpriced for what it is. It’s all premade and prepackaged and comes in a bag that they boil to heat up. Basically overpriced frozen meals

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>You'd have to be a faggot to not love their free breadsticks.
I have seen the Sysco truck pull up to the Olive Garden in the morning, packed wall to wall with pre-baked breadsticks like slaves were packed into ships. Just rack after rack of pale, sweaty dough waiting to be kept warm all day for inahalation by the ravenous maw of America The Consumer.

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[citation needed]

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The breadsticks being a par-baked sysco product is true. I worked at a greek/mediterranean place that had the exact same ones. They're fine but even little caesars crazy bread is better.

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Others are just reheated in a microwave https://www.thedailymeal.com/1304459/olive-garden-dishes-probably-reheated-microwave/

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I think even the salads come in frozen, bagged, and need 3 minutes in boiling water to thaw the dressing.

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Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t surprise me. Applebees is probably the same with the exception of hamburgers. Better off just getting a burger from all the main chains

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The only thing I go there for specifically is the zuppa toscana. I'll get a gallon of it to-go along with some breadsticks and alfredo sauce to eat with it that day and have the rest of the soup over the next few days.

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A roommate of mine's girlfriend worked at an Applebee's. That's exactly what she said it was. Basically anything that wasn't a steak or hamburger was cooked by the microwave.

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Or fried, of course. I do like their garlic parm boneless wings.

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Funny how a burger is the freshest and probably more nutritious than 99% of the other options and it’s often the cheapest item on menus.

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Funny how a burger is the freshest and probably more nutritious than 99% of the other options and it’s often the cheapest item on menus.

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>american chain restaurant thread

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I worked at one, actually became a assistant manager, that's how they do it nationwide, crapshoot food, and people love crap clearly.

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Olive Garden and Carrabas taste like it came from a box in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. Which would be fine if it wasn’t 25+ bucks for shit like lasagna and stuff.

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I will always go salad and bread sticks

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Wine aunts hate them because it's for families

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>chain restaurants

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Its fucking gross dude. Smells terrible in there. entrees taste like nuked frozen dinners (which they are). scrote cuisine for the dying middle class. Just a really sad depressing place

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Confirmed for never having been to anything other than a Sbarro.

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