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The country with the best food

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>luv bangers an' mash
>luv stargazy pie
>luv mushy peas
Simple as.

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Did you know the British flag is rotationally symmetrical, cut not horizontally/vertically? It's slightly off and I hate it.

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what is this horrible flag this is not the union jack

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(not pictured)

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Did you save the flag edit I made when I improved it or find it somewhere else?

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Canada, obviously

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we do things differently here, simple as

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What country is this?

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What's so funny?

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So this motherfucker >>19473086 said, I kid you not, "The country with the best food" and attached an image with the UK flag.

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It's literally true
>dominated the spice trade
>brought salt to the world
>every cuisine on every corner of the planet is in the UK
>the best rated restaurants in the world are here
>the most decorated chefs came from there
>responsible for finding and securing shipping routes
>has the most impact on the reduction of worldwide starvation than any other nation
>delicious home recipes like the english breakfast, meat pies, roast dinners
>literally invented the modern cookbook and recipe format

Yep... I'm saying the British are based.

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Simple as.

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>I have no taste so you're wrong

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>pic not related
on a serious note - I've visited slovakia and chechia with my mates recently and we were all impressed how simply tasty everything we tried was.
None of their dishes would score presentation points, but fucking hell we were all stuffing our faces like ethiopians at a free buffet

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That looks like something I'd puke given a bad hangover

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it's maximum comfy, for sure

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Unironically true

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it's not the best but it is up towards the top. manhood is realizing it's easily top 10.

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What's up with the bunnies?

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That's not the uk flag. You're nearly at stimuli's as OP.

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Did you get any home-cooked meals? I think some tourists misjudge certain countries because they lack a major restaurant industry outside the big cities, but once you get invited into someone's home for a proper domestic feast with local produce, the impression changes considerably.

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yeah, our hosts cooked for us as well, but also showed us some locally-approved restaurants
I've had no idea slavic cuisine is more than cabbage with potatoes etc

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Fucking anglos man

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It's not the UK flag in that the diagonal stripes are thicker and not offset, but it's not any other countries flag. This is like if somebody posted an American flag with one fewer red stripe, said "The country with the best healthcare" and then actually tried to argue they tricked people because it wasn't /really/ the American flag

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>fish and chips... LE BAD
>sunday roast... LE BAD
>meat pies... LE BAD
>sausage rolls... LE BAD

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Huh? The fuck are you talking about, they're only making brownies.

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That's not the best cooking, that's the best influence on cooking. England dominated the world at one point, yet has the least flavor in any dish they invented. But, I am curious, what is some actual English food that is seasoned with more than just water.

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brotish "people" are absolutely disgusting

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>You're nearly at stimuli's as OP.
What on Earth did he mean by this?