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Fuck you retards. I'm tired of pretending to dislike this place, just to fit in with you retards.

>their chefs are trained in Italy
>God tier pasta
>God tier Soup
>God tier Salad
>God tier breadsticks
>God tier value

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I'm Canadian, Every year I travel to Florida on vacation and go to Olive Garden so many times, best food ever.

If they had Olive Gardens here in Canada I'd go at least every month.

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I'm sorry you don't have one up your way, m8 :(.

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It's not great but it's certainly overhated. Good decor, great soup, good breadsticks
My problems with it are
>it used to be unlimited soup, now it's "unlimited" soup as in they find the shallowest bowl on the planet and only offer to refill it one time
>they prioritize hiring sexy waitresses who are total cunts instead of people who can just do their damn job
>the ipads on the table are tacky as fuck
>it's a 1 hour wait to get seated
>the pasta just isn't that good. It's fine, but the same dish at your local italian restaurant is better

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olive garden is for the flyovers and people further in the west that don't have italian populations. it offers a bland, inoffensive but still filling selection of dishes. there's a reason why places like fazzoli's, buca di beppo and the like don't have a foothold in the northeast.

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olive garden is just chinese buffet but with pasta
and when they don't have infinite pasta it isn't even worth going

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Olive Garden is amazing and always has been.
>a-actually this place that makes worse food is better!

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Doesn't deserve the hate it gets but Carraba's is better

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flyovers are so cute. they think driving into town on a friday night to go to a national chain and eat reheated frozen food is good eating

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>it offers a bland, inoffensive but still filling selection of dishes.
This reminds me of a Chinese food thread I saw a few days ago here. People were like "I love Panda Express, but I just don't understand why authentic Chinese food tastes like something that could have come out of my asshole."
(And keeping it real, I would be SHOCKED if real Chinese people never ate at Panda Express.)
I think if a place wants to be successful, it has to meet these criteria: A) customers should think it tastes good, regardless of your own professional chef opinion, B) customers should feel "full" after eating there, and C) it can't be too expensive.

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when all you've eaten is mediocrity your whole life, of course you virulently defend it

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>when all you've eaten is mediocrity your whole life, of course you virulently defend it
You... are opposed to giving the customer what they want. Are you too big to fail and expecting a bailout?

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>God tier pasta
Settle down there bud. You've never had real pasta before?

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>Olive Garden is amazing and always has been.
Maybe... If you're an American. It's cheap food at a premium price.

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Just fucking go to Carrabba's.

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I went once for the first/last time a few weeks back and was absolutely shocked, it is like finding a wal mart for the first time. I've never seen such a quantity of awful quality. this place should be illegal

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corporate canteen-tier shit lol

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>Sales are down 60% and dropping every year as more boomers die
>Shit, what do we do?
>Guerilla marketing! Like those Wendy's Twitter posts!
>We'll go on 4chan and pretend to hate brown people and love breadsticks!

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I have tried that restaurant before, but I would not elevate it as high as your comment. It's alright...

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So what? Sure, they might be unsophisticated hicks but still live well in a 5,000 sq ft house on a big piece of property and have a vacation home in Florida. You coastal faggots own nothing, live like rats in a $3,000 month apartment some jew slumlord owns and think being a foodie and pissing away what’s left of your paycheck on “trendy” restaurants means anything to anyone. Nobody cares

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I can make literally everything on the menu better than they can, why the fuck would you ever go to such a shit restaurant

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olive garden is perfectly edible as long as you don't get any meat.

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I hate to say but I like painted plates

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Hell yeah dude

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The restaurants are way too big to be sustainable.

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>cheese and pasta
>no meat
fuck this garbage fire of a "restaurant". I eat there once and its all tasteless bland ass noodles covered in as much cheese as you need to cover up the bland taste of compacted sawdust noodles. Worst part was what come after a week later. Thats right OP, I was so constipated that I spent 45 mins on the toilet suffering. Either OP has a rubber asshole or just has no taste I dunno which nor care but OP clearly has no taste buds...

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>Olive garden
>God tier
OP shovels slop into his gullet indescriminately

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>infinite pasta

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>panda express

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i work at olive garden and make $50k a year serving unlimited sloppa

im not remotely mad about it

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did you killed pastapassanon for that position?

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I see nothing wrong with a midwestern family going to eat a meal together on friday night and enjoying themselves
>but I THINK it's cheap reheated slop!
Nobody cares what you think
>I only eat the finest of cuisines, look at how much better than other people I am
You're actually worse

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>"To me, food doesn't have to be interesting. It just has to be edible."
I like this guy
I can hear the wailing and screaming of thousands of elitist food snobs and it's music to me

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>I was constipated a WEEK later
then it wasn't from olive garden

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nothing about this place is god-tier

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It was good 20 years ago.

>Went earlier in year
>Red flag was breadcrumbs as toppings instead of lol cheese on several dishes.
>Ravioli wasn't bad in fairness and salad good
>2 adult entrees, 1 app, and 2 kids meals, soft drinks and a couple coffees was $70 pretip

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>2 adult entrees, 1 app, and 2 kids meals, soft drinks and a couple coffees was $70 pretip
holy fucking shit
the only thing the place had going for it was being cheap
what the fuck is happening to this world

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>their chefs are trained in Italy

Italian here
there is NOTHING italian about olive garden. We do not eat those breadsticks, we do not eat "spaghetti with meatballs", we do not eat "pasta alfredo" and we do not eat "chicken parm" (cheese on tomato on chicken with pasta in the same plate? what the fuck?)
Americans know nothing about italian food, your pizza isn't even real pizza

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We know. It's better.

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nobody gives a shit pastafucker
america takes every cuisine and perfects it
your "pizza" is flatbread with some basil on it and nobody wants that shit

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It's depressing and pathetic how the obsolete Italians lost touch with their own native cuisine in the 20th century due to wartime poverty, with its full history and richness being preserved only in America. Everyone knows that Venetian nobility snacked upon Pizza Combos for centuries--and according to legend, Romulus himself invented the Pepperoni Hot Pocket, the dish that fueled an empire. Meanwhile, modern Italians can't get even recreate traditional Chef Boyardee "Paw Patrol" pasta.


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>their chefs are trained in Italy
yeah - Italy, TX

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reminds me of the old country

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painfully accurate

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>their chefs are trained in Italy
It's not bad...just OK.
t. worked at an OG as a 19 y.o.
One or the bartenders looked like Elvira, too bad she was a shitty lay.
I think she may have had abuse issues and couldn't enjoy sex. Next gf was a wildcat.

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You fucking coastie midwits are hilarious.

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Unironically posting something from 2006 as if it's relevant

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Always loved their zuppa tuscana. I make it myself now. The rest of the menu is meh

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You think it's gone UP?

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Olive Garden shills out in full force. Must suck to have to post for minimum wage about a sad chain that serves nothing but prepackaged slop.
t. American and pasta enjoyer

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I personally don't have the time to make those dishes, so unless you're offering to be my live-in chef, fuck off and let me enjoy my Olive Garden.

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Olive Garden is based

Fuck the idiots criticizing it, their menu tastes delicious

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Lmao coasters are literal retards compared to the midwest

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>they prioritize hiring sexy waitresses who are total cunts instead of people who can just do their damn job
Why is this such a pattern. Can't the hiring people be competent?

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Imagine being such a pleb that you eat at chain restaurants.

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The only thing McNiggers perfected is school shooting
They shouldn't allow amerilard to be in a kitchen

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>Salt Garden

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>not coastal fags
also, you're paying 50% higher property insurance rates YOY because your legislature is too stupid to fix anything and insurers keep going insolvent or pulling out due to their inaction

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>Carraba's is better
>Just fucking go to Carrabba's.
More expensive and there are fewer of them. Not sure if it's viable for lunch, like Olive Garden is, either.

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This. The sodium content of Olive Garden is off the charts. It's like giving yourself one of those saltwater enemas. Your bowels will be exploding within an hour of eating there.

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some of the best chefs in the world are american

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Italians are poor. When they began immigrating to the US and noticed how abundant food was, they made their good better. I read about how many of those immigrants would eat meat once a month in Italy. When they came to the US, they were able to eat meat daily. Kek!

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I love cheap american chinese, but panda express is terrible

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I have eaten there twice, way to expensive. I can make the same thing at home.

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I remember awhile back there was an Olive Garden thread and this anon went to lunch with his work colleagues and he ordered the Tour of Italy and this one douche bag teased him about it and even weeks later when he would pass this guy in the hallway or see him on the elevator this guy would go "Oh look out! It's the Tour of Italy man!"

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>God tier value

bro it's like $20 for a plate of basic ass pasta, have you never cooked pasta in your life?

pasta is cheap af and at olive garden you're paying steak prices for some noodles.

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When I go to All Slav Garden, I get a boat of alfredo sauce and dip breadsticks in them until I can't eat anymore. I don't even get an entre, just the sauce and breadsticks

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This is what they want to take from you.

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stop trying to meme me please, damn it

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The cope.
Enjoy your crime rate and $2,500 a month closet. I have 12 acres, a garden that provides 80% of my produce, and a smoke pit.

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holy shit at that point you shouldn't be using mg lmao
>2 grams of salt for a 170 gram steak
>3 meatballs, 1 whole ass gram of salt

>> No.19421926

>posts long semi-coherent rant
>i d-don't care!

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I rememba when my papa Geno brought me in the ktichen. He would stand over the stove drinking Campari and cooking the besta spaghetti and meatballs from Chef Boyardee. He would geta 108oz can, putta on the stove, and putta some peppridge farm garlic bread inna oven. Mama Julia would makea her Kool-Aid sangria and a can of Kraft parm to shakea onna top. My besta friend Warren would comea ova and talk about how great our Italian family tradition and food really was.

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>112g protein in the chicken turtle alfredo
got damn they put the whole chicken in

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there are lots of olive gardens in canada, and only trashy middle class plebs go there
though i can understand why it might seem good to you since apparently you're a rural hick

also this whole thread is the most obvious astroturfing

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This was a Jeopardy question back when Alex Trebeck was still alive and hosting: This North American dish inspired by the cuisine of Italy is the most ordered menu item at Canadian Olive Garden’s. What is the Tour of Italy? Correct.

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Hey it's the Tour of Italy guy!

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You're clearly insecure, the guy said some facts and then you brought up your insecurity about the place you live, the equivalent of listening to a conversation and then out of nowhere screaming like a tard "Im not insecure"

>> No.19425769


Do americans really?

>> No.19425782

makes me sick after

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I've never gotten the hate either. Is it a 5 star quality type place? Of course not. But it's still pretty good if you want relatively cheap and decent tasting Italian.

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Fuck you man I like paying $10.95 for 3 bowls of soup, 3 bowls of salad, and 6 bread sticks. My only complaint is that black people go there.

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they used to have a "steak Toscano" which was actually pretty half way decent. and the chicken Marsala is pretty good and that sausage and potato soup (zuppa toscana) is good. it's entree's like the "Tour of Italy" that makes people make fun of Olive Garden

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I live in Hamilton Ontario, cuck.

Kill yourself.

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kek hamplanet flyover is FUMING

anon if you think applebees and chilis are actually gourmet cooked meals from scratch, then i feel bad for you. i guess if all you've had is low grade slop your entire life, you just don't know any better.

now tell me the IQs of MA, CT, VT, NH, ME. oopsie! forgot about them didn't you? must be that inferior IQ kek

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My condolences (assuming you are Canadian and not brown)

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it's alright as far as American casual dining restaurants go. if you like that kind of dining, sure. if you're above eating at a place like that, okay whatever.
But Olive Garden in particular is way more notorious among people who signal "I do not enjoy American casual dining restaurants" than, say, Applebee's or Chili's for some reason. dunno why

>> No.19427242

These would be really shocking revelations to Midwesterners living before the advent of the internet, Luigi.
It's current year + 8, nobody cares that it's not a-the real carbonara if you don't make it a-with a-the guanciale like-a mamma

>> No.19427278

Yeah for some reason it boggles and horrifies the mind of some people like no other ubiquitous mass market chain restaurant

>> No.19427692

I'd rather eat a HungryMan

>> No.19427708

lol thats going to hurt some hipster zoomies right in the reality real hard.

That doesn't change that olive garden is a 5/10 restaurant with 5/10 food. you could do worse but even small cities have a mom and pop restaurant that's making their own pasta daily. My wife makes pasta on occasion and she's hardly a /ck/ook.

>> No.19427719

>they prioritize hiring sexy waitresses who are total cunts instead of people who can just do their damn job

They aren’t cunts to me incel bro

>> No.19427757

I liked them more back when they had seafood ravioli.
Everything else they make feels like something I can make at home, and stuffed pasta was the exception. Except now I've been teaching myself how to make stuffed pasta, so I don't really have much of a reason anymore.

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>tfw those cunts took away my favorite item
>braised beef tortellini
>try a copycat recipe
>it's absolute dogshit
>other people can post pics if they made it
>pic related
i should have known better. anyway, does anyone have a better copycat recipe? i love those braised shits. i'm going to try https://www.afamilyfeast.com/braised-beef-and-tortelloni/ maybe?

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>Olive garden
>God tier anything
I don't care if this is bait, come the fuck on.

>> No.19427813

Just slow cook some beef with your favorite spices, beef stock and some red wine, save the juice and stuff, add a little corn starch for gravy, and put it on tortelloni.
That recipe looks great but I wouldn't use short ribs. Also it probably doesn't taste the same because most restaurants use msg.

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>braised beef tortellini
that was delicious. that "copycat" recipe doesn't look anything like it

>> No.19427842

i have boneless short ribs but this sounds good to me anon. i don't have any red wine but there's a liquor store within walking distance
listen i'm still mad the coof took this shit away from me and i forgot what it looked like. in my hour of need food.com let me down

>> No.19427844

Their pasta is over cooked on purpose

>> No.19427853

> Every year I travel to Florida on vacation
Why? It’s the worst state in the union. People say they like the weather, but they’re all lying. I type this from Florida

>> No.19427862

Panda Express tastes exactly like that soggy sad cafeteria orange chicken we got in middle school.

>> No.19427867

>their chefs are trained in Italy
who cares

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>If they had Olive Gardens here in Canada I'd go at least every month.
wikipedia says there are eight Olive Gardens in Canada, eh? pretty suspicious eh? what kind of madman pretends he's Canadian on the internet eh?
"There are eight locations in Canada, which are Winnipeg, Manitoba (two); Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta (two); Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Regina, Saskatchewan; and Langley, British Columbia near Vancouver. In the 1990s, there had been at various times between 10 and 15 locations in Ontario, but they were all closed in the early 2000s."

>> No.19429064

Did you not read the last line? They don't have them in Ontario where I live. Fucking retard.

>> No.19429347

How was he to know what province you live in you dumb faggot?

>> No.19429359

Never pretended to hate it. Great food and service the few times I've been there.

>> No.19429366

Don't care. Tastes good. It's just food. Get fucked.