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I eat a varied a healthy diet, so I don't take anything, as I aint a queer.

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>Peanut Oil
>Multi pass
>D3 might ducks.
Been working pretty well for me so far.

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Depends on my mood.
B12 + Iron if I'm going to overly active.
zyrtec + lumify if I'm having a bad day, with pepcid ac as an option for exceptionally bad days
niacin, for when I want to get super high. it seems to take an hour or so for digestion, and at least an hour to do its magic, but after that, you will really feel it.

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Ginkgo Biloba
Vitamin E
Vitamin D

I'm trying to make my dick work better.

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>I'm trying to make my dick work better.
Stop wasting your money. Just get a chainsaw and chop it off. Become a tranny. Drink Bud Light with us.
Spend $20 on Bud Light and receive a coupon for $40 of Bud Light. Click the link.

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Where's the link

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b12 and D

i get everything else from carefully dosed whole plant foods

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I take femboy pills from estrolabs.

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Why the fuck are you taking an emulsifier?

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>10000 IU Vitamin D3
>Iron 65mg
>Magnesium 500mg
>Ibuprofen 500mg
>Naproxen Sodium 500mg

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>trying to get high off vitamins

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this eating well (food sources)> taking synthetic incompatible vitamins made in a lab somewhere in china

i eat wild salmon and drink raw whole milk ey' day

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You "I eat food so I don't use vitamins" crowd are so retarded.

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not saying those that prioritize food over supplements don't have deficiencies. but people often neglect food quality or a having a varied diet under the guise of ''this multi-vitamin provides my body with everything my diet doesn't, this is fine , im healthy''

also the milk is grassfed

>reddit spacing, kys immediately

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>big cums
>2x 4k iu vit d
>100ug k2
>3mg boron
>multi vit
reminder that vitamin and mineral content in food has dropped significantly over the past 50 years and will drop further

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that's why i don't waste calories on worthless oil/butter/lard and other processed foods

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but are you eating double or triple the veg and fruit to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals that your grandpa ate? this isnt about processed food, the produce straight from the ground/tree is less nutritious. iron age grandpa knew he had to crop rotate now we just pump the same land with fertiliser(usually just nitrogen and phosphorus based) year on year with higher and higher yields depleting the soil

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>eating plastic
no thanks

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Butter and lard don't have nutrients? What?

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Lion's mane
Alpha GPC
Inositol + Choline
Ginkgo Biloba
St. John's Wort
Ashuwganda, or however it's spelled
And one of those Horny Goat Weed + other """"men""""" supplements for peepee health.

>inb4 nuuutropics don't work
I don't want to pay 500 bucks to microdose meth and froth with hate every day

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>avoid plastic contamination in my food
>avoid seed oils unless I have to do a really hard sear on a steak or something
>basic multivitamin daily
>vitamin d daily
>sink daily
>creatine daily
>boron cycling 2 weeks on 2 weeks off to increase my free testostorone
>cool my balls in the shower
>sleep with no underwear to allow my balls to regulate their temperature better
>weighted calisthenics workout 3 times a week

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>>sink daily

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most shitty staple food is fortified now which is how people that only eat McDonald's don't have deficiencies. taking random vitamins for years causes more long term harm than good

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niacin makes you feel like a sweaty crackhead wtf are you on about
used to take this shit to pass drug tests

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fish oil

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meant zinc.

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Source: my brain

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I know plenty of morbidly obese, alcoholic, and autistic tendie consumers that occasionally go for blood tests and get perfectly fine results other than acute issues caused by obesity and alcoholism

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Why shouldn't you exceed 50mg zinc daily? It is my understanding that is nearly impossible to overdose on zinc.

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>he doesn't sink daily

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no idea, some studies triple that and athletes see an increase in performance with no long term downside, others same it competes with copper. i typically take 100mg but usually not daily

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These threads really bring the schizos out of the woodwork. There's the adamantly against vitamin crows, who think people who take vitamins are all fat retards who only do so because they don't want to have to eat better. Then there's the "vitamins only come from fruits and vegetables" crowd. Then there's the "meat and fat is full of vitamins and nutrients, you should be eating elk liver instead of plants". Then there's the vitamin enthusiasts who have all kinds of weird bro science regimens and warnings. Then there's the "vitamins are poison and will kill you" crowd. Then there's the uninitiated who wander in the thread and read a bunch of conflicting accounts and leave confused.

I eat a wide variety of animal products, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, live in a subtropical sunny area and have taken a multivitamin for decades. My blood work still showed a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamins are a good hedge bet, but not a cure-all.

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A lot of the benefits from supplements have the same source - some dude's brain. Or more accurately some corporation's brain.

In most cases the actual benefits of taking this stuff have no solid foundation of evidence. It's just "dude, trust me bro. They smoke this shit in some poverty-stricken shithole and they say it does x, y and z, so if we process the fuck out of it and put it in tablets, it'll totally do that for you too".

And yes vitamins and minerals are a real thing your body needs but almost everyone will get what they need through food and the environment. Supplementing won't do anymore except give your excessive amounts of it, which best case means you're paying for vitamin-enriched piss and worst fucks with your body such as by giving you kidney stones.

You see pharmacy shelves lined with all this random crap, and it's because there's demand for it. People are so insecure or feel sick or are worried about death, and they want to believe popping random junk pills will do something. Plenty of corporations to prey on them. What a big, pointless scam.

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>fish oil
>vit d
>vit b complex
>l tyrosine
>mushroom blend
>green tea
>dab pen
gotta stay healthy

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men's multi (walgreens)
fish oil 1000mg (2 a day)
vitamin d 2000 iu (2 a day)

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allergy pill

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>10000 IU Vitamin D3

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vitamin d and zinc for the big cooms. my cooms are really creamy and large ever since, i like that

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I eat a bunch of cocaine and then walk around and drink.

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My vitamin D levels are checked every 6 months and I will stop taking it if the test comes back elevated. This has yet to happen thus far, but I've planned for it.

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Homie vitamins are the only reason most countries have a life expectancy above 60.

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I only take slap head curse medication and nothing more. I don’t even eat most green shit.

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I take ibuprofen several days a week too because my neck is fucked from 11 years of wrestling and another 6 of BJJ.

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like 11 different medications

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isn't cocaine and alcohol really cardio toxic or am i thinking of some other combination

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>Valproic Acid

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40mg zinc
28mg iron
15mg biotin
1000 IU D3
and a multivitamin

But only sometimes, like if I had mediocre food or figure I could use a bit more. You know, SUPPLEMENTAL

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>fulvic acid
>fish oil
>bunch of different vitamins

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>t. big vitamin

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>google .com
you forgot the works cited bro

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are you the old lady from grandmas boy?

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she has nothing on me

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>>Peanut Oil

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ashwagandha and other random shit no one cares about
>no copper
lmao lol

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if you take a lot of zinc it will cause a copper deficiency. it's usually best to take it as a metal complex. I've done the zinc meme and even at 25mg a day I was feeling like shit after ~2 weeks even though I take a multi with copper.

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why the fuck were you taking 25mg a DAY

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>as I aint a queer.
you NEED to up your intake of Vitamins and Minerals since the food supply is being grown on depleted soil due to factory farming..
I appreciate you NOT being a FAGGOT--Just DON'T be a RETARD too.

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>baby aspirin
>drinks: tea, black coffee, yerba mate, kefir, kombucha, herbal teas, wheatgrass


hope you're not taking ibuprofen every day, anon


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what kind of kombucha

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Do you know what the FDA ALLOWS as "Fortified"?
I'll bet you DON'T.
Much of it is NOT in an absorbable form.
FFS... The ADA and FDA repeated the same retarded mistake on Vitamin D for almost 10 years-- That ONE mistake caused more health issues than any other aside from "Medical Malpractice."

Imagine believing the "Experts" on what is healthy THESE days.
>Toxicological and pharmacokinetic properties of sucralose 6 acetate and its parent sucralose in vitro screening assays.pdf
You STILL trust this corrupt "SYSTEM" that ONLY gives a shit about REVENUE numbers??
Do you eat Sneed Goyls too, B-Cos "SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!"???
Get a little smarter and STRONGER EVERY DAY, anons.

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homemade, with organic loose black tea base and second-ferment with some sort of juice. Cran-pear and blueberry-pomegranate are nice. My favorite might be lychee- the canned lychee juice I get from the local oriental market are way too sweet on their own, but a half-cup of it per bottle of booch is really nice.

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Based fermenter.
I don't like it myself--but I can appreciate the skill.
Beer and Mead and other ferments for me.
To each their own.

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D3 5000mg
Estradiol 2mg
Spironolactone 100mg

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Same. I take vitamins purely for big cooms.

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Vitamin A
B Complex
D3 and Magnesium
Fish Oil
Essential Amino Acids

A can of C4 or Bang for pre-workout

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>no copper
hey big coom guy here, i eat loads of pineapple so my coom tastes good, pineapple has lots of copper. but if i wasn't on that pineapple train i'd be taking copper

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Turn the fuckin lights on. Your grill lines are good though.

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The only vitamin i take is B12 because i have pernicious anaemia IE my body can't process B12 normally so i have to take 32000% the RDV so i don't turn into a raving lunatic like vegans do.

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he sucking 10 coqs a day

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Why are you obsessed with balls?

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D3, small dose B12 (don't eat much animal foods), collagen for hair and skin, fish oil if I'm not easting fatty sea food that day, sometimes magnesium and zinc.

Most of my "supplements" are actual foods (various nuts, seeds, liver pate, etc.). I eat mostly whole plant foods + fatty seafoods.

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Wake up, eat greek yoghurt, lift a bit before any meal, usually meat based. Sometimes I eat baked beans on toast for lunch, not even an anglo.

fish for dinner, always.

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Oh, also tiny dose of melatonin if my sleep is fucked. Very important to not overdo it as it actually can make your sleep worse if you take too much.

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grim, most of this shit comes naturally in a well balanced diet. let me guess, you drink whey after working out rather than eating steak? did you know you can hit your daily recommended creatine instake by eating red meat?

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>let me guess, you drink whey after working out rather than eating steak? did you know you can hit your daily recommended creatine instake by eating red meat?
you should be doing all three honestly, drinking whey, eating steak and taking 5mg creatine/day

all the other stuff besides zinc are memes though

>> No.19371523

>you should be doing all three honestly, drinking whey, eating steak and taking 5mg creatine/day
Wrong, whey is good because it's convenient and you have a 1hr window to take in protein after a good lifting sesh. but if you're doing it at your house, there's no reason to not eat meat instead.

t. 120kg 6 percent body fat australian

>> No.19371525

>you have a 1hr window to take in protein after a good lifting sesh
kek retard

>> No.19371526

>you have a 1hr window to take in protein after a good lifting sesh
pretty sure this is complete broscience and the window is way bigger than that

>> No.19371528

Results say otherwise.

>> No.19371536

jesus you are dumb

>> No.19371540

just eat meat and lift, that's all I'm saying.
fuck off kike

>> No.19371549

meanwhile you got duped into the
>one hour protein window
by jews marketing protein powder.

>> No.19371558

>just eat meat and lift, that's all I'm saying
even if you eat a good amount of red meat, 8 out of 10 people will consistently see some benefit from supplementing creatine on top of that just because you're not getting as much of it from meat as you would by manually ensuring that you're getting enough to max out your body's stores of it.
plus the "one hour window" protein thing is pretty much complete bullshit, do you think your body is just going to say "EHHHH FUCK IT, NOT GOING TO USE THOSE NUTRIENTS TO REBUILD SHIT" after an hour?

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doesn't matter, i eat as soon as I get back from the gym. My armspan is like 6'7'' too, despite me being 6'1''. I'll bet my arms if i open them are taller than you.

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if that's you, you really need to train overhead press my dude

>> No.19371569

you aren't 6% bf either. let me guess you used calipers?

>> No.19371572

this is supposed to be 6'1 120kg? you really are retarded

>> No.19371574

already do ohp at 110kg for 5 reps
do you need more visual striations?

>> No.19371578

>do you need more visual striations?
no it's just you are one of those retards who has no actual understanding of what body fat percentages look like. it's not surprising you also force yourself to speed eat protein immediately after your work outs.

>> No.19371581

Yes? muscles are longer and thinner on a big armspan, the fuck are you smoking?
abloobloo, post yourself.

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Fuck you

>> No.19371689

I don't do drugs

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blood pressure meds 20mg in morning and statins 10mg every other day

>> No.19372170

vit c, vit d3, magnesium
occasional zinc and copper, b complex, vit k full spectrum, boron

>> No.19372175

1000iu d3 daily and even that i feel leery about
Who the fuck cant get c from diet

>> No.19372211

zinc, selenium, magnesium, fish oil and creatine. Vitamine D when the days start getting shorter during autumn/winter.

>> No.19372239

>they took away my NMN
I can feel my telomeres unravelling so quickly now. Fucking KIKES TOOK MY YOUTH

>> No.19372244

I wish there was a way to objectively research this stuff and what works because if you search it all you get are Facebook moms trying to sell shit to other retards. Does collagen have any bioavailability to keep up with age related degradation? Sounds like bullshit.

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Taking hormones is a bad idea.

>> No.19372285

I sat behind an annoying Mexican in an office job, and I'd poke a hole in a fish oil capsule with a safety pin and squirt oil on his back from my desk and he'd smell like fish all day.

>> No.19372300

i want to have bigger cum shots

>> No.19372323

I've been taking vitamin D so long now, I can't remember when I started. 5000-1000 UI
milk thistle, saw palmetto, maca
big magnesium pill with other electrolytes in it, zinc
biotin, occasionally a B complex
fish oil, antioxidant blend (rarely), vitamin K2 (rarely)

Also took collagen fo ra couple months before I realized it was a ripoff, now I take L-lysine

>> No.19372327

I think that's modern medicine brodie

>> No.19372329

Add celery juice, tongkat ali. You will be shooting mad ropes with that mix

>> No.19372408

Fish oil
D3 with k2

>> No.19372412

You could buy several pounds of chicken and make a great big pot of demi glace and enjoy fresh delicious collagen gravy for the same price as one bottle of collagen supplement.

>> No.19372422

Finally a fellow non-retard

What do you think about akg?

>> No.19372437

Is that the blue liquid in the barber's comb holder?

Please tell us what each of these are and their expected benefits.

>> No.19372485

- Produces more NAD+, keeping you youthful
-Compliements NMN on producing NAD_
-Better looking skin
- Promotes longevity/anti-aging
-get rid of senescent(old) cells, anti-aging effect
Fish oil
-helps prevent plaque in arteries
D3 with k2
-helps calcium absorbion, preventing it from staying in your arteries, preventing arterial calcification
-supplement form of melformin, controls blood sugar levels, promote weight loss
-regulates cortisol levels, increases resistance to stress

source: doctor david sinclair

>> No.19372499

havent really looked into akg, will do so soon

>> No.19372508

>Statins for my cholesterol (not a fat fuck, just genetically inferior)
>Proton pump inhibitors because of my GERD
>Melatonin to sleep
I used to take creatine for the gainzzzz but I've stopped recently and dont really notice much difference

>> No.19372525

multivitamin with too many things to list
extra vitamin C
extra vitamin D (during winter months)
extra zinc
extra magnesium
echinacea extract

>> No.19372546

It's very promising from what I've seen. Also I suggest taking sinclair with a grain of salt, he's been consistently wrong and he's a bit of a jew. I would drop nmn and resveratrol as there really is no evidence atm

>> No.19372719

after reading up on it and looking over how followers of linus pauling expanded on his work that looked at addressing inflammation and achieving optimally low inflammation for health, I decided to place my bets on taking supplemental vit c for dealing with the daily physical inflammation that comes with living in the modern world even if someone eats healthy daily. I still eat some fruit daily but only eating fruit doesn't give the levels additional supplementation gives

>> No.19372729

for me, it's Nutricost.

>> No.19372771

i have copper plumbing

>> No.19372773

No, it is vitamins. First worlders make vitamins, and the ones that expire on the supply chain get sold for dirt in the third world and the result is 70 year old Indians we wouldn't otherwise have. It is trickle down healthnomics.

>> No.19372775

I do indeed take it daily, for chronic pain stemming from an old injury.

>> No.19372781

be careful, people report ashwagandha takes away their emotions over time

>> No.19372787

>lion's mane
>omega 3s extracted from seaweed

Been taking those pretty much everyday for over a year now

>> No.19372789

just eat peas and pork

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>7mg beta carotene
>St John's wort
>Lion's mane
>Sunflower lecithin
>PGX fiber supplement
>Caffeine pill
Pic rel minus the caffeine

>Beta carotene again
>MacuGuard carotenoid complex
>St John's wort

I take the carotenoids for a golden skin tone, the rest is self evident

>> No.19372861

I run an online self-help business and before I go on camera to tell men how to quit being lazy, make money and attract women I use a little cocaine to appear high energy, confident and talkative.
In general I recommend any man to take a stimulant regularly because it makes you feel invincible and helps you overcome the dreadful work you need to do to outcompete other men so they need to step up their game too. That's why I always say: don't be so depressed bro just take these pills and be a man, be stoic, work hard, ask a girl out.
By the way a bro just suddenly died it's sad man it happens maybe it was the vaccine I don't know because he was so high energy all the time working hard.

>> No.19372867

>Taking random shit corporations dig up out of the dirt of India, Indonesia, China and Africa and shove in a plastic pill
>Flimsy to no evidence of much of this stuff doing literally anything
>No long-term research into the long-term ramifications of what it does

You people could be taking cancer pills for all you know.

>> No.19372916

>vit D,



>> No.19372995

this nigga trying to coom loads

If you replace L-Arginine with citrulline malate, it works even better.

>> No.19373022

Do Amerifats really do this?

>> No.19373040

I eat REAL FOOD to get all my vitamins and minerals.

>> No.19373048

everything and the kitchen sink

>> No.19373062

81mg aspirin, 360mg epa 240mg dha omega-3, 10mg loratadine, 4g dextrin fiber powder, 20g collagen peptides powder

>> No.19373074
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This thread...

>> No.19373093

2g of caffeine
I don't poison my body with phytotoxins, oxidized polyunsaturated fats, omega-6 fats, unnecessary and or bioUNavailable vitaminary or micronutrient suppliments

Potassium chloride when I've not had any fresh meat in a while, and sodium chloride at least 5g with my one meal.

>> No.19373130

prebiotics, krill oil, Ceylon cinnamon every other day, cacao supplement when we're busy or I know I'll be working hard at home

>> No.19373172

nothing except maybe a multi vitamin if i remember to take it or a melatonin if i cant sleep and remember i have some

>> No.19373175

you have expensive pee

>> No.19373268

>repeating platitudes instead of looking at research

About 10% of the stuff mentioned itt has been shown to work in placebo controlled studies

>> No.19373374
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a hefty scoop of straight poppy seeds keeps a man going through the day.
i dont need any of your pussy new-age fag oil pills

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good, I'm tired of my emotions burdening me

>> No.19373730

They are important for testostorone production. I am interested in improving their function as an essential male organ to increase my testostorone.

>> No.19373736

why dont u just be gay and swallow cum?

>> No.19373737

>avoid plastic contamination in my food

>> No.19373771

You could get all that just by swallowing my hot load of semen.

>> No.19374139

Lmfao at this thread. Explains SO much about this board.

I don't take ANY pills. You know who takes pills? Sick people. You know why I'm not sick? I eat a varied diet of mostly fresh, unprocessed foods. I don't drink alcohol or coffee. I do resistance training 3x a week.

Maybe try living like a fucking healthy person before you swallow 15 pills a day idiots? Obese big pharma slave fucking losers.

>> No.19374185

Mens multi + D3 or D3+K2
Really all you need

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>> No.19374211


>> No.19374228

what the fucks coffee got to do with it retard

>> No.19374242

no they combine in your liver to create cocaethanol which is even better than either alone

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beep beep, best stack coming through

>> No.19374253

imagine needing to take 30 different pills to be normal LOL

>> No.19374694

I lol'd

>> No.19375464

Worst part is it doesn't even make him normal

>> No.19375466

>fish oil
Dude, just eat fish. I'll never understand why people insist on swallowing pills full of oil instead of just adding fish to their regular diet.

>> No.19375467

I just eat food because I'm not a golem

>> No.19375517

exactly. supplements are a scam. Just eat good food

>> No.19375541


>> No.19375554

because fish oil is the liver in concentrated form. you try eating regular fish livers and get to the same potency. I'll wait.

grassfed red meat is superfood. that's why it's demonized so heavily

whey has estrogen. enjoy trooning out in the future sometime

>> No.19375598

D3 + K2
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Hope I’ll live to 90

>> No.19376481

>hurrdurr I am a normie with no problems
Yeah I am sick, so what? The 30 pills I take a day actually make a huge difference for how long it takes to kill myself with alcohol and tobacco. Or maybe it is making me die sooner since I can consume so much more booze now.

>> No.19376596

B50 Complex
Melatonin at night

>> No.19376937


>750mg metformin


>750mg metformin
>10mg rosuvastatin
>2.5-6mg lorazepam
>75mg amitriptyline
>800mg quetiapine
>5mg melatonin and other pseudo sleep aid

>> No.19376976

>omega 3 (I'm allergic to fish so no good other source of it)
>multivitamins for good measure
That's basically it