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Are high priced blenders like Vitamix and Blendtec worth it?

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My mom has one and it's built like a tank but I'm not sure how it compares to a cheaper blender.

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No, just get a Waring commercial blender from your local restaurant supply shop.

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Anything is so long as you actually use it.

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works for me several years now

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they can do things lower velocity blades cannot

i've been using a $180 CleanBlend, but i should get around to rebrushing my Blendtec soon

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it's kinda annoying how they shed so much motor brush material. i've had three different brands and it happens with all of them. maybe there will eventually be brushless blenders that use a gearbox to achieve the same torque?

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Depends what you use a blender for. If you make soup or viscous foods and dips like hummus, or lots of things with ice a Vitamix is better because the cheap mixers have motors that are much less resilient and can burn out easily. Vitamix blenders also puree more effectively. My cheap blender leaves chunks when I blend hot sauce because the motor doesn't spin fast enough to create the vacuum vortex high end blenders can generate.

Otherwise, there's no difference.

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If you blend a lot I guess

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They work well enough, but how often do you use a blender?

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for me, ive had my blend for 8 years and used it about 20 times.

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Depends on what you want to do, my shitty 300 watt stick mixer can still do tomato soup, been looking for a better replacement (1000+ W) but everything on the market is a total shitshow. You get what you pay for I guess. Maybe I should get a ZAUBERSTAB

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This pretty much. If you're doing anything beyond smoothies on a regular basis (like more than 3 times a week give or take) they're definitely worth the price imo. You gain a lot of durability and the ability to really properly blend and puree things the basic blenders can't really achieve.

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Can't accuse me of not posting food...

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