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God tier:
High tier:
Tolerable tier:
-Orange blossom
Low tier:
-Lemon blossom
Shit tier:
Kill it with fire tier:

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pretty weak shitpost, but I'm sure somebody will bite.

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I just buy something called "English Honey" from waitrose.

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that's a new one...
a honey snob

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Uber ascended god tier:

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they sold manuka honey at the store i used to work at and im convinced it was just for retarded mcmansion boomers. Never saw it move off the shelf

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>not getting tupelo honey from a roadside stand covered in shitty cardboard signs

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Got some Manuka MGO 400 here and this lil nigga helped me a lot when my throat wouldn't stop hurting even after taking antibiotics etc.

Can recommend despite the steep price.

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I get coffee honey (Guatemalan, not coffee flavored by pollen from flowers) at my baking supply shop. It's banging. Best honey I've ever had. And oddly enough I don't like actual coffee.

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"not coffee flavored, *but made* by pollen from..."

I gotta quit posting while half asleep.

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That must have cost a fortune at least by guatemalan standards

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For me it's rapesneed.

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Buckwheat honey is great in a mug of warm milk.

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Leatherwood is my godtier honey. Eucalyptus makes no sense because it is a genus of over 800 flowering plants. In Australia we have multiple 'gum' varieties of honey that all have their own flavour profile. For example, I have a red gum honey from Western Australia that taste notes of peaches and cocoa.

I really wish I could try Heather honey from the UK or Italian chestnut honey or some of the cherry blossom honey from Asia.

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Why did the canola make the honey look like cancer

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>What REALLY happened in hazakura cave

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Dju vill eet ze bugpoop honey.

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it's vomit

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>work innawoods
>eat poison oak honey
>don't get rashes like I used to
I'm okay with this

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Acacia honey and Tilia honey are the best

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For me its hibiscus
I used this for a bedsore my mom got and it worked pretty damn well

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Bedsores and if that's the looks of your mom than what's your excuse? If you let your mom look like that then you deserve what you get.

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>He doesn't know about """honeydew""" honey.

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>fireweed not mentioned

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being too expensive is definitely a con. I'd say it's A+ tier

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quick question how do you actually clean those things when theyre all sticky from honey?

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I like linden honey for its balsamic taste.

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sugar dissolves in water doofus

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You just did faggot.

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You sound retarded

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Most of it is fake and will give you skin cancer

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is that asuka

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