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People say that calzones are just harder-to-eat pizza. Fine.

What about cheesy bread with sauce? Isn't that also just harder-to-eat pizza?

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What do you think this is, ptown?

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>calzones are just harder-to-eat
in what sense, its a literal sealed pocket

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Yeah but it's huge so you don't just pick it up and eat it like a Hot Pocket. You cut into it with a knife and fork, the innards splooge out and fall apart, and then you're awkwardly picking shit up with your fork and trying to pretend it's as enjoyable as a pizza.

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Pizza dough isn't bread dough retard anon and they aren't prepped or cooked the same way.

Hurr durr arent bagels just unsweetened donuts. Ask your mom for permission before you use the internet again, she'll wonder how you got loose from your cage again.

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Most of us aren't clumsy spastics like you are.

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>Pizza dough isn't bread dough retard anon and they aren't prepped or cooked the same way.
Never had french bread pizza, huh?

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Pizza dough uses bread flour, therefor it is bread.

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An airfield restaurant we'd stop by on vacation frequently when I was a kid had fantastic calzone pizzas and I've been chasing that high ever since.

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>pizzas encased with dough on all sides are vastly superior to "normal" pizza strains
>nobody ever mentions this

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>calzone pizza
this isn't a thing

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Do you drain the oil from your calzones before eating? It pools up inside and I don’t like opening them up to dab with napkins.

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Cheesy bread with dipping sauce is for autistic man babies who are linear eaters and also like their food to be presented to them in a uniform manner (chicken nuggets).

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works on my machine.

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Use both hands you septuple nigger. You a tripod or something? Dumb smelly faggot.

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Classic eurofag semantics seething

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Where I live we use appropriate amounts of oil to cook so this is not a problem.

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That's a weird way of criticising it. It's a pizza with one ingredient on the side. It resembles, to a degree, other foods you dip in sauces - au ju, pita and hummus, nachos and cheese, etc etc, it's just packaged for fast food so it seems juvenile. If it was 15-cheese artisanal bread with a rustic tomato dipping sauce and the recipe was 200 years old then you wouldn't be saying this, I believe.

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>>What about cheesy bread with sauce
easier-to-make pizza

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>claiming that an uncouth manner of eating is somehow evidence of intelligence

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